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There is perhaps no other region in the world that identifies with a sailing lifestyle more than peninsular Florida.

As the world’s premier sailing playground, the region plays hosts to yachts from all over the US.

In my experience, one of the unique draws of peninsular Florida, even for hardcore sailing enthusiasts, has been the opportunity it provides for sampling some truly amazing cuisine, both authentic and experimental.

Naples, abutting the gulf on the southwest seaboard, is perhaps one of the most popular towns among sailors in this region.

In this article, therefore, I am going to provide my list of best restaurants in Naples Florida so that you know where to go to enjoy the best of local and international cuisine.


1.Rumba Cuban Cafe

Located on the Airport-Pulling Road, the name of this restaurant is a dead giveaway of the cuisine you can expect here.

Specializing in Caribbean, Spanish, Cuban, and Central and South American cuisine, this Fish sandwich on a platerestaurant has earned a wide following on account of its unassuming, unpretentious but always delicious creations.

The place itself is on the small side, so it is advised to reach early. The staff there are friendly, knowledgeable and always ready to help.

Among their specialties, the Cuban sandwich, grilled chicken served with plantains, and roasted pork with black beans and rice are particularly recommended.


2. Brook’s Gourmet Burger and Dogs

This small restaurant, located on the 9th street, has earned national praise for their burgers. Decorated with vintage aircraft memorabilia, the restaurant has a very casual and relaxed Burger with chips on a platevibe to it.

However, it is clear that they take their burger business with utmost seriousness. For example, unlike most burger joints where they simply microwave vegetarian burgers, they are thoroughly grilled and prepared at Brook’s.

For example, unlike most burger joints where they simply microwave vegetarian burgers, they are thoroughly grilled and prepared at Brook’s.

For example, unlike most burger joints where they simply microwave vegetarian burgers, they are thoroughly grilled and prepared at Brook’s.

Aside from Brook’s extremely popular blue cheese burger, their pulled pork sandwiches, Ragin Cajun Burger, and onion rings are worth trying.

For vegetarians, their burger featuring cheese, tomato and avocado are particularly recommended.


3. Truluck’s

Located on the fourth avenue, away from the touristy fifth avenue, Truluck’s has earned its name as one of the city’s finest fine dining restaurants.Fish with lemon on a plate

The interior here is classy yet relaxed, and there is a lovely patio to enjoy your meal as well. The staff is very well trained who take great to ensure that guests aren’t inconvenienced even during the most crowded hours.

The staff is very well trained who take great to ensure that guests aren’t inconvenienced even during the most crowded hours.

The restaurant has a live music scene as well. Seafood is the main specialty at Truluck’s, with their swordfish steak and stone crab worth particular mention.

In addition, they have a hugely popular happy hour feature where you enjoy their best drinks and foods at mouth watering prices.


4. The Turtle Club – Naples

Located at the Gulfshore Drive North, the Turtle Club offers stunning views of the sea. Unlike most restaurants with great views that serve mediocre food, the Turtle Club has certainly Lemon pie on a platebucked the trend.

The food here certainly rises up to match the spectacular sunset views. The waitresses here are friendly and helpful when it comes to recommending the right dish.

The waitresses here are friendly and helpful when it comes to recommending the right dish.

The menu, unsurprisingly, is dominated by seafood items. Their petite filet, seafood chowder, and key lime pie are worth trying again and again.

Do remember, however, to reserve in advance if you want to enjoy your dinner watching the spectacular sunset.


5. USS Nemo

Rather unobtrusively located at a strip mall on Tamiami Trail North, the USS Nemo specializes in Asian and fusion cuisine.Lemon pie on a plate

Featuring both indoor and outdoor seating facility, the USS Nemo has earned wide acclaim on account of their signature meal, the miso sea bass served with tempura carrots.

In addition, their scallops, seaweed salad, hogfish, and crab cake are other noteworthy items on the menu.

The indoor seating at this restaurant can be a little too crowded and noisy. Therefore, it is recommended that you reserve in advance and book an outdoor seat to enjoy your meal.


6. Tommy Bahama Restaurant and Bar

True to its name, the Tommy Bahama brings the Caribbean party vibe, and the cuisine, to Naples.

