Top 15 Cruising Lagoon Catamarans – Your Guide!

Lagoon has been at the forefront of the yacht charter industry for decades, but with so many different models to choose from it’s difficult to nail down which one is just right for you. I’ve compiled a list of the top 15 Lagoon catamarans that will make your sailing voyage a trip you will never forget!


1. Lagoon 380

The Lagoon 380 is a simple, straightforward design that allows for ample space in every section of the boat, including exceptional overhead clearance. The galley is an incredible selling point due to its layout that keeps the conversation flowing, and its functional design that prevents the oven from heating the whole boat.

2. Lagoon 380 S2

More compact than most cats, the Lagoon 380 S2 is comfortable and cozy within its compact design. “Compact”, in this case, does not mean that you will feel crowded. There is plenty of room to socialize and still maintain a bit of space. This boat is perfect for an intimate couple sailing trip.

3. Lagoon 39

The Lagoon 39 interior design was created with a soothing, relaxing look in mind and the design succeeds in encouraging passengers to sit back and enjoy the view. The central placement of the mast on the 39 gives passengers a more stable sailing experience.

4. Lagoon 400

The Lagoon 400 features a beach-themed interior design that stays sunny due to the windows that let in the sunshine. The cabins and lounge areas are bright and airy with plenty of room for a good size number of passengers without tripping over one another.

5. Lagoon 400 S2

King-size cabins and saloon below deck have made the Lagoon 400 S2 a yacht that more closely resembles an average apartment that a yacht. Housing 8 passengers generously, the 400 S2 has a modern feel and is for sailors that want no part of “roughing it.”

6. Lagoon 410 S2

Stretching to over 4,000 feet in length, the Lagoon 410 S2 is spacious and comfortable. The interior is sunny and bright, highlighting the honey-toned wood and beach colors of the furnishings. The 410 S2 can easily accommodate 6-8 passengers with enough without experiencing overcrowding.

7. Lagoon 420

The Lagoon 420 is a dual hull design that has large cabins, oversized windows, and a galley/saloon that is perfect for night entertainment. Comfortable for up to 8 passengers, the 420 has enough space for each person to have their own special spot on the boat.

8. Lagoon 440

The Lagoon 440 was designed for 6 passengers to sail in the lap of luxury. The premium cabins each have their own heads equipped with indulgent extras not seen in most cats. Passengers can delight in the view provided by the wrap-around windows in the saloon below deck.

9. Lagoon 450

Ideal for a family or group of about 6, the Lagoon 450 has lots of room and incredible views from almost any vantage point on the boat. This boat has definite separation between public areas and private cabins, offering passengers some time to themselves.

10. Lagoon 470

Room and efficiency are the key traits of the Lagoon 470. Moving around above and below deck are equally effortless, preventing you from feeling cramped. The galley and saloon are perfect places for gatherings as a family or group and the views from the windows are breathtaking in any light!

11. Lagoon 500

Small, but packing a punch, the Lagoon 500 is compact but luxurious. The interior design is tasteful and subdued, storage space is abundant, and the shower stalls are impressive for any size of boat. The boat may be smaller than other cats, but it lacks none of the flair.

12. Lagoon 52

The Lagoon 52 is an improved design of a previous yacht that increased space and rounded corners to make the living spaces more comfortable. In addition, the 52 possesses a galley and saloon design that is among the most popular in the sailing world.

13. Lagoon 560

Built on a massive scale, the Lagoon 560 is made for large parties that expect socialization and entertainment to play a big part in the journey. There is room to spread out or gather comfortably without having to squeeze together makes this boat unique. This is no speedboat, but more resembles a floating party!

14. Lagoon 570

The Lagoon 570 is a large vessel that manages to feel homey and warm. Easily accommodating a large group, the 570 is designed for spreading out and taking advantage of the plush furnishings in the lounge areas and cabins. This boat was designed to impress and delight at the same time.

15. Lagoon 620

Everything on the Lagoon 620 is super-sized, making it feel like a house on the water. Cabins, saloons, and galleys are huge and inviting. Everyone can easily gather in one central area or spread out over the boat. The best feature is that the boat can handle a big gathering with ease!


Every sailor or group of sailors has their own particular likes, dislikes, and needs in mind for the yacht they wish to charter. The above guide will help you get started planning your vacation filled with an amazing experience on a boat tailor-made for you!


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Which of these Lagoon catamaran yachts did you like the most? Please feel free to share it comment below, I would love to hear your feedback!

8 thoughts on “Top 15 Cruising Lagoon Catamarans – Your Guide!”

  1. I have always wanted to sail the ocean on a Catamaran because they look so relaxing when you can lie in the sun with an ice-cold drink and take in the great atmosphere 😉

    I love the look of the Lagoon 620 with it’s two levels, and looks very spacious too.

    You have given me plenty of vacation ideas here.


    • Hi Neil,

      The Lagoon 620 is my favorite one. This cat is so comfortable and spacious, I always sail with the 620 with friends and family.

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a nice day

  2. I vote for lagoon 380 s2. It has a unique shape, yet still provide ample space to move around.
    I enjoyed watching yachts being docked at marina, but I have not give it a try yet, because my children are still very young (2 and 5 years old).
    Do you have any tips for taking young children for sailing? I am thinking to go for whale watching, but keep postpone it because I’m afraid my kids won’t be allowed on board.

    • Hi Rina,

      You have a good taste, the Lagoon 380 S2 is a wonderful yacht to sail with.

      You can bring your kids on a sailing trip without any problem. Here is a helpful article about how to sail with kids

      I hope it helped and if you need further information, please feel free to contact me, I’ll be more than happy to help you

      Thank you for the comment and wish you an awesome day.

  3. Hello Daniella,
    Great article on Top 15 Cruising Lagoon Catamarans – Your Guide!
    Lagoon Catamarans are amazing I really enjoy them.
    My friends and I are planning a trip in the Caribbean this winter, could you please tell me which one will be the most appropriate for 12 people – just for 1 day.
    Thank you!

    • Hi Lina,

      I would definitely suggest you the 620 or the 570. Both are very spacious and can welcome 12 guests without any problem. Here is a nice article about how to sail in the Caribbean. I am sure it will help you out with your sailing trip.

      If you need any help, please feel free to contact me I’ll be more than happy to assist you

      Thank you for the comment and I wish you a nice day

  4. All those catamarans look beautiful. What would you recommend for a group of 15 people, or is that another type of ship? I would prefer something that is smooth on the water so does that mean it needs to be larger? Also I am unfamiliar with sailing, so how many people are needed to be part of a crew?

    • Hi there,

      You’ll need another type of boat. The Lagoon will be too small for a group of 15 people. I would recommend the Mojito 78, it can accommodate up to 24 passengers. There will be 4 crews on this cat to control the boat and to spoil you and your guest while sailing.

      I hope it helped and if you need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me, I’ll be more than happy to assist you:)

      Thank you for the comment and I wish you a wonderful day!


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