Soft-coolers are one of the household requirements that you need to have around so you can keep your food and drinks cold when your outside camping, picnicking, fishing, hunting, or hiking.

When buying a soft-cooler, you’ll possibly want the one with closed-cell insulation properties in order to keep your food fresh. In addition, you’ll want a cooler that’s easy to transport, long-lasting, and versatile.

This guide will take you through the best rated soft coolers that you can find in the market today.

#1. Yeti Hooper-II 30

Average Rank: 4.4 out 5

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The Yeti Hopper-II 30 cooler comes with amazing features that ensures your food and drinks are always safe and cool. The cooler is highly durable and has a superb installation system. It’s also easy to use and carry around. It has a great size and shape, making it a perfect choice for any event.

This cooler is made from Dry-Hide-Shell material, which is FDA approved. This makes it very tough and gives it the power to resist mold, ultraviolet rays, and tears.

The cooler is 100% leak-proof and waterproof, and it can store ice for more than a day. It also includes a comfortable shoulder strap, which is necessary when carrying the cooler for long hours.

The Yeti-Hopper-II 30 soft-cooler is rated as the best cooler on the market today. It’s the perfect option for carrying your items to very harsh environments and it can stand firm against threatening weather and harsh climate. However, it’s very expensive when compared to other soft coolers, but it’s worth purchasing due to its outstanding features.

Other key attributes of this cooler include a highly durable Hydro-Lock Zipper, cold-cell insulation, a tapered body, a hitch-point grid, and even a convenient bottle opener.

  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • High-Density Insulation
  • Good warranty
  • Spacious


  • Difficult to carry long distances when full.
  • Expensive, but worth the price

#2. Yeti Hooper Flip 12

Average Rank: 4.3 out 5

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The Yeti Hopper Flip 12 is the best-personal-cooler in the market and it’s extremely durable and easy to use. It has a cold-cell insulation which offers a great ice-holding capacity compared to other soft-coolers.

On top of that, the cooler has a smaller size and a good shape making it excellent for use on every function. You can carry your favorite drinks or food at any event. Still, the cooler is great enough to accommodate twelve cans plus ice in situations when you just need to sit back and relax.

It’s one-hundred percent waterproof and leak-proof and has a wide opening on its mouth to allow good visibility and accessibility of the stored contents. Its created from Dry-Hide-Shell material which is FDA-approved and which makes the cooler highly resistant to wear and tear, mildew, abrasion, and mold. This makes it suitable for traveling and camping to very wild environments.

The cooler comes with padded shoulder-straps which makes you comfortable when carrying it for long distances. Even when it’s fully loaded, it feels okay when carrying it for many hours because you don’t easily get weary.

Just go for this soft cooler if you like spending a great deal of your time in very humid surroundings, sunny weather, and hostile environments.

  • Superb insulation
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Lightweight compared to other Yeti coolers
  • First class material


  • Expensive, but perform extremely well

#3. Icemule Pro

Average Rank: 4.3 out 5

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The IceMule Pro cooler is rated as the world’s best high-capacity and a most-portable soft cooler of all time. It’s insulated with a Polar-Layer foam material, making it completely waterproof. It also gives this cooler a great capacity to store ice for more than 24 hours without leaking.

The cooler is padded with comfortable shoulder straps, making it easier to use and carry around. As opposed to most other soft-coolers, the IceMule Pro has no zippers, so getting things in and out is easier and faster.

It has padded backpack straps, unlike most other soft coolers. In addition, it’s fairly priced, versatile, and easy to use and carry for longer distances when completely full. It’s easy to clean and it has a “burping valve” that allows excess-air out. Still, it’s wonderfully designed and offers great installation services, making it a perfect option for keeping drinks and food cold for the whole day.

It’s good to note that the IceMule Pro lacks some insulation properties, but it’s still a good option if you’re looking for an affordable, durable, portable, and user-friendly soft-cooler.

