7 Best Seafood Restaurants in Anchorage Alaska – Your Dining Guide!

Enjoying the waters of Anchorage, Alaska aboard a chartered yacht is always time well spent, but you can definitely work up a healthy appetite while you’re out at sea.

As I was out with friends on a recent sailing excursion in the Cook Inlet, our rumbling stomachs led us into a very enlightening conversation regarding which Anchorage restaurants boasted the best seafood.

Being locals who are well-versed in all that Anchorage has to offer, my friends offered their experience and expertise in this area to help guide us to a truly enjoyable restaurant that afternoon, and I was also able to walk away with a list of seven heavy-hitting seafood restaurants that are considered to be the best in all of Anchorage.

So without any further ado, here are the 7 best seafood restaurants in Anchorage Alaska:



1. Glacier Brewhouse

The Glacier Brewhouse is well-known for offering high-quality food at reasonable prices. The welcoming interior is decked out with beautiful timbers all around, and the fire provides a warm and inviting glow.

Touted as the place where “Alaskans meet Alaskans”, the Glacier Brewhouse offers delicious wild Alaskan seafood, hand-crafted ales and rotisserie roasted meats.

This immensely popular restaurant and brewpub received the 2015 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence, and regularly receives rave reviews on Yelp as well as Google Plus.

As my friends explained, the one dessert that you cannot afford to pass up when you visit the Glacier Brewhouse is their peanut butter pie–it has truly earned legendary status!

Restaurant in Alaska


2. Simon & Seafort’s Saloon & Grill

This restaurant was our personal choice on the afternoon of the conversation, and let me tell you that I do not regret the decision at all!

Known by the local Alaskans as simply “Simon’s”, this iconic restaurant has been in business since 1978, and has been artfully serving high-quality seafood as well as USDA prime-aged steak ever since its inception.

Not only was the food excellent, but the panoramic views from the restaurant were simply stunning. The restaurant is positioned to overlook Mount Susitna, Cook Inlet and the Alaska Range, a combination of natural beauty that will take your breath away.

The executive chef at Simon & Seafort’s skillfully combines wild Alaskan seafood with traditional American cuisine to produce flavorful dishes that are truly memorable.

I helped myself to the Char-Broiled Wild Alaska Salmon, which was accompanied by a Yukon potato mash and roasted winter vegetables; needless to say, I was satisfied when I left!



3. Yamaya Seafood Restaurant

For authentic Japanese seafood that is as good as it gets, Anchorage locals who are “in the know” will typically recommend Yamaya Seafood Restaurant.

It is a family-owned business that boasts a pleasant, intimate environment and service with a smile. Although the quality of all of the seafood on the menu is beyond reproach, the sashimi is definitely one of the most popular selections at Yamaya.

The elderly Japanese couple who owns the restaurant have posted a sign that pleads for patience from the customers, but the food is definitely worth the wait because it is well-prepared and delicious.

Chinese restaurant


4. The Bubbly Mermaid Oyster Bar

If you’re a fan of oysters, it would be virtually impossible for you to overlook The Bubbly Mermaid Oyster Bar.

This small, cozy restaurant serves delectable oysters straight from Alaskan waters, and they also offer some of the best and freshest seafood found anywhere in Anchorage.

Oysters are available either raw or baked and can be ordered in a dozen different preparations; we’re talking oysters Rockefeller, blackened oysters, oysters with bacon and Worchestershire sauce, etc., just take your pick.

One of the best-kept secrets of this restaurant is the Crab Cake Eggs Benedict, which many patrons now claim to be addicted to after one try.

In addition, the Bubbly Mermaid offers a very impressive selection of wines and beers to complement their unique and delicious fare.


5. Orso

Orso boasts a welcoming space, an expansive selection of delicious seafood and grilled meats, and over 20 different wines by the glass.

One of the most notable aspects of this inviting eatery is the fact that they take “farm to table” to the next level by offering only fresh seafood from Alaskan waters, including halibut, cod, salmon, rockfish, king crab, and many others.

Orso also features locally grown vegetables that have been cultivated in the nearby Matanuska valley.

In addition, for those with specific dietary needs, Orso offers an excellent selection of gluten-free and vegetarian dishes that are uncompromisingly delicious.

6. Southside Bistro

Sometimes even the most revered restaurants can fall victim to serving minuscule portions, but that’s not the case with Southside Bistro.

This vibrant eatery serves generous portions of delectable seafood, with their White Prawns and Kodiak Scallops being one of the highlight dishes on their menu.

Southside Bistro is open for both lunch and dinner, so no matter what time of day you choose to visit, you can expect to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere and friendly staff.

Not only is their seafood on point, but they have earned a solid reputation for offering one of the most delicious 8-oz Filet Mignons in Anchorage. Local tip: The Risotto Scallops and the almond brownie are not to be missed.


