What is a Cabin Charter? – The Affordable Way to Sail!

Many sailors, even seasoned yachters, are unaware of cabin chartering and don’t realize that this is a viable chartering option.

However, you can’t try something you don’t know about, so what is a cabin charter? A cabin charter is an option to charter a single cabin on a yacht rather than the entire yacht.

This option is the perfect solution for sailors on a budget or vacationers who don’t wish to have to deal with the work and responsibility involved in sailing their own charter. I wish I had known about this when I was younger and determined to explore the world!

Charter Cabin

What’s Great About Cabin Charter?

A cabin charter allows you to charter a cabin instead of a yacht, but that doesn’t limit you on how you can charter a cabin. Cabins can be chartered for single individuals, couples, or families and groups, and there are many destinations and types of yachts from which to choose.

Without chartering the yacht itself, you are allowed the freedom to relax at all times without the need to skipper the yacht, arrange for permits, or be responsible for the maintenance of the boat.

I can testify that not being the one in charge all the time makes a trip more enjoyable, especially when you aren’t totally confident in your abilities to skipper a boat alone.


Cabin, A Low – Cost Option!

Not everyone who would like to sail has someone to go with him or her. I was fortunate that I usually had a family or a friend to vacation with, but I have met plenty of people over the years that have stated they couldn’t sail because they didn’t know anyone else with a shared interest.

Chartering a cabin offers an individual a cheap option to travel aboard a yacht. Price can often keep an interested individual from sailing, but a cabin charter is an affordable alternative to sailing the yacht yourself.

You can realize your dreams, set sail for the destination of your choice, and never have to worry about taking charge of the boat. Simply sit back and take it all in!


Sailing for the First Time?

Cabin chartering is perfect for first-time sailing, especially if you don’t have someone to accompany you.

Not every sailor has a friend or loved one that shares their desire to sail, so this option allows that individual to experience the adventure of sailing with other like-minded people.

If you have been putting off sailing due to the fact that no one wants to sail with you, you now have no excuse for a cabin charter!

Boats in Greece

Choosing the Cabin

Choosing the right cabin charter begins with where and when you would like to sail. From that starting point, you can explore the different yacht options available. Each type of yacht will have a different cabin configuration.

Singles will usually be comfortable on any size boat, but if you wish to charter a cabin as a couple, or a group, you will probably want a cabin on a bigger vessel. Charters configurations can include a fully crewed boat or a skipper only. Always ask plenty of questions before committing to a vessel!

My husband Paul and I chartered a cabin on a yacht in Italy with almost no actual knowledge of what it would be like onboard a yacht with strangers.

Paul and I had high hopes that it wouldn’t be uncomfortable and that all of the passengers would fall into a routine quickly, but our expectations were far exceeded! The other passengers and crew were an interesting collection of individuals from different backgrounds that we were at ease with almost from the start!

Though Paul and I spent a lot of time together, we also had new friends to shop, snorkel, and explore with, so we could enjoy different interests.

I’ll never forget when I and two other passengers had a school of fish swim close enough to our legs that we could feel the water move from the motion. That experience bonded us forever as friends instead of merely co-passengers.





Wide Choice of Destinations

Yachts that offer cabin chartering can be found at almost every sailing destination. Some of the most popular cabin charter options sail in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean but are far from the only choices available to you or anyone wanting to sail.

Our trip was a Mediterranean charter, but trips in Southeast Asia, the South Pacific, and the Indian Ocean are also available.


Cabin Charter Price, an Affordable way to sail!

The price for cabin chartering varies depending on the type of yacht chosen for chartering, the number of individuals expected to occupy a cabin, and the destination of the yacht.

Monohulls are less expensive than catamarans and other bigger yachts. Single sailors may pay a bit more than passengers sailing with a partner or as a family, while children often sail at discounted rates.

Very small children may even be eligible to sail at no charge. The duration of the trip is also a factor in pricing. The longer the charter voyage, the higher the price will climb.

The typical price range for a cabin charter is between $2,000 and $8,000. This price will depend on single or double occupancy, the type of boat, and the length of the trip. 40 to 80 ft. catamarans will usually run a bit higher in price than a 40 to 80 monohull because cats are bigger and provide more space for passengers.

You can also find custom-designed boats to charter a cabin aboard, but the price can fall anywhere in the above range for those types of yachts.

