What to pack for a Mediterranean cruise – List for 7 day

Whether you have already been experimented or new in cruising, but perhaps you have some difficulties in deciding what to take, what to wear, and which quantity of clothes to take with you.SUITCASE

Well, this will depend on some different factors, for instance, which part of the Mediterranean you are going to explore, when, and for how long you are planning to cruise.

Some travelers have a certain preference to cruise during the summer, some others decide to have their fleet vacation in the fall, some even in the winter, or during the spring.

What to take into consideration?

Here are some suggestions, which will help you to decide what to pack for a Mediterranean cruise.

If you cruise during the summer, most of the day you are going to be in a swimming suit, in the afternoon, you maybe will do some excursions, and in the evening you’ll certainly go for dinner and dance.

Generally the weather in the fall is well comfortable during the day, but takes into consideration that the temperatures dropped quickly during the afternoon, so you must take some light jackets, and sweaters with you.

What to pack?

Just below there is a list of clothes to bring for a 7 day, night cruise, and for each season of the year.

Summer & spring

  • 4 Swimming suits (for the beach or the swimming pool)
  • 5 cocktail dresses (for the evening)
  • 8 T-shirts (for the day, or for excursion)
  • 8 Shorts (for the day, or for excursion)
  • 5 Good walking shoes, pair of shoes for the evening, flip flop, pair of sandal, sport shoes (For the day, excursion, and evening)
  • 4 Lightweight paint (for excursions)
  • 4 Blouses (for the day)
  • 4 Sundresses (for the day)
  • 6 Jackets and tie (for the evening)
  • Sunscreen, earing, bracelet, necklace, sunglasses,hat.

Fall & Winter

  • 1 Rain poncho (For the deck, or for excursion)
  • 1 Umbrella (for excursion)
  • 1 Sunglasses (even in the winter the sun will be bright)
  • 1 Sunscreen (sunlight are much more dangerous in winter)
  • 5 Sweater (For the deck, or excursion)
  • 4 Swimingsuit (For the Indoor pool)
  • 1 Heavier coat (for trip or excursion)
  • 5 Good walking shoes, pair of shoes for the evening, flip flop, pair of sandal, sport shoes (For the day, or excursion)
  • 6 Jackets and tie (for the evening)
  • 5  Cocktail dresses (for the evening)
  • 6 t-shirts(for the day )
  • 6 pains (for excursion and for the indoor)
  • 4 Blouses(for the day)
  • 3 Sweatshirts
  • Earrings, bracelets, necklace, hat.

No matter when you’ll choose to cruise, because each region and each season has its own charm, especially in the Mediterranean.
However, make sure to bring with you all you need, if you forget something, you can always do some shopping while you are visiting one of the most beautiful towns of the Mediterranean.

Have you ever packed for a Mediterranean cruise? Let me know in the comments below.

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