Bareboat Charter

If you love freedom and want to take responsibility for your own yacht and itinerary, which means without a skipper, crew or any other provisions, then chartering a bareboat is the right choice to navigate wherever you want, whenever you want, and to have an unforgettable holiday. You will just have to display some of your experience on a boat and your license.


A catamaran is a multi-hulled vessel consisting of two parallel hulls of equivalent size that might be driven by a sail and/or engine, generally faster than a single-hull, usually utilized for cruising, sailing, and fishing. Catamarans are extremely popular due to their stability, comfort, roominess, and rapidity. Even if the ocean is slightly agitated, the fleet will, in any case, be agreeable for the passengers and the crew. With a catamaran, you’ll appreciate the wonderful views from the extensive salon, substantial and agreeable deck, the extraordinary social spaces, comfort and its private resting quarters.


The single boats named monohulls rely for stability on ballast and usually feature a displacement hull. The monohull design is a tested and exceptionally successful boat type; it is able to cut through heavy waves with ease. Mainly used for pleasure or racing, this single hull is well reputed for being a safe, sturdy, efficient design, and reasonably easy to operate.

Motor Yacht

The power boat has a high power-to-weight ratio and a hull design which makes for easy planning, that allows a higher speed and improved handling. The powerboat is extremely appreciated and generally used in yachting, water skiing, and wakeboarding.

Skippered Yacht

If you prefer to relax without worrying about navigating a boat and simply want to explore all the spectacular views of the beautiful regions, I recommend that you sail with a qualified skipper that will handle the boat and will guide you to all the beautiful destinations.

Crewed Yacht Charter

A crewed yacht has become a popular growing market in the world for people that are looking for a wide flexibility of fabulous accommodation that is truly unrivaled. Each single crewed yacht is unique and possesses a wide range of amenities onboard, which range from movie theaters, a spa with a qualified beauty therapist, fitness center, professional chefs, and private beach clubs to jet skis and scuba diving equipment. Whether it’s for an evening cocktail party, honeymoon, family vacation, formal meetings, or professional relationships, a crewed yacht is a perfect choice for exploring some of the most beautiful parts of the world and offers something for everyone with unlimited possibilities.