Elan 45 Impression Review – What Makes Her So Unique?

The Elan 45 Impression has the distinction of being a boat that embodies a classic style with all the trimmings of the modern conveniences of the newest vessels on the water.

This Elan 45 Impression review will highlight the aspects of the Impression that make this vessel unique while keeping its traditional feel.

The Impression left a lasting impression on me, and I wouldn’t hesitate to board this boat yet again.


The Impression has 4 cabins and 8+2 berths that are designed to take advantage of the simplicity of the vessel while emphasizing the elegance of the below deck of the boat.

I have had friends comment that the boat reminds them of a vessel James Bond may frequent, just on a smaller scale. I’ve always found this comparison close to the mark, if not a bit fanciful.

The cabins can accommodate a tall person, which is a plus, but there is also plenty of space for whatever sized occupant inhabits the cabin. The showers and toilets are situated together in a head in the main cabin and one in the corridor.

The 4 cabin layout is perfect for families, a small group of friends, or just a couple on a getaway. If you are planning to travel in a small group or as a couple, the 4 cabin design is perfect if you have chosen to hire a skipper, as he/she will need a cabin as well.

Always keep in mind that if you plan to hire a skipper, he has to sleep somewhere, so if you are looking at yachts without limited accommodations, you will run into a problem.


The saloon and galley are divided into separate spaces by the clever use of a sink/counter. The dining area doubles as the chart table, and the dinette can be stored if more space is needed for the saloon.

The entire interior is encased in light wood and cream-colored fabric that make the saloon look modern yet breezy and relaxing.

Room-to-room access is fluid, and you won’t find yourself needing to maneuver around the furniture to enter or exit the galley, saloon, or corridor leading to the cabins.

There is ample storage space, including a hanging locker in the cabins to stow items conveniently.

I found the hanging locker a godsend when unpacking and was not sure where to put certain items that I wouldn’t need on a daily basis but still needed with me.


The cockpit on the Impression is one of my favorite cockpit designs. The cockpit is deep, offering better sea spray protection than your average design.

The steering wheels are light and react quickly to commands without you having to fight for control of the vessel.

Further shade and protection are afforded via the retractable bimini. The deck also has plenty of room to spread out if you want to escape the cockpit and enjoy the sunshine.

Under Sail

I sailed in Croatia with a hired skipper, and the experience was excellent. I could sit back and enjoy the boat without having to worry about operating and controlling the boat, but I found myself drawn to the cockpit and learning all that I could about the Impression.

As the wind hits the sails, the strength of the wind and the sails’ ability to harness the wind and propel the entire vessel through the water depends, at least in part, on the positioning of the sails.

As the wind catches the sails, the boat will pick up speed, which is measured in knots. To put it roughly, 10 knots is about equal to 11.5 miles per hour.

However, no amount of explanation can accurately describe what it feels like to sail the Impression, so if you really would like to know, charter this vessel!

Why Sail the Elan 45 Impression

  • Sailing is easy, and the boat performs well out on the water
  • The cockpit is very well protected from water and the sun
  • The design and layout of the boat are simple and straightforward while appearing modern and sleekly elegant
  • A good amount of space to move both above and below the deck
  • Space for a skipper if so desired


In Conclusion

The Elan 45 Impression was a dream to sail aboard around Croatia. Our skipper was friendly, knowledgeable, and eager to share information and tall tales with us.

My experience was largely colored by my rapport with our skipper, but I don’t think it would have been the same aboard a different vessel.

The Impression made all the difference and created the perfect sailing environment for us. You can sail in Croatia without an Impression, but why would you?


  • LOA: 45’0”
  • LWL: 39’4”
  • Beam:13’1”
  • Draft: 6’0”/4’6”
  • Air draft: 64’0”
  • Water: 136/208 gals.
  • Fuel: 70 gals.
  • Engine: 55/75 hp.
  • Sail Area: 1m016 sq. ft

Have you sailed the 45 Impression? If so, feel free to share your experience in the comment below.

10 thoughts on “Elan 45 Impression Review – What Makes Her So Unique?”

  1. love this site very well laid out good graphics and commentary.
    pros and cons ae the key selling point of this sail boat and you have inspired me to look into this particular boat as I have always wanted to sail.
    really enjoyed reading this article keep up the great work

    • Hi Fredric,

      I am glad you enjoyed the article .

      Yes, the Pros and the Cons are very important and help people to make a better decision.

      Thank you very much for the comment .

      Have a great day!

  2. What a wonderful looking yacht this is!

    I love those boats with this elegant, classic style in combination with modern convenienve.

    Looks like the Elan 45 offers some good space inside, even for tall people. And if you hire a skipper he can have his own cabin too, that’s really good.

    I always wanted to cruise croatia, maybe this is just the right boat to just DO it with a couple of friends:)

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Vera,

      The Elan boat is a great yacht to sail with friends especially in Croatia!

      I am sure you will enjoy:)

      Thank you for the comment and I wish you to sail soon

      Have a nice day!

  3. Wow, what a great site 🙂 I have always dreamed about my own boat. This site give me a lots of information. But a yacht is expensive, and I have not enough capital to buy one. One day I’ll owned my own boat or yacht, and I’ll come back to your site for information that I should know about.

    Great to see that you have destinations to visit. Very impressed of the page, it’s so professional and good layout.

    Keep on with this awesomw site 🙂



    • Hi Nam,

      The boats are not for sell, but for charter. it is much cheaper 🙂

      Thank you for the compliment, I am glad you like my website and hope to see you often here.

      Have awonderful day!

  4. Ah the yacht looks so magnificent. I hope that I will be able to ride on one someday in the future! I’ve personally never really thought of riding on a yacht, maybe because in my country, the sea isn’t all that nice around, and it’s not so common to do so.
    Thanks for the interesting post and really nice photos. It really captivates my attention!
    All the best to you as well!

    • Hi Seany,

      There is always a first time to everything in life:) So, I hope for you to sail soon!

      Thank you for the comment.

      Have a wonderful day!

  5. I’ve never been on a yacht. Something I’d like to try someday. Does one need any special kind of license to “pilot” a yacht? The interior images of this yacht look very inviting. I’ve heard of the Bimini islands. What is the meaning of bimini as a component of a yacht? Interesting that you had a skipper telling tall tales. 🙂 That must have certainly added to the adventure. Reading this post and looking at the images creates a yearning for relaxation. Perhaps, someday, I too will be able to walk the decks and enjoy the beautiful cabins of such a nice yacht. Thanks for this pleasant post.

    • Hi there,

      It depends of the country and the regions, but usually you’ll need a skipper license.

      This skipper was very kind and made our sailing trip unforgettable! I would have suggest a skipper to anyone who want to enjoy fully their sailing getaway!

      Thank you for the comment and wish you to sail soon!


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