  • Easy to carry around when full
  • Awesome portability keeps your hands free while walking
  • Rugged
  • Perform well
  • Inexpensive
  • Less capacity insulation than other coolers.
  • Not comfortable when the cooler is not fully packed

#4. ENGEL HD-30

Average Rank: 3.9 out 5

Top Pick

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This product is among the top soft-coolers currently on the market. It provides the best performance by holding ice for four days. The cooler comes with a completely waterproof zipper that enables easier and quicker access to the stored contents. What’s more amazing is the vacuum-valve technology that boosts the cooler’s insulating properties.

Engel HD-30 contains a closed-cell foam insulation that is 100% airtight. This is what improves the thermal range of the cooler. The zipper is air-resistant and requires no lubrication. The cooler can either be carried using the padded strips or the tote handles. Its capacity is approximately 32 quarts.

The exterior is constructed using a high-quality, durable, and rugged TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) material that makes it highly resistant to abrasions, grease, and oily products. Furthermore, it includes padded shoulder straps for easier transportation. It also comes with zipper lube and a bottle opener.

  • Exceptional insulation
  • Spacious
  • Feature ergonomic shoulder straps
  • Long lasting building material
  • Spacious


  • The exterior zipper is not waterproof

#5 Polar Bear Coolers Nylon

Average Rank: 4.4 out 5

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The Polar Bear Cooler is cost-effective and built to last for a long period of time. It contains a powerful, high-density foam insulation, which helps it to store ice for up to 24 hours in 100-degree heat or more. The nylon material gives the cooler an ability to resist wear, scratches, and tears, making it a good option for any outdoor event.

The interior is made up of a double-coated-nylon TPU lining, which is antimicrobial and bulletproof. It’s also safe to carry perishable items inside. The interior lining is highly durable and long-lasting.

Other key features offered by this cooler include adjustable shoulder pads, it comes in multiple sizes, it’s FDA approved, contains open-cell foam insulation, has unbreakable zippers, it’s leak-proof and sweatproof, it’s easy to customize and store, and it is made from 1000-D nylon (exterior) and TPU double-coated nylon (interior).

This cooler can hold about 24 cans and 10 pounds of ice or 18 bottles and 10 pounds of ice. This is similar to a very large watermelon. This feature makes the Polar Bear Nylon soft-cooler a wonderful item for road trips, camping, and sports events.


  • Inexpensive
  • Great insulation for the price
  • Comes with shoulder straps and handles
  • Easy to store into a car
  • Lightweight


  • Not as durable as Yeti coolers
  • Difficult to carry for long distance when the cooler is full

#6 Coleman 16-Can Soft Cooler

Average Rank: 4.4 out 5

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The Coleman 16-Can is a fantastic soft cooler. It can go anywhere with you, including garden parties, campsites, sporting competitions, barbecues, tailgates, and more. It can hold up to sixteen cans inside.

The cooler comes with additional storage-space: two mesh pockets on the sides, bungees on the lid, a dry storage pouch, and a front-zippered pocket. Additionally, it contains adjustable shoulder straps, making it your best choice for every day, mobile cooler.

Its outside is very soft, which makes it very comfortable for you when carrying it around. Its inside is created with a hard plastic liner that keeps your food safe. The plastic liner material is approved by the U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for food contact. You can remove the liner for easy and quick cleaning.

Moreover, the cooler protects your food from fungus and bacteria that cause mildew, bad odors, and mold. This also provides packing flexibility and makes cleaning easy. The 16-Can Cooler by Coleman is the perfect choice for almost all outdoor activities.

  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to store
  • Comes with adjustable carrying straps
  • Low insulation capacity
  • Not really durable

#7 AO Coolers 24 Pack Canvas Soft Cooler

Average Rank: 4.4 out 5

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This cooler is ideal for parties, fishing, hunting, boating, barbecues, sporting activities, and road trips. It’s also moderately-priced compared to most other soft coolers. Since AO has been the producer of high-quality soft coolers for more than 25 years now, this product is not to be mistaken for several low-quality items on the market today.

You can use the 24-Pack Canvas AO Cooler if you wish to keep your things warm or cold for a long period of time. For instance, you can keep your meat fresh for long hours before preparing it for lunch. It’s even surprising that you can use this cooler to carry your items on an airplane since it meets all airplane carry-on requirements.

