Marina Puerto Bahia Review – Top Caribbean Hidden Gem!

Website: Marina Puerto Bahia

Features: 107 slips, Water, electricity, fueling pier, free internet access, laundry, parking, taxi, car rental, water taxi, mini market, 24 hours security.

Amenities: Hotel, restroom, bars, restaurants, shower, spa, beauty salon, gym, pool area.

Accommodation capacity: Yacht/ Boats up to 150 LOA

Region: Dominican Republic

Marina Puerto Bahia is a full-service marina situated on the north side of Samana Bay, on the northeastern coast of the Dominican Republic. It provides 107 slips for vessels up to 150 LOA. It offers a gateway to a beautiful holiday destination in the Caribbean that is surrounded by a striking contrast of the sea, the mountains and a breathtaking marina in the Dominican Republic.

Marina Puerto Bahia’s Accommodations

This Marina in the Caribbean is home to top-notch restaurants, hotel lodging, and a warm and welcoming residential community. There is so much to explore when you arrive at the Marina in the Republic since it is situated in an area where every day brings forth a new experience and a safe and familiar environment that offers the perfect getaway opportunity for anyone who wants to unwind.

Puerto Bahia is a fresh, contemporary take on the Caribbean lifestyle, with a beautiful
community that is welcoming to both temporary and potentially permanent guests. The real estate here features 645 to 6,458 of properties ranging from 1 to 6 bedrooms. There are villas, townhouses, apartments, and a condominium hotel, all creatively designed with the highest quality materials incorporating stunning views to the Bay.

About Samana

Samana is a beautiful province in the Dominican Republic northeast. With an area of about 330 sq miles, it has a bay and a peninsula of the same name and is home to over 90,000 people. Its raw natural beauty and stunning views everywhere you look are the reasons why it made it to the list of the Most Beautiful Bays in the world in 2010.

If you want to totally immerse yourself in everything the region has to offer, this is the perfect destination for you. With a massive range of activities to take part in, you can rest assured that every single day of your visit will be fun-filled and packed with adventure.

While here, take in the majestic views of the island from a zip line or on horseback, or if you are a water sports enthusiast, enjoy scuba diving, kite surfing, sailing or snorkeling. You can also go exploring the beaches, the waterfalls, the beautiful Haitises National Park, or take a cruise among humpback whales during winter months. This is the ultimate idea of paradise!

Samana Island

Destinations Near Marina Puerto Bahia

Some of the destinations and activities you may be interested in exploring include:

1. Cayo Levantado Island

Cayo Levantado is an island that is situated only 5 nautical miles away from Marina Puerto Bahia. It is also locally referred to as Barcadi island due to a commercial involving Barcadi that was filmed there. This picturesque island boasts pristine sandy beaches that are dazzlingly white and fringed with palm trees. The crystal clear turquoise waters are inviting, and you can easily spend the whole day frolicking and swimming here. Other activities around the island include sunbathing, kayaking, and paddleboarding. When you have had your fill of the ocean, you can enjoy mouthwatering fresh fish and other local delicacies available on the public side of Cayo Levantado. You can also buy a souvenir in one of the many gift shops on the island.

Cayco Levantado
2. Los Haitises National Park
This gem is one of the largest reserves in the Caribbean. The park is home to mangroves of varying species and a vast rainforest. There are over 200 species of birds in the park, and manatees and dolphins often visit the park waters as well. There are multiple mysterious caves in the Los Haitises National Park that you can explore under the guidance of a tour guide. Another fascinating activity that you will enjoy in the park is zip lining. Opt to take the Cano Hondo Zipline courses that provide you with the unique opportunity to glide over the beautiful park.

Los Haitises National Park

3. Whale watching in Samana
There is so much to do and experience in Samana. However, one of the most notable activities that draw over 50,000 people in the area is whale watching. If you happen to visit the Dominican Republic anywhere between January 15th and 30th March, you will get to watch the humpback whales during their mating seasons when their activities are at a peak.

Whale in Marina Puerto Bahia

4. Salto El Limon Waterfall

To reach this waterfall, you have to journey through thick forest where you are bound to spot unique flora and fauna that are indigenous to the area. You can either travel on horseback or on foot on a lush hilly terrain or go canyoning through El Limon River to get to the waterfalls. Avid bird watchers will get to see the Dominican Republic national bird-the Hispaniolan woodpecker, as well as other fascinating species.

Salto El Limon Waterfall

Who is Marina Puerto Bahia for?

Marina Puerto Bahia is for cruisers and sailors who are looking to enjoy all the delights offered by Samana and its surroundings. The marina is conveniently situated, which makes it very easy to access the major attractions in the area, such as Cayo Levantado, Los Haitises, and the Whale-Watching area.

Why Visit Marina Puerto Bahia?

As mentioned before, Marina Puerto offers the complete package. Services that you can expect include fueling pier that services water vessels, 24-hour security, and water and electricity around the clock. There is also a water taxi that provides transportation on the sea waters, along with taxi and car rental services for when you want to explore beyond the marina.

