The south of Europe is popular to enjoy sailing the Mediterranean, the coastlines of France, Portugal, and Spain. However, the northern sailing destinations of Europe are not to be ignored, housing prime ports for good food, history, and culture. Luxury yacht charters in Europe are available for your next holiday to sail the coastal cities located in the north.


When is the Best Time to Sail to Europe?

Summertime luxury yacht charters are available for the months of May to the early part of September. This is the best time to travel the northern coastline of Europe due to the pleasant weather conditions.

The sun is high in the sky providing plenty of warmth and rays for tanning. If you choose to head up to Scandinavia, visiting Sweden, Finland, Denmark, or Norway, you will enjoy the additional sailing time since this part of northern Europe is known for having the sun shining for 20 hours during the summer season.

How Popular is Europe?

Due to increased popularity for traveling by water to the northern coastline of Europe, charters are available in Germany, Scandinavia, and the islands of the UK.

Nowadays because of the demand for sailing vessels, Russia is also offering luxury charter yachts for a holiday.


What Options?

Of course, when you charter a watercraft you have the option to reserve a luxury yacht charter either with or without a skipper and a crew.

Depending on the number in your sailing party and how many amenities like WiFi and satellite television you desire, charter companies can provide you with a water vessel to sail the European coastline that fits your holiday needs.


Where to Sail?

Imagine sailing the same seas the Vikings once traveled and experiencing their homeland. In your luxury yacht, you can sail to the fjords of Norway and visit the coastal towns to enjoy the cuisine or just for the scenic views of century-old glaciers.

And speaking of scenic views, sail over to Scotland to enjoy the tranquility of the rugged landscape draped in lush greenery. Germany is another port not to be missed that is steeped in a rich history of sailing, good food, and plenty of beer.


Entertainment Time

The northern coastline of Europe has cultural and historical attractions awaiting you on your sailing holiday. This sailing destination not only allows you to either enjoy sunbathing and reading a good book but also in the various ports you will find activities for night time entertainment.

If you would like to view architecture from your luxury yacht, then you will enjoy the buildings by the water, or you can go on shore and visit the cultural center, when you sail to Finland and visit the capital located on the water, Helsinki.



You can count on your sailing holiday being truly an adventure when you explore the waterways of Sweden and the Jutland Peninsula of Denmark.


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Have you experienced a sailing trip to Europe on a luxury yacht? Please, feel free to share your experience.



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