Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 469 Boat Review – All About Her!

Sun Odyssey 469 is the latest model to be produced by Jeanneau. This manufacturer is well known for the quality of design and boats that are swift, attractive, and durable.

My own experience prompted this Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 469 boat review. This boat had the ability to stand out when compared to the other yachts I’ve been fortunate enough to sail aboard in my lifetime.

I was, at turns, thrilled and put at ease by the smoothness of the boat when under sail and it would be a shame to keep my knowledge of the Sun Odyssey 469 to myself.


The beauty of the accommodations aboard the 469 is that they are functional without being fussy. 3 different layouts are available for the 469, including a 3 cabin plan with 2 heads, another 3 cabin plan, but with 3 heads, or 4 cabins with 4 heads.

The forward and aft cabins all come with double berths for storage, and there is an attached shower in the main cabin head of any layout design.

Depending on the layout, there will be another shower off the galley, and other showers in the heads of the other cabins.

The galley has all the comforts of home with a 2-burner stove, oven, and fridge. A larger oven is available in another layout design along with a washer and dryer set, a microwave, and a wine cooler to chill bottles.

The layout I chose was the 3 cabin/2 head option and we found that it more than met our needs, but, if you are concerned about accommodating all guests at once, a different layout may be more to your liking.


Below deck in the saloon are two large lounge seats that have plenty of space for everyone to sit together for meals, a cup of coffee, or a game of cards.

Between the lounge seats, a pullout table doubles as a bar. Across the saloon are settees that can be secured, so they won’t slide all over the place.

These settees are surrounded by locker space that can be used for storage. Admittedly, I spent a lot of time below deck, because it was one of my favorite spots to relax on the boat.

When you charter the 469, you will find yourself making up excuses not to leave the boat either!


A twin helm cockpit is just the first aspect of the above deck design that lent itself to the comfort and functionality of the boat. 4 lockers are built in, 1 under each seat, and 2 more under the chart plotter, so anything you made need will be well within reach at all times.

The 469 is also incredibly easy to control and are a short distance from the helm. The 469’s winches are located beneath the panels, but the panels are removable for easier access.

Equipped with a self-tacking jib, anchor rollers, a windlass, and an option for a removable inner forestay, the 469 has every feature imaginable.

All of this put together makes furling, unfurling, and storing the sails a simpler task, which is especially helpful if you have less experience, or just don’t want to work too hard while you sail because it is your vacation after all.

Under Sail

Stable, sturdy, and slick describe the 469 best when it’s under sail. The 469 performs best in a steady wind and will pick up speed quickly while staying level and sailing smoothly over the water.

Only a light touch is needed to control the vessel, as she responds quickly and does not resist the controls. Though capable of even higher speeds, the 469 seems to have found her niche at around 8 knots.

On a good day, we enjoyed long hours of sailing without interruption, but when the wind died down or the direction of the wind wasn’t in our favor, the 469 easily slipped back into the command of the controls.

Why Sail the Odyssey 469

  • Easily controlled
  • Navigates the water, under any conditions, easily and smoothly
  • Functional, well-designed cockpit and helm
  • 3 design layouts to choose from
  • Sturdy construction
  • Very comfortable saloon/galley that can be utilized for planning outings, gathering for meals, or socializing
  • Ample storage space and plenty of deep lockers
  • Gathers impressive speed while under sail

In Conclusion

It is difficult to find fault with the 469. The vessel is classy without being pretentious, but it can hardly be labeled rustic or average. I like the balance of the vessel, both in the literal and figurative sense.

You will find yourself feeling at home right away, but will also feel pampered by the quiet elegance of the yacht.

Charter the 469 if you are looking for a home on the water that reminds you of returning to your childhood room after years away with all your clutter removed.

Be sure to get a photograph of you and your guests on deck to show off to the friends who couldn’t be there!


For more information on Odyssey 469 charter boat:
USA +1 954 892 5009


  • Length overall: 14.05 m / 46’1″
  • Hull length: 13.65 m / 44’9″
  • Hull beam: 4.49 m / 14’8″
  • Standard keel draught: 2.24 m / 7’4″
  • Fuel capacity: 240 l / 63 US gal
  • Water capacity: 618 l / 163 US gal
  • Engines Yanmar: 54 HP / 40 Kw CE
  • Cabins:3 to 4
  • Berths:6 to 8

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    6 thoughts on “Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 469 Boat Review – All About Her!”

    1. Hi there! You review on Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 469 is really helpful, especially with the posting of pictures, the interior of the yacht looks simply stunning! It is definitely a great choice for hosting a party, especially since Christmas is around the corner. Will be great to celebrate the festive season out at sea in a beautiful boat. Though the yacht looks small and might not be able to accommodated a lot of guest?

      • Hi there,

        It depends on how many guest you would like to invite! The best boats for a party are catamarans, they are more stable and bigger.

        Thank you for the comment and which you a great day!

    2. Hello Daniella,
      I loved your review on the SUN ODYSSEY 469 She looks like a a beautiful Yacht,Your description shows you have a knowledgeable and intimate interest in it,Almost convinced me to take up sailing, But I’m afraid I prefer something a bit bigger, like a Cruise ship, I also loved your article on sea sickness A few good tips their, I don’t suffer from sea sickness myself,But we Have just come back of a cruise and my sister was feeling a bit nauseous, she bought a sea band and that seemed to work, next time we will keep your tips in mind especially the ginger, slice of lemon , and keeping Hydrated

      Hope you have many happy days sailing

      • Hi Doug,

        Cruise ships are bigger, but take into consideration that you have less privacy, I personally prefer yachts, but again it’s a question of personal preferences. I am glad you like the tips, and yes, sea bands are absolutely fantastic, there work great and it’s easy to use. Ginger and lemon are the best natural remedies for sea sickness and it’s tasty:)

        Thank you for the comment and wish you a nice day!

    3. Wow wow and wow! Although I have never been sailing before (and therefore know nothing about it) this is now definitely on my to do list. I love your detailed breakdown of everything this boat has to offer and the pics look amazing. I am going to keep this page in my favs to come back to as inspiration for my next holiday….


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