The Best Places to Eat in Athens – 10 Restaurants Not to Miss!

Athens needs no introduction as a world-class city that attracts scores of yachtsmen from the world over. Whether it is the remarkable historical past of this magnificent city or its location in the heart of the Mediterranean, visiting yachtsmen usually have a ton of reasons to pay a visit to Athens.

The city is also a gourmet delight as it offers the best of authentic Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. Aside from its traditional Greek culinary delights, the city also hosts a number of new age restaurants that serve up the very best of international cuisine.

However, those who do not know where to start their culinary adventure in the city can read on to learn about the best places to eat in Athens.



Located in the relatively non-touristy neighborhood of Socrates, the Karamanlidika can be a Sandwich with salamilittle hard to find but it is well worth the effort.

People who love their cured meats and cheeses, they would particularly love the fare at this buzzing little restaurant.

The tables are stacked next to each other, and focus is firmly on the food. The decor and ambiance are strictly passable but the food and the prices more than make up for it. Look out for their wide selections of cold cuts, pastrami, cheese platter, and sausages.



Located at Antinoros street, the Oroscopo has made a name for itself as one of the finest Ravioli with cheeseeateries for authentic Greek cuisine.

However, this fine dining establishment has a lot more going for it besides its reputation as a top-notch Greek restaurant.

The decor here is sparse, minimalist and modern. The place has a sophisticated vibe and warm feel, and the friendly staff makes you feel welcome.

On to the food, there are a lot of winners on the menu but particular mention must go to grilled octopus, a variety of Greek salads, sea bass, and porcini mushroom ravioli. The restaurant often surprises by offering their appetizers and desserts ‘on the house’.



Located at Psyrri Square, Oineas is chiefly a Greek and Mediterranean restaurant with a Greek food in a round platespecial focus on vegetarian fare.

In particular, the lamb chops prepared in a traditional Greek way, chicken souvlaki, Mousaka, seafood risotto, cheese pie and stuffed mushrooms are worthy of special mention.

The desserts, too, are a highlight. The decor is understated and lovely, and the ambiance is intimate. The friendly staff further make visiting this place a complete delight.


Mani Mani

Mani Mani could be a little hard to find, located as it is on the first floor of an old home near Filo with spinach on a platethe Acropolis museum. However, its fusion style cuisine has earned wide praise from food critics of the city.

The experimental chef at the restaurant has provided an excellent modern retake on some traditional Greek, Mediterranean and European dishes.

Use of locally sourced and fresh ingredients and excellent culinary execution means that you simply cannot wrong at this restaurant, no matter you decide from the menu. The decor is modern and atmosphere festive, and the friendly staff further add to the welcoming vibe of this place. Look out for their mille-feuille, filo parcels, and pork belly.



Located in the Syntagma area, Avocado is a veritable delight for vegetarians. The restaurant Aubergine with cheese on a platehas a wide selection of vegetarian fare on its menu, and the generous portions further sweeten the deal.

The food is delicious with its eggplant cheese roll, penne avocado, carrot cake, vegan pizza, vegetarian paella worth particular mention.

There is also a lovely selection of healthy green juices, gluten-free dishes, and noodles. The restaurant is a little pricey but the quality of food, generous portions, and lovely intimate atmosphere more than a cover for it.



A traditional Greek and Mediterranean restaurant with beautifully decorated interiors, Lithos Cheese on a plateattracts large numbers of locals and tourists alike.

The atmosphere here is festive and relaxed, and patrons are never under the pressure to finish quickly.

Located in the buzzing Monastiraki area, the restaurant serves traditional Greek dishes with a modern twist, with their traditional salad, Greek beef, and fritters being particularly in demand. The restaurant has live music going on during the evenings, and it can particularly be crowded so do remember to call them in advance.



Located in the vicinity of the famous Acropolis, in a street full of restaurant, Arcadia offers Baklava on a platedelightful vegetarian and vegan Greek dishes.