I will warn you that there are plenty of things not included in the price of the charter! Additional fees may be required for taxes, permits, meals, alcohol, and other expenses.

You should also ask for a list of costs that are covered by the charter price and ask about what is NOT included. This will save you from an unpleasant surprise later on, and you can be prepared to pay the extra if it’s necessary.


  • You can sail without chartering a vessel
  • Individuals can sail without a partner or group
  • Rates are less expensive for individuals or single cabins for groups
  • No responsibility for the handling of the boat
  • You don’t have to deal with permits, paperwork, or mechanical issues


  • You will sail with strangers
  • You don’t have free reign of the boat
  • You’re subject to the schedule of the boat


If you mourn the fact that chartering a yacht is beyond your financial capabilities, cabin chartering is the answer you’ve been seeking. Don’t wait any longer and schedule the trip you’ve wanted to take for years!

I strongly encourage young couples to consider a cabin charter for their honeymoon or urge parents to give a cabin charter trip as a graduation present to their children. The experience will stay with them for their entire lives, and it’s a unique way to celebrate an achievement or momentous occasion!

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10 thoughts on “What is a Cabin Charter? – The Affordable Way to Sail!”

  1. Great article! This sounds wonderful! I personally have never been sailing and cabin chartering sounds Ike a great option to get out there and learn. It would be great fun to visit new places and go with new people. It would definitely make for a fun and memorable experience. Thanks for the article and I will definitely look into this!

    • Hi Madeline,

      Yes, it is a great option to learn some basics of sailing ,and have fun at the same time, no doubt about it!

      You are very welcome and thank you for the comment

  2. This is something I had never considered before! Chartering a cabin versus an entire yacht seems like a very reasonable way to experience the joys of sailing without all the work!

    I have a colleague that sails all the time off the east coast of USA, and the furtherest he has sailed is to some of the islands in the Caribbean. I will ask him if he does this, it would help defray his expenses and I would already have a good partner to do the travel with!

    Thanks for informing me about this option. Like most others, I just assumed it would never be within my reach financially speaking. Now I see that indeed it is. Cheers for that!

    • Hi Dave,

      This is a good idea Dave! Sailing with a friend is an experience not miss out and the price is very attractive.

      Thank you for the comment and wish you an awesome day

  3. Wow a A cabin charter seems very interesting as I not only don’t know how to captain a yacht but also like you said the hassle of skippering a yacht yourself and getting permits seems like it would be much better to charter just a cabin.

    I like the fact that yo can bring a family or just go by yourself and meet new people.

    So how long of a boat trip and type of room do you get typically for the price of $2,000? is this for a week long trip with a 1 bed type thing? Is there a way to do this on those really expensive mega yachts?

    Do you know how much a trip for 2 weeks with double occupancy and in a really fancy mega yacht that is really nice…. would this cost around 8k ball park for the package or do mega yachts cost astronomical amounts to ride on like 10-20k?

    I have always wanted to go on a yacht but thought you had to own one or it was really expensive.

    • Hi Brandon,

      Yes, it is an interesting option for sailing alone or with family. Skippering a yacht is fun, but not for everyone. The sailing trip is for a period of 7 days minimum and the price will depend on the type of boat you’ll like to sail with. The Mega yacht is much more expensive than sailing yachts . It’s a luxury motor yacht and generally privately owned. These yachts are considered as super-yachts and of course it is more expensive! If you can afford it , why a not 🙂

      Thank you for the comment and wish you to sail soon!

    • Hi Jose,

      The Caribbean is renowned worldwide for its wonderful sailing conditions throughout the year ! The crew will right away change the itinerary if the weather deteriorates, so for the weather no need to worry! The crew won’t put his passengers in risk! My sailing collective journey was absolutely awesome, I personally had a fantastic time with other passengers, in fact we became very good friends. But this is my own experience, I think you should try:)

      I hope it helped and if you need further information, please let me know, I’ll be more than pleased to help you!
      Have an awesome day!

  4. I had never considered sailing as an option for a holiday before (because of lack of experience being a factor as well) but now I am no longer ignorant to what is available, a cabin charter sounds like a good plan. I love travelling and am always open to new ideas, especially involving being by the sea. Now I just need to convince the boyfriend 🙂

    • Hi Holly,

      By the cabin is the best way to enjoy sailing for who doesn’t have any sailing skill or for couples.

      I’m sure he will succumb to your charm:)

      Thank you for the comment and wish you to sail soon!


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