Best Harbors in Croatia – 9 Great Spots to Anchor

Croatia is a beautiful country dotted with incredible nature, fascinating history, and endless of fantastic islands. Most of them have harbors where you can anchor or moor your vessel. Some of them are located near towns, from where you can access basic amenities with ease. For some, you might have to make a journey to the nearest town to access those services. In most harbors, there will be harbor masters and their staff who will help you secure your boat, thus easing the load for you. Here are brief descriptions of some of the best harbors in Croatia


1. Vela Luka Town

This is one of the liveliest towns in Croatia. The harbor is located at the Western end of Otok Korcula, and the Eastern end of the Zaljer Vela Luka. The harbor has lovely ambiance, the front is lit up in red, the rear in white and there is also a green light that marks the Western end of the wall. The harbor is extremely popular, but there aren’t as many moorings to cater for the great demand. Currently, the Harbor has only several places for mooring along the wall. To secure a place for your vessel, be sure to get there by early lunch time, otherwise, you might have to forgo the berth. However, the harbor has some of the best moorings in West Korcula. At the moment there are few mooring buoys, although there are plans to add more. If you do not manage to secure a place on the wall, you can still anchor your boat at the nearby bay.

Vela Luka Harbor in Croatia


2. Veli Dervnik

This is a relatively small island off the Tigora shore. However, it has a large harbor with a wall that can hold about twenty boats. By 2008, you had to drop an anchor back to the wall to secure your boat, but currently, there are lazy lines that have been laid out. The island is scenic, and the harbor is peaceful, although several restaurants and bars dot its neighborhood. You can take walks around the island to see in all its beauty. There is also a small shop within the vicinity which is well stocked. Additionally, there is a ferry dock where you can have your vessel serviced twice a day. If you opt to go, Southern, take a line ashore for good measure, as the harbor isn’t the most secure. There is a rumor about developing the wall into a marina, but that remains to be done yet.

Veli Dervnik Harbor in Croatia


3. Otok Mljet, Okuklje: Harbor Baro

This particular harbor is located on the eastern end of Otok Mljet. It has several mooring spaces with great shelter plus several eateries along the shore. In fact, the moorings were recently restored so that sailors can anchor their boats more safely and securely. The Harbor Baro is located at the back of the bay, where you can get full service, plus the assurance of water and electricity.

Otok Mljet harbor in Croatia


4. Korcula Town

In as far as the popularity of harbors goes, Korcula town is one of the most famous ones. The town is situated on the Northern shore of Otok Korcula. It is a popular tourist destination, the marina, as well as the harbor, are known as Town Quay and the ACI Marina. Usually, boats drop anchor and then reverse onto the wall for mooring. You should always steer clear of the Northern part of the marina as it is reserved for boats and ferries. The quay is extremely close to the town and can be accessed throughout the year. Swells occasionally happen at the harbor and can make mooring a difficult task. In this city, water is a guarantee, but not power. You can, however, access basic services from the city which has health centers, fuel stations, post offices, and banks.

Korkula town in Croatia


5. Komiza, Vis

Komiza is a charming town that serves as a fishing port. The harbor is situated at the back of the famous Zaljer Komiza amphitheater. This harbor is very attractive as it has some of the best moorings and several restaurants, but it gets usually crowded during the day.  The staff at the Harbor office are particularly useful but be aware that operations at that office are managed on a cash-only basis.

Komiza Vis Harbor in Croatia


6. Zaklopotica, Lastovo

This is one of the most beautiful harbors at sunset; it is a sight to behold. It is a peaceful place that is located in the remote Lastovo Island, which is about three kilometers from the town. The harbor, which is an all- year round shelter, has few entrances and few pontoons, along with some good restaurants that provide free mooring as you eat there. Water and electricity will be availed to you upon request. Space is quite restricted to anchor as the mooring area only holds up to 20 boats, and there may not be a place left if you don’t arrive in time.

