Intrepid Travel Review – Is It Your Best Option?


Yacht Type: Sailing boats, Catamarans

Trip Types: Sailing Tours and Land Tours

Cruising Areas: Asia, Caribbean, Europe, Galapagos

Land Tours Areas: Africa, Asia, Central America, Europe, Middle East, North America, Polar, South America, Australia, and Oceania

Intrepid Travel Review 

Intrepid Travel is a travel tour company that offers immersive experiences in small groups to over 100 countries worldwide. The company prides itself on giving consumers a local view of each location rather than feeling like a tourist. What sets Intrepid Travel apart from other tour companies is that each tour is led by someone who was born and raised in the country. Traveling with a small group lets you experience the country in an organic way rather than roaming the streets in a large group.

Sailing trips

Intrepid Travel offers specific sailing tours in Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean. These tours are geared toward everyone, from the novice sailor to the seasoned professional. Each sailing trip has experienced skippers on board, so you don’t have actually to know how to sail to enjoy the trip. If you’d like to learn, the skipper onboard will show you how. If you’re concerned about spending too much time at sea and not enough on land, you don’t need to worry since these tours make sure you get the best of both, offering plenty of opportunities to explore locations on foot.

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Onshore tour styles 

On the website, tours are broken down into themes to help consumers choose what best suits them. Possible themes include family, food, polarity, wildlife, overland, festivals, cycling, short breaks, walking and trekking, cultural holidays, expeditions, and astronomy. Intrepid Travel knows that people want different things from their vacations, and they make sure you’re able to do what truly interests you.



Intrepid Travel has over 100 locations to choose from when picking your tour. They cover Europe, the Middle East, Asia, North America, South America, Central America, Australia & Oceania, and Africa and even offer tours in polar regions like Antarctica. Each destination has special trips created to highlight the best each location has to offer. With a local guide showing you their hometown, you’re guaranteed an authentic trip!

How to book

Booking a tour with Intrepid Travel is easy. You can choose to book online, by phone, or with a travel agent. The online booking system shows all trips available for booking, which includes the price, a rating, how many days, trip style, and a detailed itinerary. If you prefer to talk to a representative directly, you can call Intrepid Travel and have the person book the trip for you. The last option is to visit a travel agent if you prefer to discuss your options face-to-face. Travel agents can be found in any city and will be able to guide you to the perfect trip to meet your needs.

Last Minute Deals

When you visit the Intrepid Travel website, there is a page dedicated to last-minute travel deals. These deals are one-time offers available for a limited time. You can search for deals based on destinations, price range, and duration. This is an excellent tool for all of the last-minute travelers out there! All you have to do is choose your dates, and you have a choice from hundreds of excellent trips with a full itinerary at your fingertips.


Since the trips vary in length from 1-4 days to over 31 days, prices are varied as well. You can choose to search through trips based on your budget. Prices are separated from $1- $1000, all the way to $4000 and above. For example, they currently offer an 8-day trip in Ecuador for $595, a 17-day trip from Buenos Aires to Rio for $2280, and an Antarctic Exploration trip for 11 days priced at $9495.

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For Whom are these tours?

These tours are for everyone and anyone! The versatility of the trips, from the destination to duration and cost, ensures that there is a perfect trip for every kind of traveler. Peruse the site and check out the options available, and you will be surprised to find detailed itineraries of places you hadn’t thought of visiting with excursions you didn’t know existed. The trips are great for travel inspiration as well, so look to them not only to create some long-lasting memories but also to throw you into moments where you connect with your higher power.

Why Sail With Intrepid?

Sailing with Intrepid Travel gives you a completely new experience to traditional travel methods. There are plenty of opportunities to travel by plane or car, but very few that let you enjoy the sea element. For people who haven’t sailed previously, you have the option to learn about it or just sit back and enjoy it. For seasoned sailors, you can be involved in sailing from place to place. Sailing provides a new perspective for travelers; rather than the monotony of a flight or long car trip, you’re setting sail to get to the next place. Feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your face, and set sail for your next adventure!



The pros of traveling with Intrepid Travel are that:

  • You get a planned itinerary
  • A small and personalized group to travel with a local guide to show you around
  • Free time to do what you want during your trip
  • Hidden local trips off the beaten path.
  • Intrepid Travel takes the guesswork out of traveling so that you just get to truly enjoy your trip and immerse yourself in a new place.
  • Explore the world with a group of fellow travelers, meet new people, and make memories that last a lifetime.


  • When traveling with Intrepid Travel, you may find that you don’t like some of your group members, which can make a set itinerary annoying and harder to adhere to.
  • Also, traveling with tour groups tends to cost more money than if you were to travel alone or plan the trip yourself. That being said, the added cost covers the convenience of not having to plan out an itinerary for yourself.

Final Word!

If you love to travel and want to experience something new without having to really work through the details, Intrepid Travel is an excellent solution. Do your research and find what trips appeal to you; you may even find a trip you had never thought of taking! Remember that when it comes to travel and tours, Intrepid Travel has just about something for everyone.

What about you? Have you already sailed with Intrepid Travel? If so, share your experience by leaving a comment below; I’ll be glad to hear your feedback!

4 thoughts on “Intrepid Travel Review – Is It Your Best Option?”

  1. Hi Daniella

    What a great travel idea! I love travelling and I love cruises as well. Sailing was something that I had never before considered as I am not a sailor. I love Intrepids concept of catering to everyone both those that want to relax and simply enjoy themselves and those that want to have the experience of sailing with the security of having seasoned sailors to verse th m.

    Extremely informative and something I will certainly be considering for my next holiday!

    Many thanks

    • Hi Anastasia,

      Thank for the comment!

      I agree, Intrepid concept is fantastic. They offer so many great options and without a doubt, there is something for everyone!
      If you travel with Intrepid, you will certainly not regret it!

      Thank you for passing by and wish you a lovely day!

  2. The idea of not doing the work and planning so sounds good for sure . At the same time it might really be a pain trying to travel with group members. These day’s it hard for anybody to get along compared to the way folks used to interact years ago. People seem more testy, more irritable. I used to think that when people were on vacation or traveling that they were pretty much happy most of the time. Until I started working for a hotel in my area and I found out real quick! I really like the idea of hidden local trips off the beaten path. I don’t know about anyone else but I really like surprise last minute journeys. You never know what kind of good and views your going to find. You gave a great review!

    • Hi Jenna,

      Thank you for your comment, I appreciate:)

      Indeed, it can happen that someone does not get along with a person in the group and it’s not always fun to be in this situation. But we are adults, and we should try to find common ground at least for few days:) The ambiance will be much more agreeable to everyone!

      I personally like surprises as well, it awakens all my senses which is awesome:)

      Thank you again and wish you a fantastic day!


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