Lagoon 630 Review – Fulfill All Your Needs!

As a sailing enthusiast, I am always looking forward to opportunities to sail aboard yachts designed and crafted by different makers. What really excites me about them is the opportunity to experience the variety among these boats in terms of their sailing characteristics, design philosophy, onboard amenities, etc.

In other words, most of these boats have something different and unique to offer, and, as a reviewer, I find it important to tell my readers whether they succeeded in their effort.

Not surprisingly, I was thrilled when my husband told me he had chartered a Lagoon 630 for a holiday in Croatia as my birthday gift.

Now here was a boat I had been waiting to get an opportunity to sail aboard and, of course, review. In this Lagoon 630 review, I have sought to provide a detailed write-up based on my experiences during this sailing holiday.


With a length of 63 feet and a beam that measures over 32 feet across, the Lagoon 630 feels big even before getting aboard this boat. The boat has been designed with both private owners and charter operators in mind. In other words, you can hire the Lagoon 630 in different cabin layouts.

The excess space certainly allows the boat to be versatile in terms of its deck layout, which is available in four, five, and six-cabin configurations. Most impressively, even at the maxed-out six-cabin configuration that we chartered, the guests still enjoyed all en-suite amenities.

In other words, 12 people can be luxuriously accommodated in six cabins with en-suite bathrooms and toilet facilities.

The galley downstairs further amplifies the sense of space especially due to its clever design. I particularly liked the top-notch amenities and modern appliances provided in the kitchen, which made me feel like I was at an upscale residence.

During the course of our sail, we found the kitchen large enough to easily support a dinner party for 12 people.


Before the start of our sail, we were provided a brochure about the Lagoon 630 highlighting its main features, and it made a special mention of its interiors designed by Nauta Design.

I can confirm that the interiors of Lagoon 630 can rival the best in its class with its top-of-the-line finish and sophisticated, clean look. The real star of the show is, unsurprisingly, the main stateroom.

The stateroom can be accessed down a few steps from the starboard side of the saloon. Once inside, our jaws dropped at its size and opulence, which easily rivals a typical luxury downtown apartment.

It features a double bed, lounging area, a heads compartment, and a substantial bathroom. What really caught our attention was the sliding door at the aft end that leads to the rear deck.

The rest of the cabins, in a six-cabin configuration, are reasonably sized with a fit and finish that rivals the main stateroom. The Lagoon 630 comes with a crew, and the cabin reserved for them, unlike the rest, features two bunks instead of a bed.

The saloon area, owing to actual generous space as well as the lateral galley being a part of it, feels wide open. Once again, in theme with the rest of the interiors, Nauta Design has done a fine job when it comes to the layout, finish, and overall design of this integrated space.

The kitchen looks sophisticated with the top of the line appliances such as a fridge, freezer, ice maker, barbecue, and bar. We spent a lot of time socializing and entertaining ourselves in the saloon, where the excellent crew took great care of our every little need.


While the interiors of this boat are truly spacious and opulent, they are easily outdone by the sprawl of the main deck area. One measure of the sprawl can be gauged from the fact that the beautifully teak-lined side deck itself is wide enough to easily accommodate a lounge chair.

The generous trampoline area at the foredeck was a special attraction for a sun worshipper like me, a perfect spot to enjoy the agility and swiftness of this boat over calm blue waters.
The helm station at the center of the saloon features two multi-function displays as well as a joystick instead of steering.

The other two helm stations are to be found on the flybridge, with two multi-function screens each, near the seating and sunning area. The flybridge was accessible from the port side of the aft deck, where we went up the handrail-equipped staircase. Once again, it’s hard not to admire the space, versatility, and layout of the flybridge.

Designed with the specific goal of doubling up as an entertaining social space, the two helm stations are flanked by a wet bar, a kitchenette, and a dining area large enough to seat 10 people. The dining table itself is foldable onto the starboard, securing additional space. While we didn’t have it during our sail, there is also an option to accommodate a Jacuzzi close by.

What I particularly liked is that in terms of lounging, the flybridge accommodates the needs of both the sun worshipers as well as those who prefer the cool of a shade. While I was typically enjoying the sun underneath the sliding sunroof, other guests admired the view from the comfort of shade below the hardtop.

Under the Sail

Given the dimensions of this boat, there would be legitimate questions about its fuel efficiency, cruising speeds, and range. However, the Lagoon 630, fitted with two standard Volvo D-4 260 horsepower engines, impresses on all counts.

The Lagoon 630 underwent significant modification in the aft section of its hull to improve buoyancy required to house the Volvo engines. We felt the effect of these design changes in the hull as well as the keel in the boat’s performance characteristics, as it delivered a satisfying cruising speed of 12 knots with a top speed of 16 knots.

Why Sail the Lagoon 630

1. Supremely spacious interiors and deck areas
2. Excellent sailing characteristics and cruising range for a boat of its size
3. Luxurious fit and finish inside and out exemplified by the owner’s stateroom

In Conclusion

There is no doubt that Lagoon 630 has aimed at hitting the sweet spot of sprawling luxury and satisfactory sailing characteristics. On the basis of my experience aboard lagoon 630, I can confidently say this boat ticks all the boxes.

Whether it is space and comfort, stability at sea, a gentle ride, impressive cruising range, or onboard luxuries, the Lagoon 630 seems to tick all the boxes.

The fine crew, who were truly knowledgeable about the hidden coves and beaches along the Croatian coast, further made this a memorable sailing trip with their attention to detail and courteousness.


  • Manufacturer: Lagoon
  • Length: 63’11”
  • Beam: 32’10”
  • Draft: 5’1″
  • Displacement: 74,750 lbs
  • Fuel capacity: 793 gal.
  • Water capacity: 254 gal.

Have you sailed the Lagoon 630? If so, feel free to share your experience in the comment below

4 thoughts on “Lagoon 630 Review – Fulfill All Your Needs!”

  1. It looks great!! Sailing on a cruise is one of my dreams that I want to accomplish in this life.

    12 people is quite plenty for a little boat like this. Imagine all the fun you can have with all your loved ones on board. I also liked really much the interior. It’s like a swimming palace.

    • Hi Tyker,

      The Lagoon 630 is a big boat, she can accommodate up to 12 passengers, but it does not mean that you need to sail with this amount of people:) Indeed, sailing with your love one could be a wonderful adventure, in fact, it should be:)

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a wonderful day!

  2. Hi there, Wowza!!! My partner and I have always wanted to go on a cruise but I never ever was aware there were boats like this one. I cannot believe all the space, maybe I missed it in your post but who does the cooking? Do the crew cook or is that up to the guests? Sorry, if that is a silly question. Thanks

    • Hi Justine,

      Yes, the Lagoon 630 is extremely spacious and beautiful, I totally agree with you:)

      This is not a silly question at all and I am sorry if I didn’t mentioned it in the article, indeed, the crew make the cooking onboard and believe me, the meals are delicious! I was treated like a princess:)

      I hope it helped

      Thank you very much for the comment and wish you a wonderful day!


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