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Do You Need a Visa to Visit Italy? – All You Should Know!

Cinque Terre in Italy

There is a great deal of research involved in planning a trip to Europe. Especially if you wish visit multiple countries during your time in the area. Changing rules regarding passports and visas can complicate things further. Do you need a passport to visit Italy? Do you need a visa to visit Italy? These questions can be a little...

How to Buy a Waterproof Jacket – Your complete guide!

How to choose the right waterproof jacket

Buying a waterproof jacket can be a bit more complicated than you would think. There is a huge amount of options on the market. The jacket sections of most outdoor and sporting goods stores are often the most extensive section in the store. Not to mention the infinite amount of choices online, which make finding the right jacket very...

Private Luxury Snorkel Cruise: Including Coral Reef & Natural Swimming Pool From Punta Cana – Reviewed!

Private Catamaran Cruise from Punta Cana

What do you think of when you imagine the dream Caribbean vacation? Does a private luxury snorkel cruise: including coral reef and natural swimming pool from Punta Cana sound about right? It is now possible for you and your group to enjoy this kind of private luxury and more.   You can charter a catamaran, a comfortable double-hauled boat, and spend...

Amazing Ideas for Yachting Attire – Look Irresistible!

Attire Ideas for yacht party

What to wear on the boat tops the stack of questions you have at the back of your mind, when you receive an invitation for a yacht club party. Many options are considered like a long skirt, mini skirt, or a jumpsuit. Suddenly, panic steps in. The costume for a Yacht Party is dissimilar to any other type of...

The Ultimate Cinque Terre Day Trip From Florence- You Shouldn’t Miss!

Cinque Terre Day Trip From Florence

Do you want to explore one of the unique landscapes of Italy in an exciting, entertaining and fun way? Look no farther than the ultimate Cinque Terre day trip from Florence. It offers a lifetime experience with visits to picturesque fishing villages to explore breathtaking scenic treasures, swim in the turquoise waters, inspiring boat trips and many more.

Best Deck Boots – Keep Your Feet Warm & Dry

Best Waterproof Deck Boots for boating

Whether you are a boater, deckman or fisherman, you need a good pair of deck boots. Not only to keep your feet dry but also to be able to walk confidently on wet surfaces. You want to be stable on your deck and remain dry too. But which boots to choose? Midheight, High, short? There are so many types...