10 Best Beginner Snorkeling Tips – Top Advice to Get You Started!

I have to admit that my first snorkeling adventure was a failure. I had an unpleasant experience, and for a while, I just couldn’t go snorkeling anymore as I was scared to death:) Unfortunately, this happens to many snorkelers beginners.

If I would have had the right equipment and would have learned some basics, this wouldn’t have happened to me! Somehow, I’ve finally got over my fears.

But to be honest, I am happy I went through this experience as it gave me a second opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the ocean and the chance to share my tips with you!

Here are the 10 best beginner snorkeling tips to get the most out of your first underwater world adventure.

1#.Choose the Right Snorkeling Gear

One of the most important things when snorkeling is the equipment. It is imperative to choose the kit that suits you the best. Otherwise, chances are you won’t enjoy your snorkeling experience!

Check the Fit of Your Mask

It is very easy! First, make sure to clear all of your hair from your face. If you have a mustache, you can shave a small part of it, just under your nose. It works fantastically!
Place the mask on your face without using the straps and breathe in through your nose. If the mask sticks to your face without holding it, then it is the perfect seal.

Opt for a Dry Snorkel

There are several types of snorkels to choose from, but if you want to enjoy your excursion thoroughly, then I would suggest you get a dry snorkel. What is a dry snorkel? It is a tube that has two small valves, one located on the top and the second on the bottom. Both are meant to blocks the water from getting inside if your snorkel goes underwater. A dry snorkel will keep the water out of your mouth, and you’ll be able to swim comfortably for longer distances.

Consider Wearing Fins

There is no doubt that fins will make your snorkeling trip more enjoyable and easier, but in my opinion, they are not always needed. It will depend on where you’ll be snorkeling. For instance, if you snorkel in safe and shallow water, it won’t be necessary to use fins. But if you snorkel in a big body of water where the current is slightly agitated, then yes, you’ll definitely need fins. However, if you decide to wear them, choose a pair that suits your feet well, not too big and not too small. Also, it is preferable to try them on when they are wet. They will slip easier!

2#.Choose Calm Spot!

You want to have a good snorkeling experience, don’t you? For this, you have to choose the right place, especially if it’s the first time!

If you’ve never snorkeled before, the ideal place to do your first steps is in a pool, and not too crowded if possible. Or at the beach, in shallow and calm water. If you go on a boat tour, then make sure to choose a peaceful spot where you can enjoy snorkeling.snorkeling in the pool

3#.Do Some Practice with Your Kit!

You need to be ready before you venture into the sea, so it is crucial to do some practice. Snorkeling is easy to learn. You just need to get used to it!


Adjust your mask properly to your face, but remember, no hair between the skirt and the skin. If your mask leaks, it is probably because it is too tight, try to release the straps slightly.


Even if you use a dry snorkel that doesn’t mean that any water will never get into the tube. It will, but much less than with a traditional snorkel. In one world, you will still need to purge your snorkel of water. For this, you’ll have to blow sharply into the snorkel. Practice until you are completely comfortable! You’ll be able to breathe like a fish while snorkeling:)


As for the fins, the best is to wear them after you are getting comfy with the mask and the snorkel. It’s not always easy to concentrate on several things at once!Snorkeling in the water

4#.Defog Your Mask!

Defogging the mask is important before you get in the water. If your mask fogs, you won’t be able to see anything.
The best technique to defog your mask is to spit on the glasses! Another great technique is to use toothpaste without “whitening agents.” Always rinse the lenses after you’ve put anything on it.

5#. Start Off on The Right Foot!

Whether you decide to buy or rent your snorkel equipment, make sure to opt only for high quality. If the gear is of poor quality, most chances you won’t enjoy your snorkeling experience. So, pay careful attention when you select your snorkeling gear!Renting Snorkeling Place

6#.Try a Full Face Mask!

A Full face mask is great for beginners and children! It allows you to breathe normally. You don’t need to purge the snorkel and clear the mask of water. Also, it is very easy to use. If you are a beginner and don’t want to bother with all the technical stuff, a full mask may be a great alternative for you!

7#.Tip For Weak Swimmers!