The atmosphere here is cozy, warm and relaxed, with their complementary bread and a bottle of water making you feel rather welcomed.

The food quality is excellent with the generous portions being an additional plus. Their pork dishes, baklava, moussaka, and beef stew are worth trying again and again.



Located not far from the Metro station near acropolis, Strofi stands out for the stunning views Greek Lamb on a plateit offers along with scrumptious food.

The decor is opulent and the atmosphere warm, but the real takeaway at this in-demand restaurant has to be the brilliantly executed dishes and the stunning view of the Acropolis.

Always book in advance if you do not want to return disappointed. Among the notable entries in their menu, the modern take on traditional Greek lamb, baklava, zucchini balls, halloumi, and cheese platter are worth special mention.


Smile Cafe

Located at the Syngrou Avenue, not far from the Zeus’ Temple, the Smile Cafe is a friendly, Donuts on a platerelaxed and casual dining establishment.

The fare here is predominantly Greek and Mediterranean, with their selection of gyros, salads, and donuts particularly noteworthy.

The restaurant is kid-friendly, and the staff is very well trained and welcoming.

The generous portions and low prices further make it a place worth revisiting again and again.



Another restaurant that scores with its stunning views of the Acropolis, the Kuzina matches it Risotto on a platewith its fulsome food and attentive service.

The fare is largely Greek and Mediterranean, with large portions and served at very reasonable prices.

Their traditional lamb, beef stew, salads, seafood, risotto, and dumplings are particularly recommended.

The place has a very energetic and festive vibe.



As mentioned above, there are very many reasons that make Athens stand out as a sailing destination. In particular, people sailing to this delightful city in their yachts and boats have the additional motive to enjoy the famed Mediterranean cuisine at its authentic best. With the list provided above, you can be sure that you would sample the very best Athens has to offer.

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  1. Yummmm…Now I want to go to Greece. I lived in Germany for 3 years and never made it to Greece. I went to an ‘authentic’ Greek restaurant in a Nieder-Roden, Germany and did not like it at all. Do you have any suggestions for someone new to Greek food and accustomed to American dining? Perhaps a traditional dish that I could try in a Greek restaurant in the States?

    Arcadia sounds like a great restaurant. Thank you for the review.

    • Hi Wendy,

      Sorry to hear that you didn’t like the food in Germany. Unfortunately, not all the restaurants are good:(

      I’ve never been to Germany but I did eat once in Belgium in an authentic Greek restaurant and I really liked it.

      If you do go to Athens try one of these restaurants, you won’t be disappointed. Well, I hope because tastes are very personal.

      I personally like the Moussaka, you should try this dish, it is a traditional plate and it is extremely delicious.

      I hope this will help.

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a fantastic day!

  2. Hi Daniella, just wanted to mention I was looking over your page and oh, did you make me hungry! I couldn’t decide which meal I wanted to tuck in to!

    Those round balls at the Smile Cafe… are they the doughnuts? I couldn’t decide.

    I’m not a sailor but I reckon if I was you’ve just given me some great places to go dine. One day I want to cruise the Greek Islands so maybe some of this info would be handy then.

    • Hi Marilyn,

      I am glad that my article opens your appetite, it’s a good sign:)

      Yes, you’ve guessed, these round balls are Greek doughnuts. I have tasted them and I can assure you that they are delicious!

      If you have the chance to cruise to Athens, I would definitely suggest you try one of these listed restaurants, I am sure you will enjoy the food and the place!

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a wonderful day!

  3. It is now 13:00 where I’m, and I’m reading your article and my belly started to demands food 🙂 on this Friday I’m going to a vacation to Rhodes – Greece, Do you have any post that talking about recommended restaurant in Rhodes? Hope you have a positive comment for me 🙂

    • Hi Efi,

      For the moment there is no article about the best restaurants in Rhodes but I will definitely write a post about it!

      Thank you for passing by and for the comment:)

      I wish you a wonderful vacation in Rhodes!


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