9 Best Marinas in Spain – Services & Leisure Activities!

Sailing in the Mediterranean has an appeal that simply stands unparalleled. Besides the jaw-dropping coastal landscape and beautiful weather, sailors get a chance to come face to face with the unique culture and history of countries in the region. And few destinations can match the rich cultural and historical legacy of Spain, a proud maritime nation.

To sail through Spanish coastline means that you would get to witness beautiful coastal cities with its own distinct history, culture, and cuisine.

Add the picture-postcard coastline, top-notch boating facilities, and beautiful weather, and it becomes easy to see why Spain is one of the most sought-after sailing destinations in the whole world.

It becomes important, therefore, that you know all about the 9 best marinas in Spain so that your exciting sailing trip is complemented by the best marina facilities.

Badalona Marina – Barcelona

Badalona Marina is undoubtedly the premier marina in Barcelona, boasting of top-notch infrastructure and facilities for your boat.

Among the boating services, you can expect a waiting quay, crane, a dry dock capable of accommodating 211 boats up to 24 feet long, mechanical and electrical workshops, slipways, 24-hour security, freshwater connectivity and fuel services.

Aside from the boating services, visitors can expect an array of related nautical services and amenities, including a sailing qualification academy, medical services, shower and laundry, boat chartering, nautical shops, water sports, communications and much, much more.

There are also top dining and drinking options at the marina, catering to all occasions and tastes.

Badalona marina in Spain

Bonnie Castle Marina – Madrid

While Madrid is not a coastal city, it does have the beautiful Saint Lawrence river crisscrossing through it. Located on the banks of this river is Bonnie Castle Marina, part of the larger Bonnie Castle resort.

This full-service marina, gateway to the breathtaking Thousand Islands, provides a range of services and facilities including all sorts of mechanical and electrical repair work, boat cleaning and boat detailing.

The marina features a travel lift, a hydraulic trailer, and dockside lifts. Other services and amenities include fuel provisioning, pump out service, laundry, boat chartering, and ice/beer/snacks supply.

Bonnie Castle Marina in Spain

Marina Ibiza – Ibiza

Marina Ibiza, the most sought after marina in Ibiza, is a place of unrivalled infrastructure and amenities. The marina offers mooring facilities for boats up to 180 feet in length.

Its north dock area is designed for accommodating smaller and medium sized vessels and provides them harboring, dry docking, repairing and overhauling facilities. This latest generation marina makes use of high-end technology solutions such as high flow nozzle refueling facilities to boats at harbor.

Other standard amenities and facilities include boat bailing out service, professional services for sailors, forklift for overwintering, social club, shower, changing room, laundry, shopping arena, medical services, WiFi, 24-hour security, waste management, and harbor master services.

Adjacent to the world-class shopping arena are a host of fine dining restaurants, bars, and clubs with Calma Bistro, Cappuccino grand Cafe, and Lio Restaurante Club Cabaret being particularly recommended.

Marina Ibiza in Spain

Nautic L’Escala – Costa Brava

Nautic L’Escala is a modern and thoughtfully designed marina that has made it the favourite among sailors visiting the Costa Brava region. Its convenient location, immaculately trained staff, and port services mean you cannot go wrong taking your yacht to this marina.

Standard services at this marina include water and electricity connection, shower, changing room, laundry, berthing assistance, WiFi, waiting dock, medical facilities, waste collection, fueling station, waiting dock, VHF channel 9, and a social club with a reading room and library.

Also, you can request professional sailing services such as tow service, battery charging, underwater services, electronic adapters, and preparation of ropes and moorings. The marina also has a very active and professionally run diving and sailing centre.

La Barra del Port is the popular restaurant at this marina, serving Mediterranean cuisine prepared with locally sourced fresh ingredients.

Marina Nautic L'Escala in SpainMarina Menorca – Menorca

Located at Sa Colarsega, the Marina Menorca offers sailors to moor their yachts in the well protected natural harbour of Mahon. Located just a few minutes away from the city, the marina is the perfect port of call for those who enjoy their water sports.

The marina has a total of 7 docks that serve as many as 230 moorings. Among standard services, you can expect water and electricity connections, showers, changing rooms, laundry, office facilities, WiFi at broadband speeds, free parking, waste and bilge collection, weather forecasting, and 24-hour security.

Marina Menorca in Spain

Marina La Palma – La Palma

Marina La Palma is a truly modern facility, boasting of latest generation infrastructure and support services. Boasting of as many as 180 floating finger berths and 100 slips for visiting boats, the Marina provides a range of standard services.

Among boating services, you can expect electricity and water, bilge discharge, and high-speed WiFi internet. Port services include internet, shower, change room, laundry, waste disposal, safe storage, post, supermarkets and provisioning, restaurants, shops, and accommodation.

There is also a variety of maritime services available such as mechanical and electrical repair, and fuel pumps out.

Marina la Palma in Spain

Los Gigantes Marina – Tenerife

The premier marina in the south of Tenerife, the Los Gigantes Marina is designed for discerning yachtsmen who demand the best facilities and services. Capable of mooring as many as 368 yachts, the marina boasts of a draft of 18 meters.

The marina is capable of accommodating boats up to 60 feet in length, providing a slew of services such as dockside water and electricity connections, computer assisted weather forecast, fuel dock, 24-hour security.

The marina also has some restaurants, shops, and bars within the premises. From English and Continental cuisine to Spanish delights such as Paella, you can enjoy it all within the marina.

Los Gigantes Marina in Spain

Port De Mallorca – Mallorca

Port de Mallorca has consistently been voted as the top marina in all of the Mallorca, and for excellent reasons. The marina provides four jetties and mooring facilities for boats from 36 feet to well over 150 feet in length.

This modern facility offers a range of services including water and electricity connection at the harbour, shower, laundry, changing room, internet, office and postal services, and 24-hour security.

The marina has an extensive shipyard facility for boat repair and overhaul, and well as a dedicated wing for professional sailor services. Concierge services, quality restaurants, and bars within the marina make it a truly full-service facility where you can expect the very best.

Port Des Mallorca in Spain

Marina Narval – Gran Canaria

Located close to the Anfi Beach, Marina Narval is a first rate modern facility in an elegant setting. The beautiful marina provides, aside from a range of standard berthing facilities, an eclectic mix of leisure activities, shopping facilities, and restaurants and bars.

Capable of docking boats up to 60 feet in length, the marina offers diving and other underwater services, high-speed WiFi, showers, changing rooms, social club, waiting for the pier, 24-hour security, shopping complex, and water sports facilities among others.

Marina Narval in Spain



While the above is by no means an extensive list of marinas dotting the beautiful Spanish coastline, there is no doubt that they are among the very best. Their infrastructure, competent staff and quality of service mean that you will rarely have a reason to complain.

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