7. Ginger

Locals rave about the pleasant atmosphere, exquisite menu and professional staff at this gem of a restaurant located in historic downtown Anchorage.

Ginger specializes in Pacific Rim cuisine, all of which is hand-crafted from fresh ingredients by an experienced staff that is devoted to culinary excellence.

Not only is the seafood absolutely delicious (the Sake-Ginger Glazed Alaskan Salmon is one of their most popular dishes), but Ginger also offers a great selection of local microbrewed beer as well as an ample wine and sake list.

If you’re looking for five-star service and a fantastic selection of fresh seafood, Ginger is an eatery that you simply must visit anytime you’re in Anchorage.



While there are dozens of excellent seafood restaurants in Anchorage, the selection above represents the knowledge and experience of local Alaskans who have made their rounds among the local eateries and know a thing or two about which ones truly stand out above the crowd.

The great thing about eating seafood in Anchorage is that you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a plate full of locally sourced fare that is responsibly harvested and tastes great.

The next time you’re sailing the waters off the coast of Anchorage, be sure to stop in at one of the restaurants listed above; you’ll be sure to enjoy an unforgettable dining experience.


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  1. Hello Daniella! I love your site. My first words were wow, woe, man… My mouth begin to water immediately. No pun intended 🙂 . I never thought of going to Alaska for a vacation but I have to re-think that.

    Alaska is definitely beautiful. But as a person who loves food. This is great information that I will keep in mind if I ever happen to take that trip.

    And the Crab Cakes Eggs Benedict?? Mercy mercy me. I should not of read this post hungry 🙂 . That is something I must put on my to do list. Thanks again for taking me to another world. Being I live in Va.

    • Hi Vertical,

      Thank you very much, I really appreciate your comment:)

      The food is exceptional and oh..I would suggest the crab cakes eggs benedict to anyone who is eating at the famous Bubbly Mermaid Oyster Bar. You will just love it!

      Thank you for the compliment and the comment!

      I wish you a nice day:)

  2. Your reviews made my mouth water now I am craving some scallops and steak. All the pictures are just beautiful yet the restaurants all have an out door feeling they didn’t seem to be Fancy, and I like that. I am planning a trip to Alaska this year and I plan on trying out some of these for myself. I will most certainly get back with you and let you know how I liked these restaurants!

    • Hi Michelle,

      This is a very good Idea Michel:) I’ll be really happy to hear you’re feedbacks when you’ll come back!

      Have a wonderful trip, I am sure you’ll enjoy!

      Thank you for the comment and wish you all the best.

  3. Hey Daniella,
    I really love your guide, I definitely need to go and visit Alaska! Everything looks amazing, I especially like to visit the Bubble Mermaid Oyster Bar, that one really look awesome!

    I love oyster and would definitely be visiting there end of this year! I come from a very small town in Malaysia and I’ve got to ask though, is Alaska really as cold as the ysay?

    • Hi Riaz,

      I am glad you like the guide and yes, Alaska is a fantastic place to visit!

      It depends on when and where you visit Alaska. The interior of Alaska is the warmest place in the summer and the coldest in the winter. If you don’t like the cold, then July and August are the best time to visit.

      Thank you for passing by and wish you a wonderful day:)

  4. Great review Daniella! If I ever get the chance to visit Alaska I’ll be sure to go to the Yamaya Seafood Resturant as I LOVE everything Japanese!

    • Hi Kamari,

      Thank you, I am glad you like the article:)
      Yes, the Yamaya offer delicious Japanese food, my friends and I had such a good time and the service was awesome!
      I would definitely come back there!
      Thank you for the comment and wish you a fantastic day!

    • Hi David,

      I am glad you like the article and that it makes you want to travel in Alaska:)
      Thank you for the comment and wish you a wonderful day!

  5. Thank you very much for your insights and tips!

    I have never been in Anchorage Alaska but I love to travel and probably some day in the future I will visit there and try some of these restaurants.

    The ambience seems to be peaceful and pleasant in many of those restaurants. I would like to choose the first one Glacier Brewhouse if I visit there some day.


    • Hi Roope,

      Your instincts work fine:) You can follow your intuitions because the Glacier is definitely the place to try!

      Thank you very much for the comment and wish you to visit Alaska very soon!

  6. I hope to visit Alaska one day when our children are older. These look like some amazing restaurants – I would imagine the seafood up in Alaska is so much fresher than what we get down in Pennsylvania. Did you have a favorite dish at any of these restaurants that you could recommend?

    • Hi Shannon,

      All of these restaurants are absolutely awesome, but I really loved the Glacier because the place is so peaceful and the food is delicious. My favourite dishes were the roasted meat and the famous homemade peanut butter pie. I would suggest this dessert to anyone who hasn’t tried the Glacier restaurant!

