Why Use a Charter Boat Broker? – 5 Good Reasons!

Have you considered taking a vacation upon a sailing yacht? If such a vacation would be a first for you, perhaps you might hesitate, having not experienced or arranged such a trip in the past.

If you have already enjoyed the vacation of a lifetime but found the details in arranging such an outing a bit overwhelming, a yacht charter broker is a perfect solution for you.

Our complex world and the ever faster growth of technology means that experience is the basis for success in almost everything worth doing.

Establishing an ongoing relationship with a full-time yacht charter expert enables you to share in the benefits of their experience and advice.

Taking the complexity and worry out of creating that vacation of a lifetime is just a phone call or email contact away.


Best Update Charter Information!

Experienced and professional yacht charter brokers have a vast amount of knowledge. This knowledge covers all aspects of the yacht charter business.

Access to this expertise and knowledge provides each client up to date information on the types and specifications of charter yachts currently available.

Interesting and valuable information on the most popular destinations that chartered yachts are visiting is also provided to clients of professional yacht charter brokers.

Professional yacht brokers are also aware of changes in rules and regulations that govern and cover the booking, chartering and selling of chartered yacht time around the world.



Above & Beyond Every Client’s Need

Charter yacht brokers spend a lot of time traveling to inspect new yacht charter possibilities as well as attending the top yacht shows.

Being there to see what type of clientele are chartering the various classes of yachts allows the yacht broker to excel at matching each yacht charter client’s needs properly and successfully.

The duties and service provided by an experienced yacht charter broker go beyond helping their clients select the correct yacht.



5 Good Reasons Why to Use a Yacht Charter Broker

Applying all the broker’s experience through the entire process saves each client time and money. This is because the fees for a charter broker are paid for, by the owner of the yacht. 

That means each client of a yacht charter broker gets all the benefit of that knowledge free-of-charge.

The competition between yacht owners to have their yachts on the water in chartered situations is intense.

That means that if you chartered a yacht directly from the owner it is likely the price you would pay is the same, or even higher, than the fee negotiated by an experienced yacht charter broker.

Here is a list of 5 specific reasons to book your charter using a yacht broker.


1) The services of a professional yacht broker are free to the client.

2)  The client receives information and advice on yachts and current yachting destination choices which are completely unbiased.

3) The research and travel expenses of a professional yacht broker are not passed on to the client. This allows the client freedom to inquire and inspect multiple yacht charter opportunities at no extra cost.

4) The yacht charter broker acts on behalf of the client at all times, saving the client valuable time and money.

5) The client has a buffer and representative between themselves and the yacht owners. This protects the privacy of the client and is invaluable should any problems arise before, during or after the charter is completed.



These are the reasons anyone contemplating chartering a yacht for any reason should be taking advantage of a professional yacht charter broker.

Considering the value of time in today’s busy world, few individuals have the time to seek, inspect and negotiate a chartered yacht arrangement as well as the professional yacht charter broker.

For further information on chartering a yacht, please contact a professional yacht charter broker


Do you use a boat charter broker for your sailing vacation? If so, you are welcome to share your experience in the comment below.

10 thoughts on “Why Use a Charter Boat Broker? – 5 Good Reasons!”

  1. Excellent stuff daniella – very interesting read. I was always put off on the idea of hiring yachts due to the stigma around the actual cost/price. This article has managed to highlight a few pointers I was unaware of.
    Great article,

    • Hi Chris,
      Yes that’s the reason why I have written this article, people tend to believe they have to pay extra charges for the services when using a charter broker.I am glad you liked the article.
      Thank you for passing by.
      Wish you a great day

  2. I was lucky enough to be able to spend some time sailing on chartered boats in the Meditteranean belonging to my friend. He owned about 12 boats in all, in two different Med locations.
    At one point, he and his business partner organised the chartering of the boats, but has since handed the task over to a broker.
    He said life now is far simpler, as his real expertise was with the boats – not with the paperwork, so from the boat owners perspective, it is also a far better deal.
    I wouldn’t mind doing some of that again.
    Hmmm..maybe it’s time to contact a broker.

    • Hi Eoinmc,

      It is much easier for the client, charter broker and the owner.
      Whenever you feel like it ! I am here to help you with your sailing vacation.
      Have a nice day

  3. Never knew there was charter yacht services. Once things really take off may have to look into this might be a fun vacation.

  4. Wow! There are really a lot of benefits in hiring a Charter Boat Broker. I don’t have to spend money at all 🙂

  5. Wonderful site and a reader feels your passion for *floating things* unfortunately i have water phobia but was planning a vacation in greece and decided to look into water sports that`s how i got to your site.

    • Hi Roamy,

      I read that phobias can be treated by applying things we fear or apprehend, so I would suggest you to start with a short distance.
      For instance, you could rent a yacht for a day or even for few hours,and you’ll see a good result !
      Thank you for passing by and wish you an excellent get away in Greece.
      Have a good day


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