Fountaine Pajot Sanya 57 Review – Mix of Performance and Luxury

Only a couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege of embarking on a chartered sailing adventure with some close friends aboard Fountaine Pajot’s most recent flagship cruiser, the Sanya 57, and to say that I was impressed with this cruising cat would be a huge understatement.

Not only did I enjoy the spacious and luxurious accommodations aboard this stylish catamaran, but the level of professionalism and attention to detail I received from the crew was second to none.

In short, they spoiled me (as well as my friends) with top-notch service, which made our time at sea a truly enjoyable experience.

This Fountaine Pajot Sanya 57 review will reflect the most prominent features and characteristics that I took note of during my time aboard this vessel, but without a doubt, the only way to fully appreciate all that the Sanya 57 has to offer is to charter your own sailing excursion on this outstanding boat.


The Sanya 57 exhibits the perfect combination of the performance you would expect from a cruising cat along with remarkably comfortable accommodations; this is not as easy as it looks, but it’s simply a reflection of the years of experience that the builder brings to the table.

What I was most struck by when I entered the interior living spaces of our boat was the sheer amount of room I had to move around.

Far from being cramped quarters, the strikingly spacious saloon boasted a massive settee, a sleek, low-slung coffee table to port and a stunning galley to starboard.

I took note of the generously-sized double-door refrigerator (which included an automatic water/ice dispenser) as well as the full-sized dishwasher and twin sinks.

The working counter space was more than generous, but as far as storage space goes, I would have to say that it fell a bit short of my expectations.

Just based on what I observed, it appeared as though space to securely store fragile kitchenware items (such as glasses) was slightly inadequate.


Our boat was designed with the charter layout, which features three staterooms per hull.

I was thoroughly impressed with the size of the sleeping quarters down in each hull; they seemed to stretch on for miles.

Those who enjoy en-suite heads will definitely appreciate the Sanya 57, as it offers just that in all staterooms, along with separate showers (only the skipper’s quarters lacks the separate shower space).

I was impressed with the well-thought-out layout of the cabins on both sides, all of which feature twin companionways that afford optimal privacy (e.g., nobody has to walk through your bedroom to access their own sleeping quarters).

One of the details that I appreciated the most about the interior of the Sanya 57 was the attention to detail given to the finish quality throughout the vessel.

Instead of seeing exposed fiberglass at every turn (like many boats I have been on before), I saw pleasant hardwood parquet or stylish veneers, along with fabric and leather.

Chartering this vessel for your next sailing excursion is essentially a guarantee of comfortable cruising, no matter where you go.


The basic design of the Sanya 57 is what you would commonly expect for a cruising cat.

The hulls are noticeably wide (to maximize the volume of the interior space), and the vessel features slightly limited bridge deck clearance.

The aft deck is remarkably spacious and elegant, communicating the obvious intention of the builder to make the social function of this vessel a top priority.

Expansive teak decking marks the lounging area, which features a hardtop Targa roof for shelter from the sun.

I was duly impressed with the length of the L-shaped settee, as well as the amply sized open dining table with chairs.

What I appreciated the most about the way the lounging area was designed is that it was completely absent of rigging/working lines and other eyesores, which makes for a more comfortable and intimate setting during social functions.

Under Sail

I had the privilege of temporarily taking the helm and sailing the Sanya in about 9 knots of true wind off the southeast coast of Mauritius (the Bay of Mahebourg off the Ile de la Passe, to be exact).

Our boat sailed well in the somewhat choppy waters in the middle of the bay.

While the hydraulic steering system took a little getting used to (there’s quite a bit of distance between the helm and the rudders), I did take note of the smooth motion of the boat on the water, and although the sea state was slightly choppy, the vessel did hardly hobbyhorse at all.

When you charter this boat, you will automatically be furnished with three experienced and highly attentive crew members (included in the price) who will do everything in their power to help you enjoy some uninterrupted leisure time at sea with family or friends, and should you choose to make the request, you might even get a little time at the helm as I did.

Under Power

I can’t say that I was surprised at the deft maneuverability of this catamaran in close quarters, which can be attributed to the twin 75-horsepower diesel engines in the two hulls.

One of the features that impressed me the most about the Sanya 57 was its 680-watt solar panel array (comprised of four 170-watt panels) situated on the Targa roof, offering outstanding energy efficiency.

All of the vessel’s systems are well laid out, and the helm station offers plenty of comfortable seating to accommodate the skipper and a crewmate.

The Sanya’s nearly 300-gallon fuel capacity ensures that you’ll have the wherewithal to enjoy plenty of time aboard this long-legged cruiser, but hey, why crank up the motors when you can sail, right?

Sanya 57 vs. Lagoon 560

Besides the fact that both vessels are the creations of highly respected French builders, the Sanya 57 and Lagoon 560 have quite a bit in common.

Both boats are powered by 75-hp twin engines, but the Lagoon 560 has a slightly higher fuel reserve than the Sanya 57, coming in at 344 and 291 gallons, respectively.

