What Is A Crewed Catamaran? – All You Need To Know


What is a Crewed Catamaran? 

A getaway on a catamaran is an experience not to be missed, especially if it’s accompanied by a professional crew to pamper and spoil you and your family during your sailing vacation.

There are so many beautiful things to say about this fantastic sailing cat. In this blog, I will share with you what are the most popular reasons why catamarans are so demand, what exactly a crewed catamaran is, and what are the advantages and disadvantages to get on this incredible sailing yacht.


Advantages of a catamaran

  • Let’s start by saying that a catamaran is much more stable than a monohull, thanks to its two parallel hulls of equal size. As a result, you’ll feel more comfortable and also will reduce seasickness that is generally caused by the rocking of the boat.
  • Its wide lateral platforms allow you to travel safely, offer a wide amount of space, and make manipulation much easier.
  • The waters of the Caribbean, Bahamas, and the BVI are shallow and smooth. One of the reasons the catamaran is very popular in these regions is because of its small draft that allows anchoring closer to the shore and prevents it from tangling in these beautiful coral reefs.
  • A catamaran can sail and access where other boats cannot. It is a huge advantage, and in addition to this, they are faster than monohulls depending on the conditions. They reach their maximum speed on smooth water and in moderate winds, which gives you the possibility to explore a wider range of destinations.
  • A catamaran is intelligently built, thus making it very stable on the water, and that way has less chance of unbalancing and perhaps capsizing.
  • Many people are worrying about not having enough privacy when it comes to sailing on a crewed yacht. The good news, you have plenty of space on a crewed catamaran; each cabin is separated from the other and located in each hull. The salon is very spacious; the deck is wide enough to scroll around with a great trampoline to sunbathe, relax or jump on it. In addition, there is plenty of storage which is very helpful when you bring personal things with you.


Disadvantages of a catamaran

You may think that this ship must have some disadvantages. Yes, he definitely has some. For example;

  • The catamaran has more trouble focusing on tacking than a monohull due to its large hulls.
  • The catamaran must slow down its speed in gusty conditions to avoid being blown over.
  • This boat has more difficulties mooring, especially during the peak season, which can be a problem to find a place, so it is better to arrive earlier in the afternoon.
  • If the weather change and deteriorates, then the catamaran will be much slower than any other boat.

What about the crew?

But these disadvantages shouldn’t disturb your sailing trip for the simple reason that you will be on a crewed catamaran controlled by a knowledgeable team in order to make you spend an exceptional fleet vacation. A professional team is entirely dedicated to your requirements all along your sailing holiday, and you can be very surprised how fast you can become good friends.

They do not only navigate the boat but also take care of the daily tasks, such as cooking delicious meals while you are relaxing and preparing refreshing cocktails at sunset while you are enjoying watching spectacular views.

Water sport amenities

A crewed catamaran possesses all the required amenities you need for water sports (complete snorkel gear, fishing gear, kayak, water skis, wakeboard, windsurfer, and more).

The crew will bring you to the most beautiful sites, only accessible by boat, and will dive with you into the clear blue water to explore the incredibly wide life sea.

Whether it’s to be with family, couples of friends, or being on your honeymoon. A catamaran is a perfect boat combining comfort, sailing, fun, service, and privacy.

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