Douce France Catamaran – The Exquisite Yacht!

Designed by Van Peteghem Lauriot Prevost (VPLP) and built by Alumarine, Douce France catamaran is a massive 138-feet luxury multihull that is made for the most discerning coastline explorer.

Secretly referred to as the gentle giant’, the catamaran oozes a seductive sleekness, comfort, and sophistication, both on the interior and exterior. These qualities are paired with ample space, superb cleanliness and friendly crew to make life aboard this vessel truly rewarding.

The vessel was built in 1998 and refitted in 2015 and conforms to all the laid out maritime requirements. Hence it is safe and in good condition to sail anywhere at sea. Aside from her luxurious demeanor, there is more she has to offer regarding onboard amenities and general performance.


Douce France can accommodate up to a total of 12 guests in its six well-appointed staterooms. They include a master suite, one double cabin, 1 VIP stateroom, and three twin cabins. Each of the rooms
is elegantly finished with pale sycamore wood and features chic linen that makes a perfect place for rest after a somewhat tiring day. The cat is also capable of accommodating up to 7 crew members, who are in charge of the entire sailing experience at sea.

Each stateroom measures 50 square feet and offers two options: a twin single bed or queen double arrangement. Even with that, there is still enough space left for either a convertible desk or dressing table. Further, every accommodation unit boasts of an en-suite shower, complete with a separate head compartment for added convenience.


Douce France’s interior is quite simple and elegant but comes with a striking colonial ambiance as highlighted by the rosewood and mahogany furniture, particularly on the main deck.

The vessel’s main lounge is as cozy as ever, with the windows on the main deckhouse providing unobstructed 360-degree panoramic views for guests.

There’s also a 250-bottle wine cellar within the cat’s interior that comes with a vast selection of world-famous wines that can go along well with the cuisine. Living aboard Douce France can just never get boring with such beautiful furnishings and wonderful amenities on the vessel’s interior.


Furnished with cushioned seating and sunbathing mattresses, the vessel’s foredeck sets the stage for a relaxing and care-free holiday. The catamaran’s trampolines are very spacious and close to the deck edge, giving you a one-of-a-kind opportunity to sprawl out and experience firsthand the water sprays even as the vessel cruises on.

The cockpit, on the other hand, is spacious and pleasantly shaded, rendering it a perfect place to rest or dine.

Douce France’s aft teak deck makes a lovely sunbathing area whilst leaving some ample space where charter guests can enjoy dining under the stars, especially during summer. And with the folding stairway on the aft, you can enjoy convenient access into and out of the water.


The luxury Douce France cat comes with a great selection of entertainment facilities on board, which you as a guest can make good use of. There is a wet bar with an icemaker onboard, where you can request for different cocktails and alcoholic drinks to make the holiday tick as you cruise along.

Also available onboard is BBQ that provides amazing opportunities to enjoy meat bites that are delicious to the core. Both the cabin and cockpit come with music Stereo and CD player with speakers, something that provides excellent electronic entertainment on board.

The main Salon, on the other hand, is fitted with a TV and stereo while each cabin is furnished with a DVD & VCR plus a CD player. Also, the cat comes with a sailing Bimini, sun floats, cockpit cushions and 12 Table Seats for dining on the deck, all that makes life easy on the deck.

Communication while on the cat is as convenient as ever, all thanks to the superb Wi-Fi connection plus the cellular phone and Fax & Email provided onboard.


Douce France is capable of sailing at a constant speed of 19 knots when the breeze is blowing at 28 knots. In fact, the cat regularly achieves 15 knots when the wind speed is 20 knots.

Her powerful twin diesel engines can also allow her to cruise under power at up to 12 knots comfortably. If you want fuel consumption to be economical though, the ideal cruise speed would be 10 knots.

Where Does It Sail?

Douce France in its glamour can sail nearly any part of the world. However, during winter the vessel sails the Indian Ocean region and South East (SE) Asia. The catamaran also operates in the same areas in summer, so the opportunities to explore the amazing coastlines of these locations remain abundant.