In terms of LOA, the Sanya 57 has the Lagoon 560 beat by a slim margin (seven inches to be exact), but the Lagoon 560 offers a little more square footage in terms of sail area.

In terms of weight-saving, Fountaine Pajot’s extensive background in racing clearly gives them the advantage, as the Sanya 57 weighs in at 21 tonnes unladen, compared to the significantly heavier Lagoon 560, which comes in at around 28 tonnes.

While both vessels are definitely ample cruisers, my personal opinion is that the Sanya 57 offers a lighter build without sacrificing luxury and a more comfortable passage overall.

Why Sail the Sanya 57

* Fantastic accommodations
* Generous working area
* Spacious helm area
* Sleek look and luxurious interior

In Conclusion

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience aboard the Sanya 57, and I can easily see why this very capable vessel is famously known as a “cat that purrs”.

The Sanya 57 offers the perfect balance of relaxed luxury and performance cruising, with generous accommodations and eye-grabbing aesthetics.

This boat makes it easy for you to lavishly entertain your family and friends, and should you choose the Sanya 57 for your next charter excursion, it will be a decision that you won’t regret.


  • Manufacturer: Fountaine Pajot
  • Length: 57,00 feet (17,37 m)
  • Width: 8,88m
  • Draft: (minimum)1,40 m
  • Engines: 275,00 hp
  • Diesel Fuel tank: 1 100,00 L
  • Water tank: 1 050,00 L
  • Cabins: 4 to 5
  • Berths: 8 to 10

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  1. I have read many of your articles about various charters and have loved all of them – I am spoilt for choice completely!

    As I am completely new to chartering but really want to try it, I wanted to know more about having a crew on board. How does that work? I can imagine it’s expensive but what types of service are available and does it depend on what type of charter you hire?

    • Hi Holly,

      It’s so nice to see you again:)

      You have the option to hire a crew ( skipper, cook, made, hostess) on any yacht as long as there is enough place for every passenger. If you don’t have any sailing skill then I would suggest you hire a skipper. The cost of a skippered yacht charter is affordable. Let say the price is $2500, split between the number of passengers on your trip. If you have 4 people in your party, then the cost is only about $650 for a week, which is worth for an unforgettable sailing holiday:) Don’t you think so?

      I hope it helped and if you need further information, please don’t hesitate to contact me, I’ll be glad to help you!

      Thank you for the comment and I wish you to sail soon:)

  2. Your site is really appealing to the eye.
    Not only does it have a professional appeal due to the quality of the products being promoted but your personal experiences give it a sincere aspect.
    I appreciate the videos, images, comparisons to competitors and specifications table also.
    However I think a different colour would be easier on the eye in the picture banner than red, perhaps navy blue?
    All the best!

  3. Wah. How do you get to see and hence review so many type of yachts? It is coool to have a specific site like this cos i have no idea about all these before. So do you own many boats? Or you simply get to ride on them all? I ‘m from Sydney 0 love the sea just like you but dun think I have a chance to see too many yachts – or maybe i just dunno about them. 😛

    • Hi there,

      I used to own a boat, and today I help people to select the right yacht 🙂

      Choosing the appropriate vessel is a very important detail when wanting to go sailing!

      Sidney is a beautiful place to visit, I will put this destination on my list for the next sailing holiday:)

      Thank you for the comment and wish you to sail very soon:)

  4. Sanya 57 seems awesome!

    At first when you take a look from the exterior it seems like a simple yacht. But when you get inside it’s just like a luxury hotel.

    You are so lucky to have such an experience that not everyone can have. And your site is really cool too. Your niche is kinda unique.

    • Hi Tyler,

      You’re right, the interior is very luxurious, and yes, it is a floating hotel!

      Thank you very much, I really appreciate the comment:)

      Have a wonderful day and hope to see you soon!

  5. Well, considering that the built year was 2014, I would say it’s no surprise the way it looks like, contemporarily.

    When reading this post, it seems that even the adverse wave condition won’t affect the smooth sailing journey I presume.

    Quite a nice nickname tagged “cat that purrs”. That shows how it is highly regarded in today’s modern yacht.

    • Hi Tar,

      Yes, nice nickname:) The Fountaine Pajot 57 is a strong boat, it cut the waves like butter.

      Thank you for the comment comment and wish you to sail sail soon!

      Have a wonderful day!

  6. Hi, Daniella!
    Once I left comment for your website but missed your real name. I can tell only that our family is yacht lovers and we use to sail with my husband. We never used to sail catamarans. And we have plan to try. Looking forward to take charter this summer in Europe.
    P.S. Your site looking very-very good and professional, and we like it very much! Just take away the inscription under the comment field to be perfect!

    • Hi Zhanna,

      How nice to see you again on my website:) This is it, Daniella is my name, you said it right:)

      It’s always good to see yacht lovers and passionates about the sea:)

      Thank you for the comment and wish you to sail very soon!

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