Restaurant in Naples FloridaLocated on 3rd street S, the restaurant is noted for attracting the ‘in’ crowd. Unsurprisingly, people go there to eat and drink as much as to see and be seen.

The bar at this restaurant is a particularly high end, serving a range of classic as well as its own signature drinks.

In terms of food, the menu is varied. Aside from their pricey but extremely nice burgers, the seafood dishes are worth ordering.

Whether it is macadamia snapper or crab cakes, you cannot go wrong at Tommy Bahama.


7. The Dock at Crayton Cove

Located at the 12th avenue, the Dock has been noted to recreate the island experience with their protected outdoor seating proving a spectacular view of the sea.Seafood on a plate

On the other hand, the indoor seating at this restaurant may not appeal to everyone, as it seems to have seen better days.

Call them early to reserve your seat in the open.

The cuisine here is understandably heavy on the seafood, featuring popular creations such as the grouper sandwich crab cake, blackened tuna sandwich, and rock shrimp.

The restaurant also stands apart from the rest for being wallet friendly.


8. Pincher’s

Located in the touristy part of the town, the 5th avenue, Pincher’s is a quintessential Rise and steak fish on a plateAmerican pub serving satisfying dishes and drinks.

The service at this often crowded restaurant is quick and efficient.

The restaurant prides itself on using fresh and wholesome local ingredients, and it shows.

Their blackened shrimp, crab dip, mussels, and oysters are particularly recommended.

They have a very generous happy hour policy too so that you can enjoy their food and drink while watching the boats.


9. Bistro 821

Also located on the 5th avenue, Bistro 821 serves up American and International cuisines at extremely fair prices.Beef steak with potato on a plate

The Bistro has both indoor and outdoor dining facility, although you may need to call early for enjoying yourself meal outside.

The staff at this establishment are extremely courteous and helpful, and the service is quick. The menu at the Bistro is rather extensive with plenty of standout dishes.

Their Gorgonzola cheese salad, Wagyu steak, snapper, NY strip steak, and pot roast are worthy of special mention. The Bistro also has an extensive wine selection to accompany your food.



The fact that Naples is one of the most frequented towns in Florida needs no mention. The high tourist traffic, particularly the sailors, means that the city has witnessed an explosion of restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, and bars.

However, not all the restaurants are created equal. In this article, I have included only those where you can be guaranteed of a memorable meal at decent prices.

Naples has hundreds of restaurants, and, unfortunately, it is not possible to accommodate all of them in the list above.


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If you have any recommendation to make, then do let me know via the comments section below!


  1. Naples Florida is one of the more Ritzy places to live and for the wealthy snowbirds. I should know, I used to work there. I opened up a new restaurant there and worked there for 6 months. We staying in corporate housing and worked our buts off. We made a lot of money, but that is because when we were there so were the snowbirds. When they left so did we. So I’m curious to see what restaurants made the cut. Rumba Cuban Cafe with it’s generous portion sandwiches and severed with plantains and grilled pork and beans are always great. But get there early because it’s a small place. Brooke’s Gourmet Burger and Dogs is just what it sounds like, specialty burgers and hot dogs. Trulucks is fine dining with seafood and live music. Tommy Bahama Restaurant and Bar brings a Caribbean vibe. Bistro 821 has both indoor and outdoor seating, it’s key dishes being NY strip, snapper, and pot roast. Somehow, the restaurant i worked at didn’t make the cut, maybe because it’s a chain restaurant and they were going for more of a single restaurant feel for the blog, who knows.

    • Hi there,

      Nice to hear that you owned a restaurant in Naples Fl, and sorry that you left:(

      Thank you for giving your opinion about these restaurants and for the comment.

      Have a wonderful day!

  2. Oh my goodness, this is a phenomenal list! I was surprised to find delicious sounding dishes under every restaurant that you listed. On the same note, I was probably surprised because these restaurants seem totally unique from one to the next.

    You even included insider tips! I don’t like crowds, I don’t like dining inside as much if the interior feel is off and now I can make sure that when I go to Naples I don’t have to waste my time (and money!) on a bad experience.


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