Its inside is made of a leakproof material using high-quality TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) fabrics. This makes it resistant to tears, abrasions, and other damage. Its exterior is soft and equipped with a side pocket for holding dry items and anything else you may need while away from home.

Along with its advanced features, this cooler is lightweight, sweatproof, capable of holding ice for 24 hours in 120-degree heat, comes in multiple sizes with removable shoulder straps, and it contains extensive insulation.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to store
  • Easy to secure on a vehicle
  • Easy to use
  • Inexpensive


  • Low insulation capacity, doesn’t keep well content cold
  • Not very durable

#8 Homitt 30 Can Soft Cooler

 Average Rank: 4.4 out 5

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The design of this product is aimed to make your life pleasurable and more fun. The Homitt-30 is the biggest cooler of the Homitt family. And as you know, bigger is always better. The inside of this cooler is insulated with three layers.

This ensures that your items do not melt when being stored. The coolers are made from nylon material, which is then treated with anti-bacterial and microbial liners to ensure that mildew and mold do not grow inside the cooler. This prevents bad odors when handling your equipment.

This 30-Can soft cooler is coated with TPU, making the exterior resistant to water and condensation. With its big size, it is ideal for outdoor events or for multiple-day trips. When using a vehicle for outdoor trips, you can comfortably place the cooler in the trunk of your car.

You can choose a portable soft cooler equipped with padded shoulder straps for small loads or simply choose the one with side-handles if you are to carry heavy loads. The choice is yours.

With the 30-Can Homitt soft cooler, it is advisable that you do not put sharp objects inside in order to avoid damaging the interior. In addition, if the zipper is stuck, you should wash it with lubricant or soap. After every use, the interiors are to be washed and wiped dry in order to prevent bad odors.

  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Easy to access
  • High-quality material
  • Excellent insulation



  • The zipper doesn’t work smoothly
  • Rugged

#9 eBags Crew Cooler II

Average Rank: 4.4 out 5

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This cooler is an updated version of the original Crew Cooler and it is made in the United States of America. It is ultra-modern, adaptable, and very efficient. At first, the bags were created for flight attendants and pilots, but the manufacturers thought that we should have them, too. They are designed in the same way as the common travel bags, but with more advanced features.

It’s made using high-quality, twisted polyester fabrics (840D) with stiff nylon usually used for coolers and commercial-grade luggage. The cooler is ideal for camping, sailing, travel, and picnicking.

The interior is designed in a unique way with a removable and replaceable PEVA (polyethylene vinyl acetate) liner (PVC-free substance). The exterior is made with two-zippers that can easily be pulled and used for the storage of dry and perishable items. The bag can also keep your things cold for six to eight hours.

Ease of use and portability are guaranteed when using the eBags Crew Cooler-II: You can use the adjustable and removable shoulder straps, the padded web handles, or the carry-on luggage that passes through the rear pocket that has wheels.

The key features of this product include a dry compartment, a mesh pocket, six-sided insulation, PVC-free material, easy stacking, a replaceable PEVA liner, 840 twisted polyester fabric, easy-access pullers, and a cold compartment.

  • Features pocket on the side and on the front
  • Lightweight
  • Inexpensive
  • Great insulation to keep lunch
  • Easy to store



  • Not as durable as the other coolers
  • Low insulation capacity

#10 RTIC SoftPak 20

Average Rank: 4.6 out 5

Best Rated

Check Price on Amazon

This is one of the cheapest and most efficient soft coolers out on the market today. It can keep ice for more than five days and it can hold more than twenty cans worth of ice together with your favorite beverages.

The product is 100% percent leakproof, wear and tear resistant, and it even has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that prevent the growth of mold and mildew inside the container.

You can use the cooler for most outdoor activities, including hunting, camping, boating, fishing, and you can also take it to your workplace. It is insulated with two inches of closed-cell-foam, which makes it store your items (foods and drinks) colder for long periods of time.

In addition, the cooler is sweatproof on the exterior and can make a wonderful companion for any outdoor event.

