BVI Sailing Packing List – What to And Not to Bring!

Your sailing trip to the BVI is getting closer, and you still don’t know what to bring and what not to bring. Yes, it can be stressful and confusing to think about these details, there is no need to worry!
After reading this article, you’ll discover that it is much simpler than you thought!
However, here is a BVI sailing packing list to make sure you take only what’s necessary!

Quick Look at the BVI Weather?

The packing won’t be a complicated task as the weather in the BVI is fantastic almost throughout the year. The daily temperature is around 32 during the summer and drops down to 29 in the winter. So you can expect to have a pleasant tropical climate the whole year!

What to carry in your hand luggage?

  • Passport
  • Travel documents
  • Driver licenseBag with items on it
  • Sailing certificate if you are the captain on board
  • Medications and prescription medications if needed it
  • Single-use credit card (better and safer to bring)
  • iPhone + Chargers
  • Waterproof for phone
  • Cash (for shopping, taxi, ferry tickets, tax, spa, and snacks)
  • Waterproof camera
  • Waterproof wallet
  • Magazine or a book for the trip
  • Polarized Sunglasses

Essential packing list!

  • Toilette – toothbrush – toothpaste
  • Shampoo + Air conditioner Toileteries
  • A small bottle of aloe vera to soothe sunburns
  • Waterproof sunscreen creams or spray
  • Lotion against mosquitoes
  • Seasickness bands (suitable for adult and children)
  • Plastic bags for soiled laundry
  • Flashlight (very useful if you take the dinghy in the evening or read a book in the dark)
  • Microlight (help you recognize your boat in the dark when you come back after having spent some time ashore)

Woman clothes

  • 2 swimsuits
  • 1 cover-up Swimsuit on a corde
  • 1 summer sundress
  • 1 tank tops per day
  • 3 pair of shorts (Opt for cotton or high-tech fiber, it is much easier to dry in the wind)
  • 1 woman underwear per day
  • 1 pair of non-marking sandal
  • 1 pair of boating shoes
  • 1 pair of Flipflops
  • 2 Linen Shirts with long sleeves to protect you from the sun while snorkeling
  • 2 Hats for the shade that can be tied (It can be windy especially in the BVI!)
  • 1 light nylon jacket ( to warm up when it gets cooler in the evening or if there are all of a sudden rain showers)
  • Beach Towel

Man clothes

  • 3 pair of swim trunks for man
  • 1 tee shirt per dayJeans Short
  • 2 Linen Shirts with long sleeves to protect you from the sun while snorkeling
  • 3 pair of shorts (Opt for cotton or high-tech fiber, it is much easier to dry in the wind)
  • 1 pair of non-marking boat shoes
  • 1 pair of non-marking  flip-flop
  • 2 Hats + Another polarized sunglasses
  • 1 men underwear per day
  • 1 Light jacket (To warm up in the evenings)
  • Beach towel 

What not to bring

  • Luggage with wheels (take waterproof soft bag like Duffel bags, they are easier to store on the boat)Bag with weels
  • Make-up ( It is not necessary as you will be swimming in the water most of the time)
  • Blow dryer ( The wind will dry your hair naturally, and it takes a lot of power from the boat batteries)
  • Bed linen (No need to bring with you since most boats come with it)
  • Fancy clothes ( Most restaurants accept casual clothes, only a few of them required fancy outfits)
  • Expensive Jewellery ( Leave them at home, you could lose them at sea:)

Snorkel/Scuba Equipment

All charter companies provide snorkel equipment, but if you are a bit picky and prefer to use your own, then you can bring or buy them in the BVI.

Children clothes

  • 2 Pajamas
  • 2 swimsuitsFlipflop for children
  • 3 to 4 shorts
  • 1 tee shirt per day
  • 2 tee shirts with long sleeves
  • 1 underwear per day
  • 1 Pair of non-slip sandals
  • 1 pair of flipflops
  • 2 hats + sunglasses
  • Beach toys
  • Beach Towel


  1. It is highly recommended to take fewer clothes and more money!
  2. Make sure to have travel insurance when booking your charter
  3. Always check with your company what is include and what is not in the charter fees.
  4. Drink a lot of water. You could take the risk of getting dehydrated very quickly especially at sea!
  5. Try not to bring traveler’s checks, only cash, and single-use credit card!
  6. Choose clothes that can dry fast.
  7. Rolling your clothes instead of folding them will maximize the place in your luggage.
  8. Invest in a TrailProof Daysacks (It is a waterproof back bag to protect all your stuff from the water, very efficient)
  9. Take a small bottle of detergent with you and clothespins in case you want to wash some clothes on board.

In Conclusion

That’s it! This is all you need for your sailing trip to the BVI. Once you have packed your bag, revise and make sure there isn’t any excess unnecessary stuff. Remember, packing light equals hassle-free and pleasure.

Have a wonderful voyage!

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  1. Thanks for this comprehensive list of travel items. It really helps that you separated women, men, and children. The What Not To Bring list is especially helpful cause we all tend to over pack when travelling. A single use credit card is a fantastic idea and helps to relieve any fears of identity theft. The link to charter companies was also very helpful. Great post overall, thanks.

    • Hi Tugarcia,

      Yes, I put them separately so that the readers can easily understand what is written on the list.

      I’ve found myself making the same mistake over and over until I’ve finally realized that I was overpacking, it took time tough:) But now I only take the essential with me and not just my bags are lighter, but it makes my travel more enjoyable.

      There are no fears with a single credit card as you put only what you need on it, and you can recharge it each time you need to!

      I am glad you like the post, thank you very much for the comment!

      I wish you a fantastic day!

  2. Hei Daniella,
    this is a pretty comprehensive list of what to take sailing with you, good work.
    It has always been my dream to go on a sailing holiday so will have a look through your site to see what is available.
    I also run a travel related blog aroundrock3(dot)com and would be happy if you wanted to put up a guest post about sailing holidays and your site.

    • Hi Tony,

      I am glad you like the article. It’s always a pleasure to hear compliments:)

      It is great to hear that you own a travel website as I love traveling a lot. I will take a look at it!

      Thank you for suggesting me to write an article about sailing holidays and my website. I will definitely take this offer into consideration and think about it.

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a lovely day!

    • Hi Tiffany,

      First, thank you for the comment!
      I’ve made this list printable for you:) Just click on the button down the page and it will redirect you to a PDF.

      Have a beautiful day!


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