Not everyone can swim like a fish:) In fact, not everyone can swim! If it’s the case, the best is to rent a floating vest or a belt to make your snorkeling experience more enjoyable.Snorkeling with life jacket


No matter the situation, if you feel stressed while snorkeling, just stops and breathe deeply six times. It is a technique I’ve learned when I was recovering from my phobia! It truly works! It will help you calm down, and you’ll be much more relaxed. Each time it happens, remember to breathe!Breathe while snorkeling-min

9#.Protect Yourself From the Sun

When you are having fun in the water, you don’t always feel the heat, especially if there is the wind. Not only you can get seriously burned but, you also can get dehydrated, which is extremely dangerous! So if you want my advice, wear a t-shirt with long sleeves while snorkeling and drink a lot of water!Sun protection shirt for snorkeling

10#.Check the Condition of the Sea

The sea is unpredictable, and the current can change quickly, which can carry you away even before you can realize it! Checking the condition of the sea is imperative. Always go snorkeling on a public beach where there is a lifeguard. I am a positive person in life, but hey, if something wrong happens, you’ll be very happy someone can help!

My Conclusion

Here you have all the tips you need to get you started. So go ahead and use them. They will be of great use to you during your underwater trip!

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What about you? Do you some tips to add to the list? Feel free to share your experience!

10 thoughts on “10 Best Beginner Snorkeling Tips – Top Advice to Get You Started!”

    • Hi Gizelle,
      Thank you! Yes, you are right, tips helps and make your journey more enjoyable!
      Thank you for the comment and wish you a beautiful day!

  1. It’s been so long ago when I last went snorkeling…I still remember the vivid picture of underwater blueness, the different kind of colourful fish and even a turtle…that was back in a Philippine island….

    Really good tips here, it is always best to know a lot and prepare for them before going in in the water…thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Marie,

      Yes, the underwater world is absolutely fantastic, and it is so relaxing to see all the colorful fishes, especially in the Philippines? What a beautiful place!

      I am glad you have found the tips useful, I am sure they will help you:) 

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a lovely day!

  2. My last but the first trip it took me some time to arrange my full face mask. It was not easy at all. you must do some practice or get salty water in your eyes. Soon we are planning our next trip and my question to you is if you can recommend on any website that will help us understand what is the sea condition expectation at a specific place?

    • Hi Manor,

      It really surprises me what you say about the full face mask. Mine was easy to use. I didn’t have any problem with it:). If your mask had a leakage problem, it means that you didn’t get the right size or maybe the mask was not of good quality. To answer your question. There are many sites out there, but my favorite one is the Buoyweather. There you’ll find all you need to know about the sea conditions worldwide.
      I hope it helped and if you need to find out more info, don’t hesitate to contact me, I am always happy to help!
      Thank you for the comment and wish you a wonderful trip!

  3. Thanks for the backgrounder. Any recommendations on where to go snorkeling once you learn how? Also, what do you recommend; buying your own gear or renting the gear when you get to the location. I’ve seen a lot of places that rent them out which seems easier, but I’m not sure about the quality, etc. Thank you!

    • Hi there,
      Once you feel comfortable wearing your gear, the sky is the limit:) You can snorkel anywhere you wish!
      If you are still not confident enough, then a good option will be to go snorkeling with an organized group. I wouldn’t recommend renting snorkeling gear because the quality is not that good and not esthetic. Imagine, you have to put a snorkel that was in a mouth of somebody else. I can’t do this:) But this is my personal opinion.
      I hope it helped:)
      Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need help with anything. I am here to help!
      Thank you for the comment and wish you a fantastic day!

  4. My wife and I recently heard about snorkeling tours, and I think that being able to try a full face mask like you said would be neat! We’ve been looking into some different things that we could do on a family vacation we’ve been planning, and I think that being able to do these snorkeling adventures would be something our whole family would love. I’m glad that you suggested a full face mask for snorkeling, and that’s something that we’ll definitely have to look into!

    • Hi Max,

      Thank you for the comment! Yes, full face masks are fantastic for the whole family. If you’ve never tried them, then I highly recommend you to do so! Your kids will love them!

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a wonderful day!


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