  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Durable
  • Easy access
  • Great insulation capacity


  • The zipper doesn’t work smoothly


Guide to choosing the right soft cooler

For outdoor events such as camping and outings with friends and family, you need to have a good soft cooler in order to keep your items like food and drinks safe to prevent any bacterial or fungal infection.

With many coolers available on the market, this article provides you with the best ones to choose from.

When selecting the best portable cooler, choose one that is lightweight and easier to carry, has good storage space, is sweatproof, has outer pockets for storing dry and perishable items, and one that is adaptable.

Generally, there are two main types of soft coolers: the shoulder strap and the backpack soft cooler. Here is everything you need to know about each type of cooler.


The Backpack Soft Cooler

As the name suggests, this is a soft cooler that resembles a backpack. It is perfect for hiking or mountaineering, as it leaves your hands free for such hands-on activities. Backpack coolers come in a variety of sizes and you can choose one depending on your specific needs. One of the biggest pros of this soft cooler is the ease of carrying, thanks in a large part to the padded straps. You can carry it around for hours at a time without feeling much strain on your shoulders. Additionally, most of these types of coolers tend to be waterproof, which makes them suitable for kayaking and other water-based activities.

On the flip-side, backpack soft coolers tend to be small in size, which means that they can’t be used for feeding groups of people. Some are also rather expensive, although this varies depending on the type and brand.


The Shoulder Strap Soft Cooler

This is a cooler that is made of soft material and is meant to be slung over your shoulder, like an ordinary shoulder bag. The coolers tend to be quite large and can comfortably store food for four to six people. They are also rather stylish and can easily pass off as ordinary bags. On the downside, the bags are not easy to carry around. Hurling the bag around for hours at a time can prove to be both uncomfortable and strenuous. The bags are also quite expensive.


Tips when Buying a Soft Cooler

Not all soft coolers are equal. Some are of markedly better quality than others, so here is the complete guide to choosing the right soft cooler for you.


1) Use

The way you intend to use the cooler will determine just what cooler is best for you. For instance, do you want a soft cooler that can hold food and drinks for a whole group of people? Or do you need something that you can carry around for a long period of time? Or perhaps you need a standard-sized cooler that will carry enough drinks and food for your family?

If you intend to simply carry some chilled drinks for an afternoon at the beach, then buying a soft cooler that is specifically designed to carry soft drinks will be a better option than just an ordinary cooler. There are soft coolers that can hold up to 50 cans of soft drinks, while others are better suited for carrying food and snacks.



Another important consideration to keep in mind is the size of the cooler you buy. Generally, you should buy a larger cooler bag if you are traveling with your family or a group of friends. The bag should have enough space to store food for everyone. There are also standard-size bags that can carry snacks for a small group of people. If you are traveling alone, then a small bag is the way to go.

If you are tight for space, you can also use frozen drinks instead of ice cubes. Not only will the frozen water or juice help to keep your other food cold, but it will also serve as a chilly drink for the day.



When you are looking for a soft cooler, you’ll want to buy one that will serve you well for years to come. Replacing a soft cooler every now and then can prove to be an expensive venture, so you would be better off buying a quality cooler once and for all.

However, durable soft coolers usually come with a high price tag. You need to determine just how often you will be using the cooler so as to buy one of reasonable durability. If you plan on traveling a lot or holding numerous parties at the beach, then buy a soft cooler made out of the toughest material you can find. If you intend to use the cooler once or twice a year, then spending a fortune on one is not the smartest idea.


4)Insulation Capacity

Another essential factor to give careful consideration to before you settle on a specific cooler is its insulation capacity. After all, a cooler is only as good as its ability to keep food and drinks cold, right? The easiest way to determine insulation capacity is to look at the thickness of the insulating material; the thicker, the better. Also, airtight coolers tend to keep food fresh for longer.


5)Ease of Use

Additionally, consider how easy it is to use the cooler in question. Small openings generally make it harder to remove and put stuff into the cooler, and this can be tiresome sometimes. Also, small zippers make it difficult to open and close the bag. Knitted zippers, on the other hand, makes it easy to zip and unzip the bag.



