Lagoon 450 Charter in Croatia – 3 Best Starting Points

Croatia is one of the most beautiful locations to sail, but this coastal oasis of the Adriatic Sea is typically only well known to seasoned sailors. I am always thrilled to introduce new sailors to the wonder and culture that is Croatia. My hope is that if you are indecisive about where to sail, my information will help you make up your mind and you can be on your way to Croatia as soon as possible!

3 Best Starting Points in Croatia

I ventured out in a Lagoon 450 when I visited Croatia. I chose this yacht due to its spaciousness and comfort, and I would recommend the vessel to anyone looking for luxury out on the water. Conveniently, Croatia has many charter options from the numerous starting points, but I’ve decided to list my 3 favorite starting points in no particular order.





Split is home to 3 main marinas and several smaller ones, but the one I suggest is the ACI Marina located in the city port. The marina has full-service shops, and you can get anything you could imagine without having to travel very far.



Split has many historical sites and museums for history buffs interested in centuries-old churches and medieval forts, but there is also a zoo and a forested park to explore if you have children.


Bars and Restaurants

For a change of pace, stop by one of the Split’s coffee bars for a pick-me-up before heading out to explore and shop!

Center of Split city






Marina Dubrovnik is perhaps the most popular marina in Croatia, so it is going to be crowded! Saying it is crowded may be a deal breaker for some, but keep in mind that it’s crowded for a reason. Marina Dubrovnik has tennis courts, a swimming pool, and many services that can be used while visiting.




Along with historical sites and monuments to visits, Dubrovnik is teeming with local festivities nearly any time of the year. I would suggest you check out the cable car ride over the city. The view is spectacular!


Bars and Restaurants


You really can’t go wrong in any restaurant that serves fresh seafood, which is nearly all of them. Taverna Otto has a duck dish that is worth a visit, even if it’s not from the sea.
View on Dubrovnik port





There are several marinas in Trogir, but I prefer Marina Agana. It is smaller, but more welcoming than the others are, and often less crowded.




By the marina, you can go on pontoon boat rides, or you can head inland to explore the bridges and churches, or the millennia-old monastery.


Bars and Restaurants


There are many great restaurants, but you can never go wrong with Calebotta. If you’re in the mood for a mixed drink, try Maccao Bar & Lounge.
Trogir town in Croatia

Enjoy the Lagoon 450 in Croatia

I sailed a Lagoon 450 in Croatia and loved every minute of it. I was able to relax and spread out anywhere on the boat without feeling cramped.

One of my favorite features is how bright and open below deck is, so you never feel like you’re missing out on the gorgeous weather even when you’re busy in the galley.

The Advantage With a Skippered Yacht

A skippered yacht has many advantages, but one of the biggest is that you don’t have to acquire the licenses required to operate a bareboat charter in Croatia.

Croatia requires an ICC + Radio license to bareboat charter, and this can be a problem for sailors who have not obtained the necessary licenses.

So, for 130€ on average per day, I personally think a skipper well worth the price!

The Skipper Service

A skipper will be familiar with Croatian waters, as well as Croatian customs, and the best places to fish, eat and play tourist. The skipper’s expertise and knowledge are worth their weight in gold to the newcomer.

How to Choose a Good Skipper

I would recommend you to require the skipper’s request form where you can ask for a non-smoker if you have a problem with smoking, and a very important detail not to neglect is English or other language speakers.

You will want to have the more privacy as possible. So, make sure there is an extra cabin for the skipper.

Word of mouth recommendations from other sailors is also often the best way to steer you toward a good skipper.

Best Activities to Do

The lagoon 450 is extremely comfortable and possess all the equipment required, such as a dinghy, snorkeling equipment, mask, and fins.

But Diving equipment and other may not be onboard your yacht, so renting extra stuff can be fun.

Let see what kind of equipment and services you can add an extra to get the most out of your sailing holiday on the Lagoon 450.