Sample the area’s restaurants and bars where you can enjoy local delicacies popular in the area. There is also a hotel where you can opt to stay, along with a spa and beauty salon where you can relax and allow yourself to be pampered. You can also swim in the pool area if you decide the ocean is not for you as you document your travels on social media using the free internet access.

Additionally, there is a gym where you can work out, laundry services, restrooms, and showers, a mini-market that supplies the essentials you might need during your vacation, garbage pickup, and personal concierge services.

  • Quality facilities and services in the marina
  • Marina Puerto Bahia is in close proximity to most of the major attractions in the area.
  • It is easily accessible
  • No major repairs nor travel lift on-site

Getting to Marina Puerto Bahia

To get to Marina Puerto Bahia, you can book a yacht or berth with one of the many reputable companies that offer marina reservation services. You can also visit to request a reservation.

Final Thoughts

Marina Puerto Bahia offers access to an exhilarating tourist destination that offers an eclectic mix of exotic cultures, lovely beaches, breathtaking scenery, and adrenaline pumping activities. Furthermore, the numerous amenities availed within the marina ensure that you will have a comfortable stay during your trip. If you desire days of endless pleasure, this is the place to be!

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10 thoughts on “Marina Puerto Bahia Review – Top Caribbean Hidden Gem!”

  1. You have made this place sound very catching. I have always wanted to go on a trip where there is water involved.

    Unfortunately, I get seasick very fast. I think it would great if you could let me know what I can do get over seasickness to have actual fun.

    My husband enjoys whale watching as he has grown on the BC Coast. Anything to do with water life is a fun time for him. Our anniversary is coming up, so as long as I don’t get seasick a trip to the Marina Puerto Bahia may be coming up.

    Plus all the other areas to explore would be something my husband would really enjoy. I like the fact that there is security around the clock, as that is usually what puts me off taking these types of trips. Great review.

    • Hi Jag,

      Thank you for passing by!

      There are excellent remedies to cure seasickness. You can enjoy your sailing trip without worrying about getting sick.

      First off, I would suggest you choose a catamaran because they provide a gentle motion. And secondly, use patches or bracelet or pills. Here is a useful article about how to avoid seasickness. I highly recommend you to read it.

      Please, don’t hesitate to contact me with any question. I am always happy to assist.

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a lovely day.

  2. This is the first time I have heard of Puerto Bahia but I do not hear of specific destinations very often and your site helps with that. I have not heard much about the Dominican Republic but I am curious as to if it is a nice place to visit or live. Have you ever been to DR and if so what was it like and do you recommend it?

    • Hi Jon,

      I have been to the Caribbean, and all I can say is that is one the most beautiful place on earth. I’ve visited Barbuda, Antigua, San Juan and some other islands near the Dominican Republic, truly beautiful! I would have lived there if my children weren’t so attached to their friends:). No doubt about it!

      I would definitely recommend to whoever wants to unwind and discover stunning places to visit the Dominican Republic.

      Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information. I am always happy to assist.

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a nice day!

  3. Hi

    You make Marina Puerto sound like Paradise, and I wish I was there right now, this minute. One of my wishes had always been to swim with wildlife and if I decide to go there then this may cone true.

    There seems to be a lot to do and it seems you need a lot of time and money to see everything.  How long do you recommend to stay in order to see everything of interest?

    Thank you for this


    • Hi Antonio,

      Well, it depends on how you’ll manage your time:)

      If you want to explore everything in a short period, then I would suggest you either rent a motor yacht or stay for a while. I think, two weeks will give you enough time to visit many sites, but again, this will all depend on your schedule plan.

      I hope it helped!

      Please, don’t hesitate to ask any question. I’ll be more than happy to assist.

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a great day!

  4. Every time I read a post like this it makes me want to pack my bags and grab my passport. If only was that easy. 

    I can feel your passion for the water and boating as I read through your words. This looks like an amazingly beautiful place to be able to visit. I love the idea of being able to charter a boat and sail around and see all of the beautiful sites.

    Kevin Deaney

    • Hi Kevin,

      Yes, this place is beautiful, no doubt about it:)

      I am glad this article has inspired you!

      Thank you for the comment and wish you to sail soon around Marina Puerto Bahia.

  5. Hi,

    Marina Puerto Bahia looks amazing!! – as does the accommodation!!

    I really like the Marina Puerto Bahia Pool in photograph number 12.  Does it get very crowded?  And can you use it whatever accommodation you are in or do you need to book specific rooms or villas?

    Also, I would like to visit the Los Haitises National Park.  Can you tell me how large it is and how long people usually stay on this island?



    • Hi Julia,

      Indeed, Marina Puerto Bahia is real paradise!

      The pool can get crowded depending on the season. Usually, the Caribbean gets really busy in the winter. You have the option to rent a villa or a room in the hotel as you wish. Well, the Los Haitises National Park is quite big, I think it covers around 618 square miles, and it can be visited only by boat. Beautiful place!

      Some visitors stay for a week, some stay longer, it really depends. Some even buy a house in Marina Puerto Bahia and live there or rent it. You can stay as long as you wish:)

      I hope it helped!

      Please, don’t hesitate to get in touch with any question, I’ll be more than happy to assist.

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a lovely day!


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