Zaplopotica Harbor in Croatia

7. Trogir, Town Harbor

This harbor is located on the Southern side of the old town of Trogir, North of the Trogir Channel shore. It is advisable to moor on the Eastern end of the wall as the Western end is usually reserved for ferries and water taxis. In fact, the wall is a reserve for the big boats; small ones are usually redirected to the nearby marina. On Friday and Saturday nights, the wall is saved for gullets. All amenities can be found in the town from health facilities to bank machines, to cranes and even vet offices.

Trogir town in Croatia


8. Vis Town, Viska Luka

The harbor is located on the western side of the Viska Luka Bay and has lazy lines laid down. The staff at the Harbor are helpful with the mooring, and there are water and power as well. However,  be aware that swells occasionally occur at this harbor, which is simply not the best when it comes to protection, but the town has an active nightlife. Viska Luka Bay is relatively large, with several supermarkets, a post office, health facilities, banks and ferries.

Visca Luka harbor in Croatia


9. Hvar

This is probably the most popular harbor in Croatia. You will find all types of yachts moored here. Wall moorings are limited, as some location are reserved for gullets and the ferry that plies that route. The moorings have lazy lines with power and water, and you will get plenty of mooring help from the many harbor masters at the harbor. If you don’t get mooring space, you can always anchor your boat as there is a lot of anchoring area. If you have a hard time to find a place, go to the nearby ACI Palmizana harbor, it is less crowded there.

Hvar town in Croatia

Croatia has some of the best harbors in the Mediterranean. In most of them, you will get plenty of mooring help as well as great restaurants to meet all your needs. All in all, the harbors in Croatia are simply amazing.

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6 thoughts on “Best Harbors in Croatia – 9 Great Spots to Anchor”

  1. Wow these pictures of Croatia look amazing! I have never thought of traveling there before now. With these harbors, do you need your own boat? Or are their charters?

    The scenery in these harbors really is breath taking. What is the best time of year to go to these towns?

    • Hi Jeremy,

      Thank you for the kind comment, I really appreciate:)

      You don’t need to own a boat to sail to Croatia. You can simply rent a yacht. If you don’t have any sailing experience, you have the option to hire a skipper. He will take care of the navigation, and he will bring you to beautiful places.

      The season starts in May and ends in September. But the best months are in May and June. The weather is extremely pleasant with light winds, and the crowds have not arrived yet. The high season is in July and August. It is very hot, and the places are crowded. September is a fantastic time to sail in Croatia, but the Bora and the Sirocco winds can blow in some areas. Hopefully, it does not happen everywhere, and if you are accompanied by a skipper, there is nothing to worry about as they generally know well the regions and the sea:)

      I hope it helped and if you need more info, don’t hesitate to contact me, I’ll be glad to assist!

      Have a wonderful day!

  2. I don’t sail a boat or anything but these harbors seem idyllic. I’m thinking of visiting Croatia next year and think that including some of these harbors will be a great way to explore Croatia especially since some of them have great restaurants and nightlife around. The port that appeals to me the most is Zaklopotica since i’m interested in photographing it. Do you know if any of these ports offer day sailing to visitors?

    • Hi Celeste,

      Indeed Zaklopotica is a beautiful harbor. I am sure you’ll get fantastic pictures of this place!

      What’s great about Croatia is that the food is diverse and vary according to the area, which is interesting. You never get bored there:)

      Croatia is filled with great restaurants, and the nightlife is very active in some regions, especially in the summer:)

      The period of a yacht charter is a minimum of 7 days. If you want a day trip, you better go to the big towns like Dubrovnik, Trogir, Split, Zagreb, and much more. There are plenty of marinas and charter companies in Croatia, so it won’t be difficult to find a yacht for the day:)

      If you need more information, feel free to contact me at any time, I’ll be glad to help!

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a lovely day.

  3. Some great Croatian harbour towns for sure but hard to believe you left Rovinj off the list. It blows away all of your picks IMO.

    • Hi Greg,
      You are absolutely right. Rovinj is a beautiful harbor too. I’ll make sure to add it to my list for the next update:)
      Thank you for your useful comment, and I wish you a lovely day.


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