What Is A Crewed Yacht charter – How Does It Works?

A crewed yacht, just as it sounds, is a boat that is navigated by a professional team, and the number of the crew will usually depend on the size of the yacht. For example, a boat of 30 feet consists of a captain and a cook/made. A 300-foot yacht has a minimum of thirty members entirely at your service and includes engineers, dive masters, sailors, stewardesses, cooks, gastronomy chefs, and mates. Some crewed luxury yachts possess private hairdressers, masseurs/masseuses, and nurses.

Many of these beautiful boats are privately owned and usually used for chartering almost all year round; this allows the owners to amortize the maintenance of the vessel and the crew.

Skippered Yacht

The skippered yacht is a boat hired with a qualified captain to handle the ship. Sometimes the skipper may be accompanied by other members to help him with the navigation and the safety of the yacht.

What is the Coast?

A crewed yacht charter is generally more expensive than any other kind of charter; the price will depend on the size of the boat, year, destination, duration, number of guests, etc. The prices around the world vary from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of euros or Dollars per week. Generally, they charge a supplement of about 25% to 30% for food, maintenance, and fuel.

The Crew Role

Usually, the crew maintains the yacht all year round, and some even live on board. They are well-trained and very passionate about their job. They take care of everything, such as cooking, navigation, cleaning, laundry, and sailing, and are mainly concentrated on your well-being. Thanks to the crew entirely dedicated to the care of the boat, you will always find the yacht in perfect condition and very pleasant to spend unforgettable fleet holidays.

Yacht Charter Companies

There are many yacht charter companies from where you can choose the perfect boat, and usually, there are offices throughout the world with excellent experts in chartering. Also, they organize several shows and seminars during the year to offer the possibility to meet the crews and to learn which will be the most appropriate boats of your interest. The yacht charter companies have only one objective, is to be dedicated to you from the moment you get in touch with them. They will make all efforts to find the best charter for your fleet vacation.

Where Crewed Yachts Usually Sail?

French Riviera

Crewed yacht charters sail all over the world, but the main destinations are on the French Riviera, such as Monaco, Cap Ferrat, Nice, Antibes, Cannes, and St Tropez. The ports are just fantastic, beautiful, and the climate and the food are excellent!


The Caribbean is also a popular place to sail with crewed yachts, especially during the winter. It’s a perfect place to delight and explore beautiful isolated islands. The main destinations are Antigua, St Martin, Grenadines, Anguilla, and the BVI.


Many people as well love to sail on a crewed yacht in Florida, which is well renowned for its two beautiful ports situated in Miami and Ft Lauderdale. Most of these boats will charter to Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, to explore the beautiful coral chain.

 What Type of Crewed Yacht?

They are three different kinds of a crewed yachts to sail with; all of them are great but different.


Crewed Catamarans are unique for chartering due to their comfort and offer a lot of privacy. These are the perfect boats to enjoy a sailing vacation with family and friends. Catamarans are equipped with a wide saloon, a large deck, and a fantastic trampoline to sunbathe, providing you with the most comfort and privacy.

Crewed Catamaran in Greece

Sailing yacht

A sailing yacht is usually chartered by a crew when the boat is a minimum of 50 feet. It’s the perfect boat to sail with elegance and is renowned to be a world-class yacht. It’s also a fantastic boat for those who want to have an unforgettable sailing vacation with family, couples, or friends.


Motor yacht

A crewed motor yacht is for those who is seeking the freedom to explore the finest destinations in a shorter time without worrying about being in the crowds and enjoying the maximum of their holiday.


Everyone can take advantage of a crewed yacht, even the most experienced sailors. Sometimes they want to be spoiled and are not always in the mood to take the helm. It’s the perfect getaway to enjoy sailing on the open Ocean with companions you’ll choose to sail with!

Have you already sailed with a crewed yacht charter? Feel free to share your experience in the comment below.

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