Skippered Yacht Charter In Greece – Dodecanese? Ionian? Cyclades?

Who wouldn’t be envious? Sailing in the Ionian islands is just fantastic; Greece is so beautiful, and the water is agreeably warm, so clear and transparent that you can see through it. No matter where you’ll go in Greece, you’ll be enchanted by the beauty of nature, and the cuisine is delicious!

In fact, it is obvious that you have chosen to sail to Greece!

Why hire a skipper even if you have a license?

Skippered yacht charter in Greece is a great way to enjoy a sailing trip fully, even if you already possess a skipper’s license, and of course, is a must if you don’t have one.

We have a couple of friends that are bareboat certified and just returned from a 20-day trip in the Dodecanese islands; they left Astypalea, sailed up to Kalymnos, Leros, Patmos, Lipsi, Kos, and sailed back to Astypalea Islands.

When they came back, they told us that they were very happy that they had hired a boat with a skipper for many reasons. We were very surprised, and of course, we asked them why you have hired a captain if they had a skipper license. Their answers were,

1 We weren’t familiar with the boat, and if something came up, you had to act very quickly.

2 The wind in Greece can be very strong depending on the weather, and if it’s the case, then it is always nice to have some support.

3. It can be very confusing to choose a good spot to stop because there are so many anchorage opportunities. So it’s always reassuring when someone knows where to sail and where the best places to anchor are.

4. If you know how to speak Greek, then it’s great, you can easily communicate, but when you don’t know a heck of Greek language, believe it, it makes it much easier for you if you have someone on your side that understand and speak the language.

Meet the captain before you step on board!

Well, the truth is that we didn’t think about all these details, and we are glad that they have shared their experience with us because we plan to sail in Greece the next summer with a skipper!

My husband and I have decided to meet the captain before the trip because we have another couple of friends that were not so satisfied with their trip to Greece last year, and the reason was that the skipper was too young and not so experimented.

We want to have a safe trip, and for us, it’s crucial that the skipper has a good knowledge of the area and also that the captain has a good friendship with the locals; that way, we can enjoy having a good reception.

Where is the wind stronger?

We have planned an excellent itinerary with our friends, and our wishes are to sail in the Dodecanese because there are always winds enough to have a real sailing trip. After, we will sail to the Ionian Sea, where the winds are lower, to have a little rest, and maybe we’ll take a bigger challenge to sail in the Cyclades, where the winds are much stronger.

It’s always good to have recommendations as much as possible, so if you plan to sail in Greece, ask some friends who have already experienced a sailing trip with the skipper in this beautiful country.

Have you already experienced sailing in Greece? Tell me about it just in the comments below.

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