Sailing Holidays In The Ionian – Corfu!

Off of the Greek mainland is a cluster of islands known as the Ionian Islands. They are a fine choice to visit to learn about the Greek culture, stroll on a beach or to just rest your mind. Corfu is one of two large Ionian Islands to welcome sailing tourists and has many features to draw the intellectual and sport-minded traveler.


The Island of Corfu

The name Corfu comes from the Greek word Kerkyra and is adapted from a character in Greek mythology. The Ionian Island, when viewed from the water, has been described as an Eden-like garden because of the richness of the land, dotted with majestic mountains, green bountiful gardens filled with olives, and a variety of flowers and birds. If that doesn’t sound inviting enough, there are more than 10 relaxing sandy white beaches with translucent blue waters waiting for you to drop anchor.


Sailing the Ionian Sea

The Ionian Islands are geographically arranged to make sailing not only pleasant for viewing the scenery but also simple enough for inexperienced or new sailors to confidently navigate the waters. With 10 ports, some situated in coves, others ports created just for visiting vacationing sailboats, like the one found in Corfu, and ports with historical attractions beacon sea travelers to stop and visit.

Snorkeling and various water sports are offered at some of the beaches on the Ionian Islands. For a family fun beach time, the beach water of Glyfada, located in Corfu, is shallow and the beach wide enough for children to safely enjoy. The shallowness of the water allows for a clear view of the colorful variety of fish one can find in the Ionian Sea while snorkeling.


Accommodations and Restaurants

Hotels, spas, and resorts dot the island of Corfu providing a choice of views. There are beach resorts, hotels with mountain views of the Ionian Sea, as well as spas located on the city edge of Corfu Town surround by lush landscape. Whichever view you desire will be accompanied by local taverns and restaurants serving delicious traditional Greek food and wines. Menus consist of Feta cheese, lamb, eggplant, garden vegetables, and seafood, drizzled with olive oil and served with tasty bread.


What to Visit 

The Ionian Islands are rich in history, culture, and architecture. Plan to visit the mountains to view signs of ancient times in the form of monasteries and ruins. Visit the olive vineyards and witness the creation of olive oil. With its history of different civilizations inhabiting the Ionian Islands, there is much for a vacationing tourist to discover. Also, take times to enjoy local festivals during the summer months of July and August.

Best time to sail

The best time to travel to the Ionian Islands is between the months of June and October. The weather is rarely marred by rainfall, allowing you to enjoy outdoor activities. Good weather is also beneficial when traveling to Corfu by boat.

Sailing the Ionian Sea and visiting the Ionian Islands on vacation will be an experience to be remembered.

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