How to anchor a sailing boat-Step by Step!

Whether you already own a boat or you want to charter a sailing boat the first important thing to know is how to anchor the right way. If you anchor correctly,then I can assure you a good night’s sleep, which means that you won’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to do anchor drill, and believe me, I have some experience because I was sailing in Greece for about two years.


Important details to take into cosideration

There are few things to take into consideration when it comes to anchor a sailing boat, for example,

  • The condition of the sea
  • The weather
  • The depth of the water
  • The length of the chain
  • The weight of the anchor

There are some different kinds of boat anchor system, but the most popular is the Rocna anchor ,which is incredibly strong, posses a wonderful holding power, stabilize the boat in heavy weather and allows you to anchor almost anywhere and hook onto rocks.


The anchor chain is also very important, and many people prefer to use it, rather than a rope mixed with chain.

How to have a successful anchorage?

Follow these few great suggestions for a successful anchoring

  • The first thing to do is to choose a safe spot to drop the anchor and to be sure to have enough space, because sometimes you may swing 360 degrees depending on the current.
  • You always have to measure the draws of the boat for example, if your boat draws is 5 feet, then you will need to anchor in 10 feet of water.
  • You must know the depth of the water and for this; you will need to use a chart or a depth sounder.
  • Always mark the rode with a cleat hitch to determine the amount rode or chain you’ll need.
  • Multiply by eight the depth of the water, for instance if the anchorage is in ten feet water then you’ll need eighty feet of chain.
  • At the moment you are certain that you have found the right spot, and you have measured the depth of the water, slow down the boat into the wind, and only when the boat is stopped ,then you can drop the anchor.
  • Be careful to not drop it too fast because it can create some piles.
    • At the moment you have dropped the anchor, wait a few seconds to allow the wind drive the boat to the chain that start to be tense.

Save your Time!

You do have to know that people who sail spend most of their time to anchor!

Having the skill to anchor a sailboat will save you plenty of your precious time for more enjoying your sailing fleet vacation in one of the beautiful spots of your choice.

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