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How to Pack for a Sailing Trip – Simple Guide!

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Having recently come off an epic sailing excursion, I began thinking about how amazing it is to take a few days out of your life to enjoy all that the water has to offer.

If you’ve never been on a sailing trip before, I strongly encourage you to do it!

If you’re not quite sure how to pack for a sailing trip, no need to worry just follow the simple guide below and you’ll be more than ready for your inaugural sailing adventure.



You will definitely need to take seasonal weather conditions into consideration when choosing clothes for your sailing trip. If your excursion is planned for the summer months, your clothing requirements will obviously beClothes in the Luggage a lot lighter than if you were heading out in the fall or winter.



* For a warm weather trip, bring some swimsuits (one-piece or two-piece, whatever strikes your fancy), some towels, a couple of pairs of shorts and some T-shirts, and maybe a couple of casual outfits for the evening time. It’s also a good idea to bring a light jacket, preferably some type of windbreaker, for those days when the wind is whipping pretty strong, or when the evenings are much cooler than the daytime.


* For a winter or cooler weather trip, be sure to bring some warm trousers and fleece pullovers or sweaters. Also remember to bring a toboggan (a.k.a. beanie) to keep those ears warm when the icy wind starts blowing off the water.


* Whatever you do, don’t forget to bring some type of wet weather gear! Storms can and do pop up out of the blue sometimes, and trust me, it’s better to be prepared for these types of incidents than to get caught in the rain or billowing sea spray without the proper coverage. A poncho or rain jacket can do well for these purposes.


* Though technically considered an “accessory” more than an article of clothing, it is important to remember to bring a hat! Whether you choose a visor, sun hat or traditional snapback, it’s just important to have one on hand in order to reduce glare and protect your head from the sun’s relentless rays.


* Another indispensable accessory is polarized sunglasses. Trust me, if you don’t want to get headaches from squinting all the time, it’s better to protect your eyes with a good pair of polarized sunglasses.




It is best to bring some type of closed non-slip shoes such as sports boat shoes or deck shoes in order to sufficiently maintain your footing while on deck.

For comfort, you can’t beat flip-flops, and you can also bring water shoes or swim shoes for those “amphibious” occasions where you need to transition from water to land without a hitch.

If you’re going to be hitting shops, nightclubs or other destinations during various stops on your trip, you will need to bring somewhat of an all-purpose shoe so that you can tool around without too much inconvenience.



Bags vs Luggage

It is preferable to pack your items in soft waterproof Duffel bags instead of hard luggage, as they will typically be easier to store, and will take up less space in the onboard lockers.

In addition, soft bags will do less damage to their surroundings should they get tossed around by sudden boat movements.



Seasickness Prevention

Even the most experienced sailors can sometimes be subject to vestibular confusion as a result of the boat’s unsteady movements. Be sure to bring some seasickness sea bands in order to fight off these dizzying effects. Try to avoid any kinds of medications, as they can come with quite unpredictable side effects; in my mind, it is much better to go the natural route, such as taking ginger or wearing wristbands for motion sickness relief.



Toiletries and Medication

Bring the essentials such as soap, shower gel, deodorant, and shampoo, but keep in mind that sailing may not always afford you the opportunity to keep up your regular personal hygiene regimen (and I’ll just leave it at that).

Lotion is also important, as the salty air can dry out your skin more than you might expect. And for heaven’s sake, bring some lip balm for those days when the sun and wind are merciless.

If you take any kind of prescription medicines, be sure to bring enough to last you for the duration of the trip. Most chartered yachts will have a first aid kit on board, but it never hurts to bring antiseptic cream and an antihistamine gel/cream for insect bites.




If you’re traveling abroad, you will definitely need your passport or ID card. Also have your sailing certificate(s) on hand, as they are sometimes requested by Port Police.Passports

It’s also a good idea to bring your vacation insurance documents, as well as your driver’s license should you need to rent a car during your trip.

Keep in mind that in more remote areas, ATMs may not be available and credit cards might not be accepted by local merchants, so be sure to bring ample cash for food, daily supplies, and other necessities.



Sunscreen and Mosquito Repellent

Trust me, the two biggest enemies to your skin on any sailing trip will be the sun and insects. What many people don’t realize is that you can even get sunburnt on a cloudy day, so use ample sunblock with an SPF of at least 30, and reapply it religiously every two hours.