A hostess is a nurse. She will look after you thoroughly. She will cook, shopping, washing the dishes, and do all the cleaning throughout the week.

Massage services can be scheduled to visit your yacht while berthed in the marina.It’s very pleasant and relaxing.

A classic sailing activity that is fun and appropriate for all ages. I am sure the whole family will love to catch some fishes from the boat.

Diving is an activity not to miss out, it’s one of the most exciting ways to explore wonderful coral reefs and the sea life.

Scuba Diving in Croatia

5 Beautiful Places to Visit


Hvar is home to incredible fields of lavender that are made into fragrant oils and soaps that you can find at many specialty shops on the island.


Split is blessed with both urban and ancient elements. I enjoy the rush and a crowd in the tourist spots as much as any traveler, but it’s nice to get away to the quieter parts of Split as well.

Almost every part of this section of Croatia is worth a photograph and I can’t seem to stop taking a picture of everything I see every time I come here!

Vis Town in Croatia


Lavosto is a series of forty-six islands, each with its own history and structures to explore.

View on Lastovo islandTrogir

Trogir is a small town, but most of its bridges and other structures are built using stone, making the town stand out.

Trogir town in Croatia


I cannot recommend the cable car ride enough! It is a wonderful and unique way to take in the whole city at once.

View on Dubrovnick old town


In Conclusion

I could write a book about everything I have seen in Croatia and another book about all I still haven’t seen.

Croatia is full of possibilities and I have never had the same experience twice. If you are looking for a unique holiday aboard a yacht, a Croatian journey on a Lagoon 450 is the vacation of your dreams!

For more information on the Lagoon 450 to sail in Croatia:
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  1. What an interesting site. For anyone into sailing your advice seems to be second to none. It is very obvious that you are a seasoned sailor and your experience shines through.

    I think that I should set a goal to visit Croatia in the future, it sounds a beautiful place.

    Well done on a beautifully laid out website. The pictures are very enticing. Thank you.

  2. Hello Daniella. So colorful blog and perfect locations are presented here. I am from Europe and I heard a lot great words about this gem: Croatia.
    I guess to pay 130 Euros is not so much when having in mind that kind of vacations people would have.
    Seeing these ancient cities from wonderful boat, tasting local cuisine and knowing that you safe, because it is Europe.
    Your described yacht seems spacious and designed to accommodate guests. I wonder how many people can be comfortable to spend time for whole week? Who is taking care of supplies? It comes together with charting yacht or you need to spend additional money for food and services?
    All the best to you, happy writing, Nemira.

    • Hi Nemira,

      Yes, there are wonderful countries to visit in Europe, especially Croatia! This is one of my favorite areas, you can feel the history, and sailing Croatia is definitely a voyage back in time!

      The size of the boat will depend on the number of guests, but usually, a catamaran can welcome family and couple of friends without being cramped.

      If it’s bareboat, generally, the charter company will deliver you a yacht with a full tank of fuel and water, gas bottles for cooking, and dinghy. As I have written in the article, you can rent some extra equipment or a crew for more comfort and fun.

      If it’s a crewed yacht, then yes everything will be included in the price, but I suggest you read about the I hope it helped and please don’t hesitate to contact me for further information, I will be more than happy to help you.

      Thank you for the comment and I wish you a wonderful day!

  3. Sounds like paradise on Earth!

    Hopefully some day in the future I will be able to afford an amazing experience like this! I love the photos. Even just looking at them makes me feel all warm.

    I found your article very useful to read, you provided all the information anyone interested in yacht sailing could possibly need.

    Nice one

  4. I am not much for boats but your photos of Croatia are gorgeous. I would get out on a boat to experience that beauty! As a kid my parents were huge fans of boats and loved to do that all the time. I will have to let them know about your page as I believe they still enjoy it.

    • Hi Llyssa,

      Yes, Croatia is a beautiful country to visit, especially by boat:) I am sure your parents will love it!

      Thank you for the comment and I wish you to sail soon!


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