Skippered Motor Sailing Holidays in Greece – Carefree Holiday!

Planning on sailing the Greek Islands during your next holiday, but out of the many islands available, not sure where to go or the best way to get to your destination? Then consider chartering a motor yacht.

Here are some of the benefits of having skippered motor sailing holidays in Greece.


The Benefits of Choosing a Skippered Motor Sailing Yacht

Choosing to charter a motor sailing yacht with a skipper allows you the freedom to truly enjoy your vacation exploring the harbors found south of the Greek city of Athens.

When you reserve a yacht, you can choose from a skipper-owned vessel or hire a skipper for the use of a bareboat charter. Deckhands and hostesses are also available with chartered yachts to keep the vessel clean, cook and set up for meals.

Having a qualified skipper driving the vessel relieves you of having to apply for the necessary documents that are required if you choose a barebone yacht.

When you contract a skipper who is the owner of the yacht, you have the added security of knowing he is familiar with the vessel and the history of maintenance of the yacht. You will also benefit from the knowledge the skipper has of the area.

A seasoned skipper can highlight areas you will find most interesting on your holiday. Why? Living in Greece, he probably has vacationed on a few of the islands during his lifetime and will also know where the best places to moor, eat, and swim.


 Sailing Yacht or Motor Yacht?

So what is the difference in a skippered sailing yacht and a motor sailing vessel? Motor sailing yachts are different from sailboats which contain a motor to help maneuver the vessel.

The masts are shorter in comparison to sailing yachts and have masts more in the line of a schooner vessel. Motor yachts are much faster than sailing yachts since the boat is traveling mainly by way of engine power.

There is also the option to slow down your journey by unfurling the sails thus allowing just the wind to propel the motor yacht for more leisurely travel.

Another advantage of motor sailing is the water vessel can travel long distances even in less than perfect weather. The motor sailing yacht engine allows it to travel through a headwind without much disruption to the guests on board.

If you were traveling in a sailboat under bad weather conditions, you would need to head to the nearest harbor and ride out the bad weather. And when the weather is less than perfect, the experience and knowledge of a skipper will become of the utmost importance.

How to Have a Carefree Holiday?

For a carefree holiday sailing the waters of Greece, investigate the option of hiring a skipper versus traveling in a skipper owned motor sailing yacht.

Having a skipper on board to point out choice beaches, landmarks, and eateries will provide local flavor to your exploration of the Greek Islands.

All of the required documentation, maintenance, and travel destinations issues can be handled by an experienced captain driving your motor sailing yacht, while you lay back and enjoy your sailing holiday.


Have you been in Greece on a skippered motor yacht? Please share your experience in the comments below.

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