      Thank you, I really appreciate the comment:)

      I wish you a nice day!

  7. Hey Ma’am,
    I have enjoyed reading over your site. I have always wanted to go to Alaska.
    Now if I go I will know the best places to eat. The photos of this restaurants are gorgeous. Being the best, what is the average cost for a meal? I would be on a budget and would like to be able to add the cost into my planning.
    Also when would you suggest is the best time of year to take this adventure?

    Thanks, Hillbilly Vapor

    • If you are on a budget, then I would suggest you to visit Alaska in May as it is cheaper with much less crowds and the season is absolutely awesome.
      For the meals prices, you’ll have to check further. To be honest with you, it was my birthday and my friends made me a nice surprise by inviting me for a trip to Alaska. Yes, they paid everything ..Hhh, It was embarrassing for me, but I swear I’ll return the same favor:):) Great friends! However, take a look at Tripadvisor, I am sure you’ll find plenty of information about the meals prices.
      I hope it helped and please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime:)
      Thank you for the comment and wish you a wonderful day!

  8. Hey Ma’am, Very nice site you have made.
    Your images are gorgeous.
    I have always wanted to venture to Alaska. I was going to request a tour there when I was in the Navy, but my wife refused to go. I still would like to go to our last frontier and now I know where to get the good grub.
    Thank for the knowledge you have given.
    Best wishes,
    Hillbilly Vapor

    • Hi Paul,

      I am happy you like my website:) Unfortunately, not everyone like Alaska because it’s cold out there, but this place is so beautiful that we forget about it.

      Thank you very much for the comment and wish you a wonderful day!

  9. Do you get hungry easily when you’re out on the sea sailing? I mean do you get that rumbling feeling frequently.

    I assume I can’t have the ales and meats at Glacier Brewhouse because of my strong strict religious Muslim principle.

    However, I would still want to go because of it’s peanut butter pie and the vibe looks awesome! I am a sucker for peanut butter! Hence, that made my anticipation!

    • Hi Tar,

      How nice to see you again on my website:)

      Yes, I personally get really hungry when I go sailing and even offshore on the beach, I suppose it’s because of the iodine into the air.

      You have good taste, the peanut butter is a dessert not to miss out at the Glacier Brewhouse!

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a wonderful day!

  10. this looks way good, all the restaurants that you recommended today. I know that when I go to anchorage alaska, this is the first site that I’m going to visit so I can see where I can get some good sea food and also something to do while i’m in the town. Keep up the good work!

    • Hi there,

      There are many other good restaurants, but I personally found those ones very special and tasty!

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a nice day!

  11. Your post reminds me of a business trip to Sweden long back in the 1990s. The trip also took me to 2 other Scandinavian countries: Norway and Denmark. I travelled from Sweden to Copenhagen overnight on a ferry. Onboard there was a choice of four restaurants. I had no clue what food to choose. I am sure if I had read this post with information on seafood served, although in the Anchorage, could have given me the hints and tips I desperately needed..

    • Hi Zegu,

      I am glad you found this post helpful:)

      Sweden is a beautiful country, it would be very interesting to eat in some of these restaurants and write a review about it!

      Thank you for the comment, I really appreciate and wish you a wonderful day:)

  12. I lived in Alaska for 22 years, so this article immediately got my attention! I would definitely have to say that Simon & Seafort’s has always been a favorite go to restaurant. I’d have to say, as an Alaskan, this is probably the #1 spot to go to for seafood. Some other ones you might want to include is the Crow’s Nest and Humpy’s. Also on the top on most Anchorage folks list. These three by far are the best 🙂 Great post, was like going back to Alaska briefly !

    • Hi Matt’s,

      How nice of you to share your experience with us and for adding to the list other great spots to eat in Anchorage Alaska:) This is very helpful, thank you very much! I didn’t try those one, but next time I’ll sail in Alska, I will surely eat there:)

      Thank you again for the comment an wish you a wonderful day!

  13. Southside Bistro really looks unique inside. The Glacier Brewhouse seems like a restaurant with high-quality food at reasonable prices. Inside this Brewhouse it is decorated amazingly as well with all the wood architecture. With Simon & Seafort’s Saloon & Grill the restaurant overlooks Mount Susitna, Cook Inlet and the Alaska Range. This must be truly breath taking and spectacular. All in all I’d love to visit any of these restaurants if I ever went to Alaska.

    • Hi Destin,

      Hi Destin,

      Indeed, the restaurants listed in this article are high-quality food as well as very pleasant.

      If you ever go to Alaska and try other good restaurants, you are welcome to share your experience with us!

      Thank you for the comment and wish you to sail soon:)

    • Hi Maryellen,
      Thank you for your comment, I really appreciate:)
      Can you be more precise, please? Which picture do you mean? The first one?

      Thank you again!


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