Take it from me; you don’t want to skip this important ritual. In addition, bring plenty of mosquito repellent (sprays work better than creams or oils), and as mentioned earlier, some antihistamine cream/gel for the toothy bugs that manage to evade your protective barrier.



 Packing Checklist

* Bathing suits

* Towels (for the beach and for showering)

* Washcloths

* Shorts

* T-shirts

* Casual wear (for evenings)

* Flip Flops

* Boat shoes

* Windbreaker

* Hat

* polarized Sunglasses

* Sunscreen

* Mosquito repellent

* Lip balm

* Prescription medicines

* Toiletries

* Important documents (passports, driver’s license, etc.)

* Cash

* Wet weather gear

* Motion sickness pills/wristbands

* Sweaters or fleece pullovers

* Warm pants

*Waterproof dry bag (For excursion )



What Not to Bring

You won’t need to worry about bed linens, blankets, navigation instruments, or pilot charts/books, as these items will come with the boat.



In Conclusion

Okay, you are now fully equipped to make the most out of your sailing adventure. Just remember to have fun, take life as it comes, and enjoy every moment out on the water!


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  1. I am really liking the blog page as I am not really into the practical site of sailing but still find your blog very interesting.
    Navigating through the site is easy, I am kept interested and the themes you use give a fresh and relaxed feel to the site.
    The links beneath the blog are very helpful and practical. Yes I like this site a lot

    • Hi David,

      I am very happy you like my site and the structure of it. Keep visiting there is more coming soon:)

      Thank you for the comment and I wish you a wonderful day!

  2. Hi Daniella,

    I just love your website. I don’t know much about boating, but my brother owns a 25 foot sailboat. I think he would be interested in checking your site out.

    Anyway, your site is aesthetically pleasing, the imagery is very pretty. The information is extremely useful. If I was going to be chartering a yacht I would not have a clue of what to do, what to bring, etc…but I feel if I spent a few hours reading your site I would be pretty educated.

    You also provide a great deal of detail, which I really like. For example, you include the best lifejackets to bring for your dog. And easy exercises to do while on a boat. This shows me that you put an awful lot of thought and planning into this site.


    • Hi David,

      I am glad you enjoy reading my articles and that you find my site informative and useful:)

      Yes, I put a lot of thought and work into this site and I really enjoy it!

      Thank you for the comment and I wish you a nice day:)

  3. Hi Daniella,

    This is a really useful post, I’m going on holiday to Miami soon (I live in the UK) and we’re going to be doing a few day sailing. I wouldn’t have thought to pack half of this stuff myself!

    Ideally we will likely want to do some fishing the couple of days we are out at sea. I’ve never actually done fishing before, do you know if we will need to bring our own rods or if this ship we rent might have them?

    • Hi Nate,

      Good question and my answer is no, there isn’t fishing equipment on regular yacht charter unless you wish to have it on board, then you’ll have to rent it. Be aware that some places request a fishing license, so, check this detail further with your charter company.

      Thank you for the comment and I wish you a fantastic sailing trip!

  4. Your passion for sailing definitely shines through in this article! I love that you included a bulleted list of items that you recommend bringing on a sailing trip. I have not been sailing in years but would really love to go again sometime soon. Weather can definitely be finicky, so your suggestions of bringing warm weather and cold weather gear is excellent. You really thought of everything with this one, great job!


    • Hi Jess,

      Yes, a bulleted list gives a clear picture of what you need , thus make the packing much easier!

      Thank you for passing by and for the comment:)

      I wish you a wonderful day!

  5. Hey Daniella, next time I go in a sailing trip I’m sure I won’t forget anything anymore 😀
    This was a very common problem I had, but I’ll try to remember your tips. I always ended up bringing more clothes than I ever needed, so forgetting something of this type shouldn’t be a problem for me lol. Rather the documents, which in theory are the most important, as you can leave the country without them.
    So I’ll definitely try to remember 😉
    What’s the thing that you tend to forget at home while packing? Or there isn’t any? 😀

    • Hi Ashley,

      Yes, I used to over pack when going on holiday, but today I take only what I need. I finally realized that most of the things I brought with me were useless:)

      Well, there will always something you may forget while packing, this is the reason you should have a checklist ready, like on the article.

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a wonderful day!


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