Why Charter Douce France

Douce France is, first of all, a crewed catamaran, which means all the tasks on the running of the vessel are taken care of. The first-class chef onboard will delight you with such cuisines as French, Asian, Japanese and Thai dishes or even contemporary dishes; all prepared to your liking.

If you would like to explore flora and fauna lying deep down the sea but don’t have the experience to do so, there is a
qualified dive instructor onboard to help you learn some snorkeling or diving skills.

The cat also comes with superb accommodation that can host up 12 guests in a well-conditioned space. Further, it is furnished with countless onboard amenities, which can elevate the fun and entertainment aboard to a more blissful level.

If you would love to get off the cat and enjoy some adrenaline-pumping activities at sea, the opportunities are endless. You are free to windsurf, kayak, snorkel, ski or even ride on an inflatable toy. All the equipment for these sports are provided, so getting the action going isn’t a hassle.

Lastly, with a well-crafted itinerary, you’ll be able to explore the beautiful coastline of the area you’re cruising in and experience the charm of various islands and cays therein.

Tagging along with a couple of family members or friends as you cruise with Douce France is undoubtedly something that can make the journey more interactive, adventurous and memorable.


If you’re craving to sail on a vessel that offers a thoughtful combination of comfort and style plus the charm of traditional sailing, then Deuce France would be a perfect choice. The cat’s accommodation is top-notch, its amenities first-rate and the culinary experience heavenly. What more can you ask for when going out on a sailing vacation?

For more information on Douce France Catamaran contact:
USA +1 954 892 5009


  • Type: Cat
  • Beam: 15,40 Metres
  • Draft: 2,50 Metres
  • YearBuilt: 1998
  • Cruise speed: 9
  • MaxSpeed: 19
  • ENGINES: 2 x Cummins engines (305 Hp each) GENERATORS: 2 x 45 KW Northern Lights generator (plus backup generator)

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    1. Douce France catamaran the Exquisite yacht has me really excited because this is a beautiful seagoing vessel. This article has a very good layout and explains all the details of this beautiful yacht. The experience I have gotten from reading your article has me ready for a vacation. Being from the Gulf Coast I have seen a lot of yachts and this is by far the most beautiful one for me.

      Thank you for this wonderful article I really enjoyed it.

      • Hi Quinn,

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    2. As a fellow child of the ocean and growing up around sail boats all my life, schooners and other sail boats have always held a special appeal. As a veteran  of many a cruise liner, I have often seen sail boats being advertised as an alternative to mainstream cruising. What sort of premium does one need to factor in for such an exclusive option as its clear from the article that there are not many berths available on board?


      • Hi Rich

        Well, Douce France can accommodate up to 12 persons, which is relatively spacious:) As for the premium, luxury, comfort, space, privacy, delicious food, first class service on board, to name a few.

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    3. Great piece about Charter Douce France. Holiday will be enjoyed here with your love ones. Money and fun are inseparable. Reading about beautiful information about Douce France has made me fall in love with the place. Although this is my first time of knowing about this place but I like your powerful choice of description and use of imagery has brought Charter Douce France to us in a fascinating way. The interior and external decoration are way too beautiful to resist. You cannot separate entertainment and display of high level of performance from a loving place like this.
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      • Hi Tsquare,

        As you said, Douce France is a fantastic boat to enjoy holidays on the water. 

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    4. I have heard very good reviews about Deuce France! And I appreciate all the details you have laid out for us in this article.

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    5. Thank you Daniella, no, I have not yet chartered the “douce France”. Reading your post certainly makes me want to charter it. I love it’s interior entertainment and decoration. I also like the BBQ and other activities that could be done on the deck, it’s a mini cruise ship with so much privacy. 

      • Hi Juliet,

        Yes, as you said it’s like a mini cruise with privacy and comfort, which you will certainly not find on a cruise:)

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