Lagoon 470 Catamaran Review – What Makes Her Popular for So Long?

The 470 is an update of the older Lagoon 47 that has withstood the test of time and numerous versions based on this original blueprint.

This Lagoon Catamaran 470 Review will go over the 470’s weak and strong points and concentrate on what has made this particular yacht popular for so long.

The yacht was designed with two things in mind: plenty of space and great performance. Combined, those two aspects have made for a boat that is a sailor’s favorite.


Space and openness are the keywords when describing the 470. The cabins, saloon, and galley are all roomy and comfortable while the design and color choices make this boat sunny and cheerful.

There is also plenty of headroom, making the sailing experience that much better for tall passengers. The decks are given the same wide, easy to navigate spaciousness as the rest of the vessel.


Typically, the Lagoon 470 has 4 cabins and 3 heads, all with plenty of space and comfortable furnishings.

There is a galley-up layout and a big saloon, both are easy to move around in, and the saloon has extra room for lounging and socializing.

The design of the interior was kept simple with lots of sunlight allowed in from the windows to brighten it up.


The decks are wide and allow sailors to come and go without feeling crowded or cramped. The bridge has an incredible view, but so does nearly every angle on the boat. The 470 was designed with clean lines and a sturdy, lightweight shell that makes sailing feel effortless.

Under Sail

As with all Lagoon catamarans, the boat is easy to control and even novice skippers do not find an issue with the controls. The sails are good-sized and require more attention with fewer crew members on board.

The lightness of the boat makes for a sailing experience not unlike floating on air. If you are a sailor who appreciates a quick, light boat, the 470 should be your first choice!

Performance in The Wind

The Lagoon 470’s performance in the wind may be found just slightly lacking to seasoned skippers who notice everything, but most skippers and passengers would hardly notice any difference. The 470 performs well and doesn’t feel underpowered in the least, even if it struggles somewhat with its windward ability.


Twin engines give the 470 added power for situations that call for the use of an engine. The 470 powered up is easy to control, maneuver, and sails smoothly, giving passengers a calm ride even if the weather or sea conditions are less than ideal.

Cruising while using power is made simpler with the ability to use only one or both engines, but the second engine shouldn’t be necessary for most circumstances. It’s still nice to have it there just in case.

Lagoon 470 VS 410

The 410 is a serviceable boat, but many sailors with a 410 are upgrading to the 470. The 470 simply has more room than the 410. Headroom is increased on the 470, as well as a widened galley, that is noticeably narrower in the 410.

The 470 is also superior in wind performance, even with its issues, and the 470 does better in bad weather conditions, whereas the 410 tends to sail choppily.

Why Sail the Lagoon 470

  • Spacious
  • Comfortable furnishings
  • Well thought out, free-flowing interior and exterior designs
  • Easy to control
  • Handles well under power
  • Sails are easy to rig with a good size crew
  • Twin engines are good for extra power and a backup if needed

In Conclusion

The 470 is an update on an old favorite and has become a favorite in its own right. The 470 is not as big as some Lagoon catamarans, but not every sailor is looking for a big boat. This cat performs well and there are not any serious complaints about its performance or design. If you want simple, easy, and comfortable, look no further than the 470!


For more information on Lagoon 470 charter boat:
1 954 892 5009


  • Manufacturer: Lagoon
  • Length: 14,50 m
  • Beam: 7,86 m
  • Engine: 2x Yanmar (2x54HP), diesel
  • Engine hours: ca. 2 415
  • Fuel capacity: 600 l
  • Water capacity: 600 l
  • Length overall: 14.33 meters
  • Beam: 7.62 meters
  • Cabins: 4 to 5
  • Berths: 10 to 12

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    12 thoughts on “Lagoon 470 Catamaran Review – What Makes Her Popular for So Long?”

    1. Hi there,

      Thanks for the Very interesting and thorough review.
      I really love the idea of extra head room, that is a very big advantage.

      Would you recommend the 470 for a small crew with only one experienced sailor? I have the idea on how you describe it, it might be better with a bigger crew. Could you recommend any other options that are more suitable for a small crew?
      A couple of friends and me have the idea of sailing around the mediterranean next summer.. And need some information on this matter 🙂


      • Hi Marteen,

        The Mediterranean is a wonderful place to sail , no doubt about it!

        Of course you can take an experienced skipper , but then you will have to do all the job down by yourself. Which mean, cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc..

        If you want to relax and enjoy fully your sailing holiday, then I would suggest you and your friends to take a crewed yacht.

        Don’t take me wrong a skippered yacht can be a great experience and you will improve your sailing skill:)

        I hope it helped and if you have any other questions, feel free to ask, I’ll be more than happy to help!

        Have a good day

    2. Gosh what a gorgeous yacht! The Lagoon 470 Catamaran looks absolutely out of this world! I could stay in that for a week without it leaving the harbour!

      Your review is very precise and honest and just makes me want to be on the yacht now! Does the price include the crew wages?


      • Hi Sammi,

        Yes the crew is included in the price, and if you want to spoil yourself, you can hire a cook and a hostess, but this will be as an extra

        Thank you for passing by and for the comment.

        I hope it helped, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions, I will be pleased to help

        Have an awesome day:)

    3. It’s really spacious and that rooms with the kids playing on the bed looked perfect. It’s been a while for me since I saw this kind of boats. It made me remember the “Water Worlds Movie’s boat”

      I think those can only sail in calm weather, right? Also, liked the net a lot. It would be very funny to set on it looking underneath at the water 🙂

      • Hi Mahmood

        Yes it’s a wonderful boat for family and for couple of friends. There is a wide amount of space .It is not recommended to sail in a bad weather condition with any boat, and the catamaran is absolutely wonderful for cruising, not for racing. They can sail even upwind , but they will lose a little of they rapidity

        Thank you for the comment and wish you a great day!

    4. Its great reading about the 470, Actual new to this topic, but its obviously an area of interest.

      This is absolutely an excellent review, giving every detail any one of interest will want to know about.

      I will sure check in once in a while to the see what new stuff you have. Who knows just someday I should be able to afford the lagoon 470 for 7 days 🙂

    5. I have owned sail boats myself and really enjoy sailing so chartering on the lagoon 470 catamaran would be a lot of fun. One of the best parts would be all the extra room compared to what I’m use to and the areas where you would be able to charter the boat would definitely be places worth seeing and sailing around.

      Really nice post, gets one thinking about vacation.

      • Compared to monohulls , catamarans are much more spacious and faster. Many sailors have switched from a monohull to a catamaran and most of them wouldn’t go back to a monohull.

        Maybe it will happen to you as well?

        Thank you for the comment and wish you to sail soon:)

    6. Reading your review, now I really want to visit Croatia and Greece. Well am fairly new to yacht sailings and would definitely consider this.

      The pic and specs really indicate what you will be getting .

      I really need a holiday, yacht sailing has made it on my top ten list.

      • Hi Uwais,

        I am happy this article awakens your desire to sail in Croatia:)

        Thank you for the comment and I wish you to sail soon!


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