Portability is important if you intend to move around with your bag a lot. If you’re going hiking or rock climbing, then the backpack cooler is the best option for you. However, if all you need is a cooler that you can prop by the beach or on a picnic, the heavier but larger coolers would be a better idea. Additionally, there are coolers that come with wheels, which make transporting them incredibly easy. These are a great option if you have to move around a lot.


7)Exterior Clean-Up

Although the soft cooler’s exterior will most likely not get stained or stinky due to food has gone bad, it can still accumulate a lot of dust and dirt from the outside. This is why you should spray it down after each use. Also, it is important that you thoroughly clean the exterior every once in a while. Often, this requires the use of warm water and soap, but this varies from one cooler to another. Consider the required cleaning method before you make a purchase.


9)Interior Clean Up

Cleaning up the interior of the cooler often entails wiping it clean and airing it out. However, there are some coolers that have a removable interior lining. This makes it very easy to clean as opposed to a fixed-interior lining. You should consider this before you settle on a cooler.



The most important thing about zippers is that they should be airtight. This prevents hot air from the outside from entering the cooler and spoiling food. It is easy to overlook the zipper when buying a cooler, but this can be a costly mistake. Additionally, most bad zippers easily run off the track and need replacement, rendering your cooler entirely useless. Not good, right?


Tips for Packing a Soft Cooler

  • Have separate coolers for drinks and warm food. This is because you will probably be needing drinks more often than snacks, and this can make your food become more exposed to warm air. Also, you really don’t want all your food smelling like onions, do you?
  • Wrap warm foods in aluminum foil and put it in a small cooler, that way it will stay fresh for longer.
  • Pre-cool all your drinks before packing them. They will be nice and chilly when you need them.
  • Add ice on top of the drinks; cold travels downwards, hence it will keep your drinks at just the right temperature.



Finding the right soft cooler does not need to be an arduous task. Remember that the purpose for which you intend to use the cooler matters most, so keep this in mind as you shop. If you follow the guidelines above, you will not go wrong in your choice of cooler.


Do you own a soft cooler that is listed in the article? If so, you are welcome to share your experience in the comments below.

Yeti Hooper-II 30
Yeti Hooper Flip 12
Icemule Pro
Polar Bear Coolers Nylon
Coleman 16-Can Soft Cooler
AO Coolers 24 Pack Canvas Soft Cooler
Homitt 30 Can Soft Cooler
eBags Crew Cooler II
10 RTIC SoftPak 20
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  1. I’ve been planning on getting a new soft cooler to take to work.  I lost mine a couple of days ago.  Yeti is a good brand that I have used for several years.  Do you happen to know if the Yeti Hooper-11 30 comes in brighter colors, though?  I want something bright so I don’t lose mine again.

    • Hi Garen,

      The Yeti cooler comes in two different colors, Tahoe blue, and Blaze orange. I don’t think they exist in bright colors. It’s really hard to lose the Yeti as it has many molle webbing straps that allow you to attach it to anything you want.

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a wonderful day! 

  2. We are given a cooler vaguely similar to the Yeti cooler because we are always on the move at work.  It is ok and kind of does the job, but any of the Yetis I would take over what I have.

    It seems much more sturdy with fitted ice blocks and a solid top.  I would like the solid top.

    Great article

    • Hi Stew,
      You are right, Yeti coolers are super durable and I can’t even say indestructible:) Very good quality!
      Thank you for the comment and wish you a lovely day!

  3. Wow, who knew there were so many soft pack cooler options. You have provided all the information a person could possibly need to for a soft pack cooler.

    My son has the Yeti hard and soft pack coolers and he loves them both. 

    I like the idea of a soft cooler because it doesn’t take as much space as an equivalent hard cooler. My small car doesn’t have much storage space so that is a big plus for me.

    Can you tell me how durable these soft colors really are? You can throw a hard cooler around and cause no damage. I assume that is not true with these.

    Thank you for this very detailed review.

    • Hi Curtis,

      Yes, the good thing about a soft cooler is that it is easy to store as it doesn’t take much place. Most coolers on this list are durable, and they will last for a long time. How long will it last? This will depend on the quality of the material and how you care for your cooler. Some coolers will remain intact after hard uses. For example, you can through the Yeti or the Homitt on the floor and they won’t get damaged:)

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a fantastic day!

