Fountaine Pajot Athena 38 Review – A Blast to Sail?

Large cruising cats have risen in popularity these days. The Athena 38 is yet another
entrant into the catalog of cruising catamarans from Fountaine Pajot from France.

The product of two renowned Olympic sailors, Jean-Francois Fountaine, and Yves Pajot, the Athena 38 is the second smallest cat in their fleet of five cats.

The Athena 38 is designed for the rookie skipper. The catamaran was made to be a favorite for a rookie skipper thanks to its simple handling.

Fountaine Pajot cats are known for their well-thought-out designs and innovative tech and this particular one is no different. Here is the Fountaine Pajot Athena 38 review to help you make the right choice for your sailing holidays.


The stern is 10 feet wide with a layout that makes it all seem like one big cockpit. The whole area is rimmed with comfortable bench seating which can accommodate at least 12 people. At the port corner, you also have the six-person table which makes for even more comfortable cruising while you enjoy the cockpit.

The hull and deck intersection is arguably the most eye-catching part of the whole
boat’s design. The Athena is not a typical cat since most of them go for a large freeboard, which almost always makes the topsides snobbish. For this boat, the sheerline is tucked due to a large radius that allows it to rise to deck level again.

It’s a styling concept that robs the boat of some deck space but then you tend not to notice this once you see just how much deck space there is. The hull design is also meant to give the Athena an attractive sculpted design as it ends at the swim steps.

The 38-footer has enough space to accommodate the owner couple and 3 more couples
effortlessly. Though four double berth staterooms might feel like a little too much for a boat this size, the cabin placement makes the design workable.

Each cabin is placed on one end of the hull. Cabins are separated by the head-shower. This symmetrical layout allows occupants all the privacy they need thus the boat never feels crowded.


The Athena 38 has a low maintenance interior that charter companies can make into
whatever they like in as little as a couple of hours and another group of cruising fans can get on board.

The cast surfaces give the boat a delicate look which is just pacifying when you are in the waters enjoying a cruise.

The boat uses the little space it has excellently so that the salon seems like an extension of the cockpit. At mid-salon, you have a large table surrounded by a deep lounge that is semi-circular. The navigation station stands off one end.

On the other end lays the galley with a 3-burner oven, twin sinks and a huge fridge fit to store enough beer for everyone.


The exterior of the Athena 38 is curvaceous and part of the reason the boat is so inviting. Molded fiberglass for the exterior lines makes the transition from the outdoor to indoor areas seamless. The thoughtful plan makes it easy to enjoy al fresco dining and still remain comfortable when you have to eat indoors due to foul weather.

The headsail is a ProFurl furling system. A loose-footed mainsail is hoisted and drops down through lazy jacks. When the mainsail is up the cover stows firmly roll around the internal battens.

The covers remain fastened to the boom boltrope groove of the boom. Keeping the mainsail down and flanked is quite straightforward since all it takes is tying the integral bungees and closing the zipper all the way to the end.

Fountaine Pagot Athena 38


The Athena 38 is not only about beautiful design. It also packs a punch when it comes to functionality. The two Yanmar saildrive diesel engines have 18 horsepower which is enough to turn Athena’s length yet purr quietly with minimal vibration when the RPMs reach maximum.

The engines power the Athena at 71/2 knots on flat waters giving out 2,600rpms. When the boat hits such rpm with double-blade props and fixed turning the auxiliaries consume around 4/10 of a gallon.

With a fuel tank of 40 gallons, the Athena can take you on your choice of a cruise with no worries. You can easily access the engines by removing the cabin berth cushion at the back and the underlying panel.


O. Flahault Design proves that the boat was conceived to give the best when it comes to catamaran cruising. All the creature comforts you might think of on water are catered for. The cabins have the headspace to make them as comfortable as can be. This, accompanied by the interior that boasts exquisite materials, will have you feeling lost in a capsule-like paradise devised for two.

Why Charter the Athena?

Thanks to the ingenious design that steps away from the norm in pleasant ways, the boat is perfect for your sailing holiday expeditions no matter what kind of cruise you have planned for yourself.

The Athena 38 outdoes itself both in terms of functionality and comfort. Each bit of the attractive boat is meant to maximize on your enjoyment once you get on board.

When a boat tracks, as well as the Athena, does even at 40 degrees, you will surely enjoy sailing. Under chute, the Athena 38 remains well-mannered even when the winds reach gusts of 25 to 30. At times you may even feel like she is slightly overcanvassed.

In Conclusion

In Athena 38, Fountaine Pajot has come up with an undemanding cruising cat that even the least experienced sailor can enjoy. The boat lacks nothing in the way of privacy or comfort and the performance is commendable as well. At anchor, the boat is like a raft where you can enjoy some sun or dive. You can count on the Athena to attract holidaymakers no matter where it is chattered. Simple handling makes it about the adventure, which is a well-earned bonus. All you have to do is sit back and watch the water drift by.

For more information on the Athena 38 contact:
USA +1 954 892 5009


  • Manufacturer: Fountain Pagot
  • Length: 11.6m (39.8 feet)
  • Cabins: 4
  • Bathrooms: 2
  • Berths: 8
  • Beam: 6.3m
  • Draft: 0.95 m
  • Fuel Capacity: 180L
  • Water Capacity: 360-520L
  • Engine number: 2

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    1. Hello, 
      I just read your article on Fountaine Pajot Athena 38 and I truly enjoyed reading the review. You have discussed each and everything which anyone needs to know. Everything is so well explained. The portion which I like the most is the Exterior that is wonderful. It looks very comfortable.
      thank you very much! I’ll check through the link and see if this boat available right now.

    2. This is one gorgeous Cat. I see I can charter one in the Bahamas and the Virgin Islands. We are always looking for different things to do and places to vaca. I am going to tell my husband about this one and I will even forward this to him. What a great opportunity to have fun with our friends. I love it!!!!

      • Hi Laura,

        Indeed, the Athena 38 is a comfortable and fast cat, I am sure you will enjoy the ride:)

        Thank you for the comment and wish you a lovely day!

    3. I am loving this Athena 38 Charter boat. I am not sure where they charter to, but I am going to investigate. I have a huge love for the ocean, it draws me and I love boats. I don’t think I can go wrong with a charter on Athena. Any charters leaving out of Miami?

      • Hi Matt’s

        Indeed, this is a beautiful boat. I am sure you will enjoy your trip on the water with this cat:)
        The Athena sail mainly in Turkey, so you will have to take a flight to Turkey to get to the pickup point. It would take way too long to sail from Miami to Turkey:)
        Please, let me know if you need more info. I’ll be glad to assist.
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