What To Pack For An Alaska Cruise – All You’ll Need!

Packing for a trip can sometimes be annoying for some people ,but personally I really like it, I think it’s great , each time I pack, I feel a lot of excitement, especialy for an Alaska cruise!


You and your family are planning a nice cruise to Alaska and you are surely preparing your trip doubting that it’s very cold up there ,and that you should take with you plenty of warm clothes.

Well, don’t pack so fast, you would be very surprise about the weather in Alaska.The temperature can be very surprising depending on which region you are going to cruise.






The best way to discover Alaska

Cruising is the best way to discover Alaska, your cruise will bring you to wonderful glaciers, you will enjoy watching beautiful whales, impressive bears, wolfs and many others incredible wildlife.

General climate in Alaska

South – Central

In South-central of Alaska the climate is subarctic, which mean that the winter is long and cold, with short cool summer.


The southern is the warmest and the only part of Alaska, where the temperature can be much above freezing in the winter.


South Alaska climate is mild compared to other parts of Alaska; the days are generally clear in this region, with frequent strong winds and often get snowy.


In the north of Alaska the climate is very cold, the winter is long and the summer is short. In the summer the temperature is just a little above freezing and the snow can fall almost any time of the year.

Interior Alaska

The interior of Alaska is wide and covers a big part of the United States, which includes the Mount McKinley, Ray, and Wrangell mountains.

The interior of Alaska contains many beautiful towns such as, Fairbanks which is the largest city, North Pole, Eagle, Delta Junction, Anderson, Glennallen, Nenana, Cantwell and Healy. The temperatures of interior Alaska are very variable, and in the winter the temperatures generally are reaching (-34) and in the summer it can reach up to (34).

During the summer, from the month of May to the month of July, there won’t have nights, and between the months of November to the month of January will have almost no daylight.

What are your plans?

Generally, a cruise is for 7 days, but anyway, you can always take stuff in extra depending on how long you are going to cruise.  Also, think about what you are going to do when you’ll be in Alaska.

Maybe you have planned  to make a lot of excursions, or you have decided to stay on the boat to just rest and enjoy the beautiful views, which is not a bad idée . But in my point of view, there is so much to see and to do in this beautiful country.


Pay attention to the weather!

Keep in mind that the weather in Alaska is very unpredictable, during the day it can be warm ,and suddenly cool down or rainy. So be ready!

Don’t work so hard!

Try to avoid over packing, this could be very annoying because you want to enjoy and not to work so hard with your suitcases, just take only what you’ll need.

What to pack?

Here is the list of what to pack for an Alaska cruise.

Essential packing list

  • Camera and extra Batteries.
  • Backpack (It’s always practical to use it when you go on an excursion, you can put water, some clothes, and sunscreen).
  • Passports
  • Credit card +  Driver license (There are many shops around Alaska ports, especially in Juneau Ketchikan and Skagway).
  • Trip assurance
  • Sunglasses
  • Watch
  • Alarm clock
  • Laundry bags
  • First aid + essential medications

For woman

  • Make-up + remover Deodorant
  • perfume
  • Hand cream
  • Nail Polish + remover
  • Toiletry bag + brush
  • Face cream
  • Socks
  • Mountain shoes + waterproofed shoes + evening shoes + flip flops (For excursions, evening, and indoor swimming pool)
  • Gloves + hats + scarf (For the deck, and excursions)
  • Belts
  • Dresses for the evening. (For 2 or 3 formal nights)
  • Pantyhose
  • Jewelry
  • Jacket for the evening.(For 2 or 3 formal nights)
  • Sweatshirts + sweaters
  • Shorts Pants
  • Swimsuits + cover-up (For indoor swimming pool, and spa)
  • Pajama + slipper
  • Underwears
  • Tee shirts ( long sleeves, short sleeves).
  • Coat + raincoat

For Mans

  • Toiletry bag + comb
  • Razor electric
  • Deodorant
  • Pajama + slipper
  • Jeans
  • Shorts
  • Sweatshirts + sweaters T-Shirts (long sleeves, short sleeves)
  • Hat + gloves + scarf
  • Waterproofed shoes + sports shoes + evening shoes (For excursions and the evening)
  • Trunks (For the indoor swimming pool and spa)
  • Waterproof jacket + coat (For excursions and the deck)
  • Belts
  • Underwears + socks
  • Evening vest + pants + tie + shirts (For 2 or 3 formal nights)

As I said above, try not to over-pack, many people think that they don’t take enough with them, but they forget that the cruise ship has plenty of amenities today; it’s very similar to a hotel.

Cruise, similar to a hotel!

Things not to take

Here is a list of things you won’t need to bring with you.

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Soaps
  • Peignoir
  • Towel
  • Blow dryer (Some ships possess one in the cabin)
  • Detergent, softener (most of the ships have service laundry)
  • Magazines (Many ships contain shops and photo shops)

What if you’ve forgotten something?

There are many shops around the ports in Alaska, so if you have forgotten something, you can always do some shopping while you’re on one of the excursions.

But try to let some place left in your suitcase for the gifts and souvenirs, because when you’ll come back from Alaska, you surely want to offer some presents for your family and close friends.

Have you already experienced a cruising trip in Alaska? Let me know in the comments just below.

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