  4. Each home should have a Soft Cooler, or better two as you are suggesting, one for drinks and one for food. Actually I have a very cheap Soft Cooler and it does not keep the food as good as I wish. That’s why I’m looking to buy a new Soft Cooler and after reading you detailed review, The Homitt Soft Cooler is my choice. I don’t like the fact that the zipper may be broken easily, but is this problem so big that I have to worry about it?

    • Hi Leo,

      The Homit is a very capable cooler, and its insulation capacity is excellent. The zipper is rugged and extremely durable. The only issue is that it doesn’t run smoothly, but after using it for a while, it becomes much easier to open and close the cooler. Really nothing to worry about the zipper!

      I hope it helped! Don’t hesitate to contact me with any question; I am always happy to assist!

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a great day!

  5. Hi Danella,

    I love this site because it is so informative. most of these coolers I have seen, some I have used, but I never had a nice product review and description like this. I noticed that some of the coolers mention an antimicrobial lining. I was wondering if that is a standard in all the coolers or only certain ones.? I do like to go up to the lake often and one thing that happens is the coolers sometimes manage to get knocked into the water. It helps if the cooler floats! Do you know if these coolers will float? And one more question, is the insulation made of a water proof material? I had a few that were fiber material. They had plastic liners, but the insulation was fiberglass, what a mess! Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions! I am thinking I found some gift items here also. I will be back!


    • Hi Chas,

      Not all coolers feature an antimicrobial lining, only a few of them do. Well, some of them will float if they aren’t heavily packed, but if it falls over, water might enter inside as not all zippers are waterproof. Unfortunately, not all cooler’s insulations are waterproof and this is something you will have to verify:)

      Anyway, most coolers you see in this article has a waterproof insulation apart from the coolers made of nylon. 

      Let me know if you need more info, I am always happy to assist!

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a lovely day!

  6. I am in the market for a new cooler for sure. I like drinking water especially but it has to be ice cold! I won’t drink it if it’s warm.

    You have a nice variety of soft coolers here. It’s a little hard to choose just one but the one I would get is your top pick, the Engel HD-30. 

    This looks durable enough and lightweight and has pros that I like and not really any cons except the zipper.Is there a lifespan for these coolers and what kind of guarantee for the Engel HD-30?

    • Hi Rob,

      Yes, it’s reassuring to know that you have a cold drink at your hand reach especially on warm days:)
      The Engel is our top pick, and you definitely make a good choice!
      It is very durable, and its warranty is three years!

      I hope it helped! Don’t hesitate to contact me with any question; I’ll be more than happy to help!

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a great day!

  7. wow these soft coolers look awseome, and to be honest I didn’t even know they had these. I am actually still using hard big and clunky coolers to keep my food cold.

    Out of all the ones you showed, I like the RTIC SoftPak 20 the best. 

    About how long do these usually last, and which one is your favorite?

    • Hi Michael,

      It depends on the material of the cooler and how you care for your cooler. For example, the Yeti coolers are extremely durable as their material are rugged. But the RTIC SoftPak 20 is also a durable cooler and it is less expensive than the Yeti.

      I hope it helped! Let me know if you need more info, I’ll be more than happy to assist!

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a fantastic day!

  8. I quite agree with tips for buying a soft cooler…. Not all coolers are suitable for all purposes  and the use will determine to some extent the size, and type to buy. Keeping food,  drinks cool and cold for long is a priority during camping, picnic and the durability and ease of use may be determining factors for choice. 

    I will opt in for the RTIC SoftPak 20

    • Hi there,

      Great choice! The RTIC SoftPak 20 is a fantastic cooler, you’ll love it!

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a wonderful day!

  9. I really love the Yeti and did not know they made a soft cooler! I love it! I think you are right, it may be expensive but well worth it. Yeti coolers are definitely made to last. And it is great that it can keep ice cold for over a day! Great review, thanks!

    • Hi Matt,

      Yeti is reputed for making high-quality products and yes, they also build soft coolers!

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a wonderful day!


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