Lagoon 410 s2 Catamaran Yacht – The Updated Version !

The Lagoon 410 S2 Catamaran is an updated version of the Lagoon 410. I am always interested in exploring the differences between older models and newer versions.

Although there are some differences between the 410 S2, the sailing abilities are very good. The 410 S2 is a yacht that can hold its own.

I found the Lagoon 410 S2 Catamaran to be a comfortable cruising yacht with well-utilized space.


I discovered the performance of the Lagoon 410 S2 to be set to the highest standards of comfort and safety. The S2 is comfortable and cozy. The dining area, galley, and cabins are well-appointed.

There is plenty of space in the salon and galley for preparing meals, and dining and sleeping quarters are spacious and offer enough room to stretch out.

Under sail

Under sail, the 410 S2 is an exceptional sailing yacht that performs well. Primary sail control lines, including the reefing lines and halyard, are operated with the help of an electric winch.

The S2 performs well windward, except in very light air. I would easily charter the Lagoon 410 S2 again, and you should consider it too.

Waterline length allows for larger load carrying for longer offshore passages. Unlike other models with raised booms or flybridge, the S2 is absolved of that issue.


The interior of the 410 S2 is very spacious and appealing, with lots of natural light in the saloon and cabins. I found the boat to be stylishly designed with warm tones and pleasing color hues.

The navigation station, open-concept galley, and saloon make it a fantastic choice for long cruises. I enjoyed the large main salon for reading and gathering with passengers, which seats six comfortably and eight cozily.

There is lots of storage under the bench in the salon for supplies, food, and other necessities for cruising. Additionally, the S2 has large bilges as well as a large freezer and fridge.

The office area has a desk area for work, and although some sailors find it a wasted space, I found it to be very usable and convenient.


The 410 S2 offers lots of room for lounging on the deck and spending time on topside.
I enjoyed laying out on the large trampoline and reading and drinking in the sea breeze.

The exterior area is limited by the size of the cockpit; however, it is the focal point for outside activities.

Comparison with the Lagoon 410

In comparison with the Lagoon 410 – the S2 is just an updated version and perfect for offshore.

Although the 410 seemed heavy, the S2 handles nicely.
Both the 410 and 410 S2 are very similar; however, there were some modifications made to make it more ergonomically designed.

The 410 had the anchor at the bridge deck, whereas the S2 had the anchor at the crossbeam.

Why Sail the Lagoon 410 S2

  • A lot of natural light in the interior
  • Handles nicely in windward conditions
  • The water tank is large enough to be self-contained.
  • Stable and safe even in challenging weather
  • Very comfortable accommodations

In Conclusion

I found the Lagoon 410 S2 to be a solid vessel and well-equipped to handle long offshore passages. Off the wind, the S2 sails in superb comfort.

I found my cruise aboard the Lagoon 410 S2 Catamaran to be very enjoyable, and I and would recommend the yacht to anyone. While there are some issues with the 410 S2, it really is a matter of preference.


  • Manufacturer: Lagoon
  • Length overall: 12.00 meters
  • Beam: 7.09 meters
  • Engine: YANMAR 3JH4CE
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Fuel capacity: 240 liters
  • Drinking water capacity: 790 liters

Have you sailed the Lagoon 410S2? If so, feel free to share your experience in the comment below.

8 thoughts on “Lagoon 410 s2 Catamaran Yacht – The Updated Version !”

  1. HI Daniella, thanks for great info. Although I do not have money to rent or buy the yacht, but I enjoy read your article. I live in south Asia, I like to go to sea, fishing and swimming, but we have never think to rent or buy yacht. Hope someday, I can make money online and rent or buy yacht from you. Thanks

    • Hi Christian,

      I hope for you too:)

      South Asia is is a beautiful place to visit , especially by boat.

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a wonderful day!

  2. This is a good review of the Lagoon 410 S2 catamaran. Your description and pictures make me feel like I have walked through the boat. It looks like it would be a great sailing experience and very comfortable inside. I was very surprised to see 4 bedrooms on the boat – you could sail with pretty large party. Thanks for the information.

    • Hi Jeff,

      Yes, Catamarans are spacious, comfortable, fast, safe, and offer great accommodation. That is the reason why they are so popular.

      Thank you for passing by and for the comment

      I wish you a nice day

  3. I’d love to learn to sail. The specs on this boat make me want to learn, just so i can kick back in all this luxury.

    Can you recommend a boat suitable to the beginner, and I mean never sailed before beginner. Is it possible to run one of these type boats with no experience?

    • Hi Cathy,

      If you know someone that sail, you can practice and learn some sailing terms, but I would suggest you to take a sailing course . This is the only way for you to sail one of those boats. Without bareboat certificate , you won’t be able to rent a yacht.

      The course usually takes between 5 to 7 days and you are good to go.

      Thank you for the comment and wish you to sail soon!

      Have a great day

  4. Daniela, this is such a thorough reviews of lagoon 410 S2 catamarans. I was amazed with the interior design of this yacht, very spacious (6-seater living room and two double beds, wow). It has a warm color theme which is very inviting. I envision you writing some new posts for your website while cruising with this catamarans. What a luxurious dream, at least for me. I hope to be able to achieve it some day in the future.

    • Hi Rina,

      That’s what I love about Catamarans, they are spacious, beautiful and comfortable. Yes, the Sea gives a lot of inspiration to work on new blogs. If you dream about it, then it will certainly happen:)

      Thank you for the comment and wish you to sail soon!


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