How Long Does it Take to Sail Around the World? – Here Is The Answer

Sailing in itself is an adventure, but sailing around the world can be an adventure of a lifetime. However, there are a few questions that any good captain will ask before leaving port.

What is the shortest way to sail around the world, and is that the best route? What is the most appropriate boat to take on such a trip?

Where are the best places to stop, and what are the best things to do while there? Also, where are the safest places to anchor when stopping? Safety, in general, is also an important consideration.

How Long Does it Take to Sail Around the World?

There are two common routes taken by those who choose to circumnavigate the world in a sailboat. In either case, the routes tend to start in Europe.

For those who are in a race or interested in speed, the most common route runs south and around Antarctica and then back north to the starting point. This route is the fastest but is not very scenic.

A multihull boat would be the most practical for a race, as they tend to be the quickest. For those interested in the scenery rather than the speed, the best route runs around the world close to the equator.

Maybe you Would Want to Use the Canal?

This route makes use of canals. When boats enter canal gates, they have to use motor power, which makes the route illegal for races. However, this route is much more enjoyable.

There are much more views on this route, and the ports are much more desirable as places to visit. The boat type is more flexible for this route, but a monohull would work well as they have enough space to store all of the supplies needed for the long trip.

Ready for the Answer?

The length of time it takes to sail around the world is a highly variable number, and it depends heavily on things like boat size and type, as well as locations and lengths of stops, but anyone planning on circumnavigating the world should plan at least a minimum of one or two years to do it.


The Best Places in the World

Those who sail around the world find themselves with opportunities to visit some of the most beautiful places. Perhaps one might stop in France or Mexico.

There are plenty of places in the United States that offer enjoyable tourism, but there are also attractive ports in Asia. You can tour the Bahamas and Jamaica, or you could try some places a little less well-known. Maybe try Croatia.

Or you could check out Lisbon in Portugal. There are so many places you can visit from a sailboat. Make sure you plan out everywhere you want to stop before beginning the trip.

View on the Ionian islandActivities and Such

You should also plan any activities you want to do before your trip. The best activities depend on the sailors doing them. Some might prefer to see the sights. This could be as simple as walking around the port or city you stop in.

Maybe try the food and the shopping, or possibly climb a mountain and look out over the ocean from a perspective that has never been viewed.

Others might prefer more active activities. For example, Scuba Diving is a popular sport in many of the world ports a sailor would be likely to stop in. Perhaps rock climbing or caving would be exciting, especially in a new place around the world.


Sailing is very much a sport and somewhat of a dangerous one. Taking a trip so far from home adds more danger, but the danger can be kept to a reasonable level by an experienced sailor or two and a little work. The first thing that the sailing tourist should do is share the plans with one or a few people who will remain on land.

This way, if anything happens, someone will know where to find the boat. Knowing where it is safe to anchor, whether you’re stopping in a port or just sleeping for the night, is also important.

The crew should also make sure to have all safety gear and extra supplies on board. In general, solid planning will make the trip much safer, not to mention more fun.

In Conclusion

Sailing around the world can be a trip of a lifetime. Anyone who has a chance to do it should definitely take it. The most important thing to remember is to plan the trip. This includes where you’re going and how long you’ll be there, what you’ll be doing, and especially all aspects related to safety. Have a great trip!

Have you already sailed around the world? Feel free to share your experience below.

6 thoughts on “How Long Does it Take to Sail Around the World? – Here Is The Answer”

  1. Sailing around the world, does it take 80 days? Thanks for the great safety tips and I love the waters in the Caribbean. Great hobby and keep visitor up-to-date when you sail again.

  2. Daniella,
    As a person who does not sail at this time, you make it sound very interesting. I have been on several sailboats, mostly day trips. Around the world sailing looks like it could take several years to plan.

    • It could take years as well as it could take few month , It will depends on the boat, the itinerary, the stops,the weather, and inconveniences
      Thank you for the comment

  3. Hello Daniella,

    I am planing to leave Florida in January 2021 for the Panama Canal and on to the Marquesas and eventualy around the world. I have Hallberg Rassy 36 Mk II and I will probably be solo most of the way. Any suggestions beyoind the obvious?



    • Hi Chris,

      I wish you a pleasant trip!
      It seems that you are still in the planning procedure:)
      There are two main routes – Southern Route and Northern route. Southern: If you sail through the Panama Canal, you will have to sail into the South Pacific and SE Asia before you get back to the Caribbean islands.
      Northern route: This route include the Northwest Passage. Bear in mind that this route is more challenging as you have to consider the winter in the North Pacific.
      I hope it helped!
      Please let me know if you need more info. I’ll be more than happy to assist!
      Thank you for the comment and I wish you a lovely day!


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