Sailing from Florida to Bahamas – Cross the Ocean!

Florida is a beautiful region of the United States which is bordered by the Gulf of Mexico, by the Atlantic Ocean, and by the Straits of Florida.

Florida is a very popular destination and attracts plenty of travelers from all over the world due to its beautiful subtropical climate all year round, warm, clear blue water, and incredible white sandy beaches, which are the main attractions.

The Bahamas is an archipelago of two thousand beautiful islands with plenty of stunning coral reefs located in the Atlantic Ocean, which means not far from Florida!

Not so far!

The distance from Florida to the Bahamas is only 313 miles, which allows you to sail on the Atlantic Ocean among these beautiful regions.
Sailing from Florida to the Bahamas means that you have to cross the open ocean and sail in many areas made of coral reefs, so make sure to organize your trip well.

Why a large boat?

The size of the ship has a critical role, and for this kind of trip, it is preferable to pick a reasonably large sailboat. That way, you will have enough places to carry all your needs and equipment.
For example, a catamaran is a great option due to its stability, fast speed, comfort, and social spaces.


Sail safely

There are important details to take into consideration to have a safe and unforgettable sailing vacation.

Here are some advice that will help you organize your fleet trip.

  • Always check the weather before and while you’re sailing (crucial)
  • Fill your cupboard with food and plenty of water.
  • Take in extra fuel.
  • Bring with you flares for visual signals and navigation lights.
  • Appropriate Clothes depending on the weather.
  • Life jackets.
  • Equipment for scuba diving and fishing.
  • Proper equipment for anchoring (Anchor, chain, or riding, depending on the boat weight).
  • You’ll need a radio and a GPS.

It’s time to sail!

Once you have organized everything, then you can start your trip from Miami or Fort Lauderdale, and sail up to Chub Cay, there you can anchor in the marina and unwind on this beautiful island.



After Chub Cay you can sail to the Exumas, which is a very popular spot for yachting, and diving. Don’t miss to explore the protected Exumas National Land and the Sea Park of the Bahamas National.



Continue sailing to the Abacos Islands, it’s a beautiful place to explore and to practice all kinds of water sport
There are many places to visit on this beautiful island, such as the Abacos National Park, the Pelican Cays, Black sound Cays, Tilloo Cay National Reserve, Fowl Cays National Reserve, and the Walker’s Cay National Park, as well as bars, restaurants, shops, and ancient ruins.



Your next destination is Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, and the largest city of the Bahamas
Once you have anchored in Nassau, have a walk in this lovely town to explore beautiful monuments, pirate museum, the famous parliament building, the Fort Fincastle, and the paradise island.


Crossing the Atlantic Ocean and discover plenty of beautiful deserted islands surrounded by spectacular coral reefs will make your sailing trip an incredible experience and will make your dream come true.

Have you sailed from Florida to the Bahamas? Please feel free to share your wonderful experiences with us by leaving a comment below

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