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How I Choose the Right Yacht

It will depend on your requirements. How many people are going to be part of the sailing trip? How many single cabins will you need? How much space you’ll wish to have? What will be your destination?

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What is the Tip Amount for the Captain / Crew?

The professional crew is dedicated to you from the moment you step on board paying attention to all the details. They will make you have a comfortable and a wonderful sailing vacation. Tipping is completely voluntary, so if you were happy with your captain and crew, then generally, 5% to 20% will be reasonable depending on the exceptional service you have received.

What license do I Need to Charter Bareboat?

It will depend on where you want to bareboat charter. For example, if you want to sail in Croatia, Turkey, Greece or Spain, you’ll need the ICC certification.

If you already possess a certificate and it is not an ICC, you can always convert it to a new one (ICC). It is preferable to have a license if you sail in France, Caribbean and in the BVI, but more often you will be able to rent the boat if you can show them your competencies.

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Bareboat charter requirements

If you don’t have any experience to charter bareboat, then we highly recommend you to hire a qualified skipper. He will bring you to the finest destinations while you’ll enjoy seeing the beautiful views of the open Ocean. Maybe you would want to find some sailing course if it’s the case; You can get the RYA certification while being on vacation.

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What Means MYBA?

MYBA is a trade association founded in 1984 that provides excellent contracts to assure the quality of the yacht charter industry with professionalism throughout the world.

What Should I Pack and Bring With Me?

We always recommend packing only the essential to make the trip more enjoyable.

Most of the travelers realize at the end of the fleet that they have packed much more than they needed to. Think about what you are going to do while you’re on fleet vacation. Maybe you plan to stay on the boat to rest and enjoy all the water sport, or maybe you envisage to spend more time ashore to explore beautiful countrysides. whatever your choice is, take with you summer clothing such as hats, t-shirts, shorts, flip-flops, sailing shoes, excursion shoes, swimsuits, some warm clothes for the evening, sweatshirt, and casual clothes only for receptions and dinners

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What is the Minimum Charter Duration?

Most of the charters usually start on Saturday and end on Saturday depending on the itinerary and on the season, especially in the Mediterranean. If you wish to sail more than a week, you’ll need to contact your charter company well in advance, and they will find the right charter for you.

Can I Specify the Meals and the Beverages According to my Preferences?

This will depend on the type of charter, for example, if you choose to book a yacht accompanied by a crew, then once the reservation is made, you will receive a sheet to complete concerning your favorite cuisines, special diets, free gluten, low fat and your preferences in beverages. Meals will be prepared minutely by the chef and the crew according to your preference sheet requirements.

Are we Allowed to Use the Water Sports Equipment on the Yacht?

Some countries require a Certificate to use motorized water toys such as jet ski,para-sailing, and water-skiing. If you plan to use these water toys and you don’t possess the required license, the presence of an instructor can be organized on board to issue a certificate while enjoying your charter. Take into consideration that all the tuition fees are for the charterer’s account, not always local instructors are available, and for this reason, cannot be guaranteed. In some regions, the motorized toys are forbidden. Personal watercraft are permitted if the operator has the appropriate certificate required by the local operating regulations. Scuba diving equipment on board can only be utilized by experimented divers that are in possession of a PADI license.

Is it Permitted to Smoke Inside the Boat?

Smoking inside of most boats is usually forbidden. However, they may be some places on the deck where smoking is allowed. That said, it is an important detail not to overlook, so it is always advisable to specify the charter company when booking.

Are Children Allowed to Be on a Yacht?

Yes, most yachts welcome children; it’s a wonderful vacation for the whole family. Children love being on boats and be part of the fleet. However, there are some boats that require a minimum age for the safety or the need of a nanny to care for the children.

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What is the APA?

The advance provisioning allowance is actually an APA deposit added to the yacht charter basic amount. It is a bank account that is created to permit the captain of the boat to cover expenses, such as fuel, beverages, port charges, and any other cost during the fleet. The sum of the APA deposit is equivalent to 20% – 35% depending on the type of the boat, and usually required to be paid in cash. At the end of the cruise, the captain will submit a full account of all the expenses that have been incurred during the chart. If the sum expense has exceeded the amount of the APA deposit, then the charterer will have to pay the extra. If the cost of the APA deposit has not been fully used, the difference will be refunded by the charter company.

Booking a yacht charter is the perfect choice to have a wonderful sailing holiday, so it is very important to follow all the procedures in order to get the best out of your sailing trip

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