Luxury Yacht Charter In The French Riviera – How Does It Work?

The French Riviera is part of the beautiful country of France and is renowned for being the most famous coast in the world, and this already for more than 20 years. But what makes this place so attractive?

Well, as we all know, its popularity is due to the finest gastronomy, delicious wine, as well as the famous vineyards along the Cote d’Azure, fascinating history, impressive monuments, delightful shorelines, beautiful sceneries and so much more.

The French Riviera is incredibly diverse and offers chances to explore beautiful spots, and yachting in this region is incomparable!

A luxury yacht charter in the French Riviera will provide you a sailing voyage you’ve always dreamed of!

Luxury yacht in Monaco

When It’s the Best Time to Sail?

The French Riviera has inspired many painters, architects, and writers, and continues to attract a lot of travelers every year, not only for its beauty but also for its fantastic Mediterranean climate.

The best time will depend on your personal preferences, but generally, the charter season extends from April to October.

The weather is sublime, and there are many exciting events to enjoy, like the Monaco Formula Grand Prix, and the famous Films Festival of Cannes.

Winter (November to February) can be also a nice time, but be aware that many attractions, restaurants, and hotels are closed at that time of the year.


What Does a Luxury Yacht Include?

A luxury yacht is far the best way to enjoy the holidays with family and friends while being cherished and spoiled all along the trip with the professional crew from the moment you step on board.

A luxury yacht as it sounds is a floating 5-star hotel bringing you to the finest destinations and has all the amenities required including, the internet, TV with satellite, private chef, Spa, fitness center, Jacuzzi, and all the water toys that you can possibly imagine.

The interior is perfectly well designed to have an unforgettable and comfortable fleet with rooms for every need, spacious dining rooms, several decks, a special room for children, extravagant salons, outdoor dining rooms, and wide kitchens.


What Type of Luxury Yachts?

If you ask me what yacht is the best for a holiday on the French Riviera? My answer is, it will all depend on different factors such as the time, the budget, and the preferences.
Here are some further explanations for each luxury yacht just to give you some ideas.


Luxury Motor Yacht
A motor yacht possesses all the amenities for all the comfort needed to have a relaxing holiday. This type of yacht offers the possibility to move around faster, which gives you the opportunity to cover more sailing ground, and thus discover more beautiful destinations in reduced time.


Luxury Sailing Yacht

The luxury sailing yachts offer the real feeling of sailing with an extraordinary comfort and luxury. If you are seeking for a great sailing experience, exaltation, comfort, and style then the sailing yacht will be a perfect choice.


Luxury Yacht Catamarans

Luxury catamarans offer great pleasure with an incredible comfort and privacy. This yacht has increased in popularity due to its fast speed, and stability. Families and groups love these boats because of the amount of space and also allows to jump easily in the water, store more personal things, and the view from the salon is spectacular.

Where to Visit?

There is so much to choose from when yachting in French Riviera and deciding where to go and what to do can be sometimes overwhelming. Your charter company will plan a nice itinerary which will cover a minimum of 7 days fleet holidays. However, if you want to change your itinerary, do it with the captain, he will be more than happy to discuss it with you and will modify the itinerary according to the weather.



Start your trip by taking a good breakfast in the old port of Cannes before embarking on your chosen yacht for an unforgettable fleet vacation. On the way, you’ll see beautiful sandy beaches extending along to Napoule and Mandelieu. Along the coast, in Theoule Sur Mer you will discover beautiful architecture, Chateau de La Napoule, Esterel’s rocky cliffs, and the Palais Bulles.



St-Tropez, as we all know, is renowned for all the extravagant super yachts and admire them makes you dream! There are beautiful marinas to explore and to stroll around, such as Port Grimaud and Cogolin. St-Tropez has many resorts, delightful beaches where you can relax and have fun.


Cap Camarat

Cap Camarat offers spectacular views of the Corniche des Maures and rock crevices. Make a stop to enjoy a nice lunch while watching all the boats sailing around the Iles des Hyeres. Spent the night in the Lavandou where you’ll find the picturesque old town and plenty of local restaurants on the seafront.


Iles du Levant, Port- Cros, Iles de Porquerolles

Discover three of these beautiful islands that have been transformed into three swimming princesses as the legend says, which the view of the sea is just stunning! One of them (Ile du Levant) is a nudist colony; Port- Cros is a national park. Porquerolles is the largest of the three islands and offers stunning little bays, white sandy beaches surrounded by beautiful woodland.



Hyeres is a great place to drop anchor for the night to stroll in its lovely marina not far from Capote’s beach.


A luxury yacht charter in French Riviera will make you discover the most beautiful part of its coast and without a doubt, will capture your heart!

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