Lagoon 380 Catamaran Review – Know All the Aspects !

The Lagoon 380 catamaran has been designed to cater to the comfort of the passengers in a convenient and economical layout.

The proceeding Lagoon 380 catamaran review will cover each aspect of the vessel, but most especially the pros and cons of the boat via design, performance, and construction.

It should be noted, however, that each sailor’s experience can differ, and depending on the expectations, wants, and standards of an individual, not all positives or negatives may be viewed in the same light.

The review below is more of a helpful guide to the Lagoon 380 for any new or prospective sailors of this model.


The most consistently lauded characteristic of the Lagoon 380 is the comfortable accommodations. The design of the interior of the boat has been kept simple and straightforward.

The galley-up design makes the preparation of meals more convenient, the distribution of meals and clean-up easier, and the position of the stove allows the boat to remain cool.

The comfortable seats allow passengers to lounge in comfort while enjoying incredible views through the windows of the salon. Overhead clearance is ample, so feeling cramped is not a concern. Even the cabins and staterooms are blessed with a sense of open space that is usually lacking in a catamaran.

Under Sail

Power and speed are not what the Lagoon 380 is known for the most, but it gets the job done. The engine performs well and can handle even choppy waters with ease. Docking is a cinch, and the boat is not difficult to control, even in poor weather conditions.

The Lagoon 380 Most Popular Sailing Spots.

Europe is a catamaran sailing hot spot for many proficient sailors. Greece often takes top honors for dream sailing destinations with brilliant blue water and gorgeous weather.

Croatia is another hot spot that is not widely known to novice sailors. Croatia is abundant in coastal towns that welcome visitors, so stretching your sea legs on solid ground for a day excursion is almost as much fun as sailing the Lagoon.

Another hot spot worthy of the journey is the British Virgin Islands. The islands are eye candy to a sailor, with pristine beaches and mysterious coves and inlets to explore. The islands are also fascinating to visit on foot!

Why Sail the Lagoon 380

  • Passenger Friendly: the interior accommodations and cockpit set-up are designed with comfort in mind.
  • Deck Layout is composed of clean lines that make navigating the deck, walkways, and equipment easier and more efficient.
  • Engine Performance: power and speed are respectable for pleasure sailing and cruising.
  • The engine is quiet and will not disrupt the peace of sailing.
  • Safety Considerations: The equipment was purposed for withstanding any situation with sturdy, durable construction and reinforced designs.

In Conclusion

Though bothersome, a sailor can adjust to the majority of the cons listed. The Lagoon 380 was intended as a moderately priced vessel. Therefore, the expense was a consideration when this model was designed, so cost-cutting measures were taken to keep the overall price down.

Sailors chartering the Lagoon 380 can overlook the shortcomings and focus on the good points of the boat instead.

For its purpose, the Lagoon 380 is high quality in safety and comfort, performs well for weekend jaunts or longer voyages, and adheres to a simplistic layout and design that makes getting to know the vessel effortless.

Spending time sailing this catamaran as a couple or with a group of friends or family can be one of the most pleasurable experiences of a lifetime.


  • Manufacturer: Lagoon
  • Length over all: 11,55m / 37’11”
  • Beam: 6,53 m / 21’5”
  • Draft: 1,15 m / 3’9”
  • Sail area: 77 m2 / 829 sq.ft
  • Full-batten mainsail: 47 m2 / 506 sq.ft
  • Furling genoa: 30 m2 / 323 sq.ft
  • Engine (std): 2 x 21 CV / 2 x 21 HP
  • Fuel capacity: 2 x 100 l / 2 x 26 US gal
  • Fresh water capacity: 300 l / 79 US gal
  • Cabins: 4 to 6
  • Berths: 8 to 10

Have you sailed the Lagoon 380? If so, feel free to share your experience in the comment below.

6 thoughts on “Lagoon 380 Catamaran Review – Know All the Aspects !”

  1. I absolutely love the photos you have posted. Makes you feel like you are right there. Most interesting is the comprehensive nature of your article. I feel this is complete and it leaves me with no further questions. Thank you fo an all around great review.

  2. I love the Lagoon 380! It’s one of my favorite cats. Looking at from more of a potential owner’s perspective I love the single helm and how it’s placed so close to the cockpit, where all of the guests are. Not 13 stories in the air, away from everyone else aboard. Also the vertical windows increase both usable deck space and interior cabin space, and help to keep the interior a little cooler.

    • Hi Chris,

      Yes the 380 is a awesome cat and very easy to navigate as well.
      The Lagoon catamaran has been designed for comfort and the interior is simple and lovely!
      I love all cats, they are my favorite sailing boats, especially the Lagoon 620. She is a little bit heavier than any other Lagoon cats, but in my opinion anyone should try it.
      Thank you for the comment
      Have an awesome day

  3. Wow! That is a huge cat. The beam on the 620 is almost the LOA of my boat. I’m on a little old Gemini 105 now. I’d love to upgrade to one of the bigger cats someday. Most likely something in the just under or just over 40′ range.

    • Hi Chris,
      Yes it is a huge cat, but spacious and beautiful!
      I wish you to have it some day.
      Have a nice day


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