Fishing from a yacht


Whether if it’s for competition or pleasure, fishing is a sport. You can really enjoy fishing when you do it the right way like anything else in life.


The most popular technique

There are many different techniques to catch fishes, for example:


Hand gathering: There is no need to have specialized equipment, you just have to pick up the fishes with your hands or dive under the water

The Spearfishing: is an extremely old method that people were using to fish in the rivers utilizing a sharpened stick. Today this equipment named spear guns has been developed and became very popular to hunt fish. This is the perfect choice if you do scuba diving or snorkeling.


The fishing net :is also a very ancient method that was used by Jesus Christ and Stone Age civilization. This method is not recommended because it can catch many other creatures like sea turtles, dolphins, sharks, and many others


The fish trap: like you can hear it, is a trap for fishes and only the commercial fisherman use this method, which allows them to release fish that are undersized


Angl ing :with a rod is the most popular methods used by recreational fisherman in the world. Now, angling is the technique you need to use, especially when you are on vacation while enjoying and relaxing on a comfortable yacht.


Fish on boat




 Which equipment to use?

There are two different sorts of bait that you can use, artificial or natural baits. The best baits to use are the natural one of course, because it’s the more effective due to the odor, no matter if it’s alive or dead. For instance, you can use frogs, worms, and all kinds of insect.

Choose the right hook before you buy it because there are many kinds, in different size, and in different shape. It will all depend if it’s freshwater or saltwater, what kind of bait, and how big the fish is

The fishing line is a really important detail. The bigger the fish is the strongest you will need the fishing line to be.

The fishing rods depend on the flexibility and the length. There are rods between two and twenty feet. The ultra –light rods are appropriate for small fishes and the ultra-heavy rods are suitable for big fishes. If you want to catch fish from your boat in the middle of the sea, then I suggest you to choose the sea rod. With the sea rod you can catch huge fishes like marlin, sharks, and many others

Seventy percent of the world is water surrounde by beautiful places to explore, I am sure you will find the ideal place to angle!




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