Fountaine Pajot Victoria 67 Review – What Makes Her Stand Out!

The Fountaine Pajot Victoria 67 is a vessel that makes finding faults a difficult task. I have always been struck by the Fountaine Pajot policy of staying modern by utilizing only tried and true technology in their boats.

This method makes these boats cutting-edge, but only after all the technical issues have been worked out and the newest addition to savvy innovations has been proven.

My Fountaine Pajot Victoria 67 review will discuss what makes the vessel stand out from the rest and what keeps it in line with all the other modern catamarans available for charter.

If you’ve already decided on which cat to charter, this review may change your mind, so be warned!


The Victoria has impressive accommodation options for guests and the crew. A 6-cabin layout can be chosen with 4 large cabins and 2 smaller cabins, or a 5-cabin option that features 2 large bedrooms with 3 smaller cabins.

In both layouts, each cabin is equipped with a head, and the main cabins have showers. The crew cabins are housed in the bow.

It should be noted that the Victoria 67 comes with 3 crews, but the vessel is large enough to accommodate large parties and the required number of crew members to operate the vessel properly.


The first time I saw the galley and saloon below deck, I likened it to a luxury apartment. The galley is huge by boat standards and has lots of counter space for the chef to work.

Its central location makes it easy to watch meals being prepared or to converse as you and the guests lounge around the saloon. The windows provide a 360-degree view of the water and sky outside.

If the stars are out and the sky is clear, you will be in for a particular treat! Storage below the deck is ample, with queen-sized berths in the cabins and galley.

It was also nice having a lot of headroom; though I’m not particularly tall, it’s much better than feeling cramped or having to stoop over constantly.


The flybridge was our favorite entertainment spot during our trip. Only the worst kind of weather could convince us to abandon the lounge area, which is large and perfectly situated in order to enjoy the company of the captain.

The flybridge is equipped with a refrigerator and a sink, so you have almost no reason to venture below deck until it can’t be helped. A stairway on either side of the flybridge increases the access to the deck.

The cockpit was our natural hideout whenever the rain didn’t cooperate with our plans. We had sunbathing beds and a dining table in our cockpit, which made it especially easy to move our little party around.

Under Sail

The Victoria’s incredible power under sail is aided by the mainsail and the genoa sheet. Even in poor winds, the sails manage to catch what there is, and the boat will average around 6-8 knots.

This, of course, is ramped up in better conditions, but we were cursed with low winds for much of our trip.

Fortunately, we didn’t miss out on much because we were busy enjoying other aspects of the Victoria.

Why Sail the Victoria 67

  • Up-to-date technology and design
  • Huge amounts of space
  • Comfortable, roomy lounge areas
  • Big galley that can be moved around easily
  • Lots of cabins and room for crew
  • Intimate and fun flybridge and cockpit design that encourage socialization.
  • Headroom
  • Fantastic views from everywhere on the boat, above and below deck

In Conclusion

The Victoria 67 is a big boat, but that’s just stating the most obvious fact!

It’s true that Victoria’s size is an asset and makes everything else that much more comfortable because of it, but I if the rest of its parts weren’t as well-chosen, this would just be a big boat that was okay to sail.

Instead, the Victoria is almost like a floating luxury hotel with the crew aboard.

I always suggest to friends (and anyone who will listen) who are considering a cruise to charter a Fontaine Pajot Victoria 67 as an alternative.

It’s more private, and personalized, and you don’t have to deal with any strangers who aren’t part of the crew.

Enjoy your next vacation on the Victoria, and bring the whole family, because there’s plenty of room!

For more information on Fontaine Pajot Victoria 67 charter boat:


  • LOA: 20.42 m
  • Beam: 9.47 m
  • Maximum Draft: 1.55 m
  • Fresh Water Tanks: (3974 Liters)
  • Fuel Tanks: (5299 Liters)
  • Engine Brand: Volvo
  • Engine/Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Engine Power: 82 KW
  • Engine/Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Engine Power: 82 KW
  • Cabins: 4 to 5
  • Berths: 8 to 10

Have you already sailed the Victoria 67? If so, please feel free to share your comment below.

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  1. Going to admit, I’mt not into yacht-life (I’m more often a fan of the country side). This is a great review page, but definately…it is for the wealthy that’s not me (for he moment at least)! The specifications are good and detailed, and very helpful to boat enthusiasts or people wanting to rent for their clubs or organizations.

    • Hi Lakan,

      Sailing is not only for wealthy people, but it is also for anyone who would like to spend a lovely holiday on the water. The prices vary depending on the boat and there are great deals as well. There are other options to sail at a low cost. Here is an article about this subject “What is a cabin charter” Please take a look, you may change your mind!

      Thank you for the comment.

      I wish you a nice day!

  2. Hello there,

    Wow that’s a great website, i hope on day to try this cruse with Victoria 67 Catamaran looks amazing and i like the colors harmony, i was planning to travel with my wife to Europe in the next year but the price is too high for me i would be happy to see other Yacht which is cheaper than this.

    • Hi Ehab,

      I would suggest you rent a cabin on a yacht, it’s a wonderful way to enjoy sailing at an affordable price:)

      Here is a nice article about “What is a cabin charter” that I have written recently. Please take a look, I am sure you’ll find this very interesting.

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  3. The yacht looks very nice. I didn’t know that yachts are spacious. The article is well written. You wrote enough information for a person to understand what yachts are. The video was very good at giving a view of the outside and inside of the yacht. Great job. Keep up the good work. Strive for Success.

  4. It is truly a magnificent boat! The interior design and accomodations are beautiful! What has astonished me the most is the incredible interior space. Like you said, it’s a real apartment! What a thrill it certainly is to sail on board this wonderful ship! And the whole family can be invited! A real see princess!

    • Hi David,

      Yes it’s a floating luxury apartment and there is enough space for the whole family!

      Thank you for the comment

      I wish you a wonderful day!

  5. Hi!
    First of all I’d like to say that sailing is one of my addiction. Back in 70’s, when I was a young boy sailing on Optimist and Cadet class small sailboats enjoy me every single hour after school. Recent years I have been invited on cruise oceangoing yachts as navigator and spent long beautiful days on board. Competing in different regattas or charter sailing trips I enjoy a lot. Actually I was twice as skipper on 35 footer in Eastern Mediterranean but never as passenger.

    • Hi Andre,

      Nice to hear that you love the sea 🙂

      Maybe it’s time for you to cherish yourself as a passenger!

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a wonderful day!

  6. What a beautiful boat. I am not really into sailing but a week on this baby could go a long way to converting me. It is so beautifully designed and so very spacious and comfortable. reading your article made me so envious. I guess if I have to ask the price I can’t afford it can I? but gee it is is free to dream. Lovely site.

    • Hi Margaret,

      The price is written just above the article, but this is not the final price. There are great deals on the official website. You can take a look if you wish:)

      Thank you for the comment and wish you all the best!

  7. What a dream come true to take a vessel like that out for a week. Sheer luxury floating on the water. I took a peak at the charter website and the prices are obviously reflective of the quality you would get. So for me maybe a smaller boat, but I can alway dream. Do you prefer mono hulls or cats??

    • Hi Rob,

      Yes, you are right, you usually get what you pay for, but they are great boats at low prices as well. The cost will also depend on many other factors, like the destination, the crew, the length of the vessel and of course, the time you’ll go sailing.

      I personally, I prefer Cats for many reasons. Here is a nice article about Catamaran vs Monohull sailing , I am sure you’ll find this blog very interesting.

      Thank you for the comment and wish you to sail very soon:)


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