Best Places To Visit By Boat – You Shouldn’t Miss!

Traveling by boat offers unique opportunities you can’t get with a rental car and views that you can only get by looking from the outside in. Here are the top 10 best places to visit by boat that you won’t want to miss!

1. Bahamas, Bimini

Off the coast of Florida are three islands: South Bimini is home to the airport, East Bimini has mangroves, and North Bimini has luxurious beaches. Accessible only by boat or seaplane, North Bimini is also a prime location for fishing, diving, swimming with sharks, and the famous Bimini Bread.

Legend says Ponce de Leon searched here for the Fountain of Youth. Although never confirmed, an ancient water well in South Bimini claims the title. Bimini Road is rumored to lead to the Lost City of Atlantis. This underwater wonder has crystal clear waters and unique features unlike any other.

The Resorts World Beach Club has cabanas and high-quality service to rival the best luxury resorts. Or, pack a picnic and a towel to enjoy Luna Beach for a day of calm reprieve. Accessible only by boat or jet ski, Honeymoon Harbour Beach provides pristine sand and glorious waters.

Visit Bimini by boat

2. Croatia, Hvar

There’s no shortage of history and culture in Hvar! Off the coast, this old town is more than meets the eye. This sunny destination is one you’ll have a hard time leaving.

The history of the Spanish Fortress is extensive. With pieces dating back to between 1,000-500 BC, this fortress is something to experience with a view that goes on for miles.

Drop anchor in numerous bays in the Pakleni Islands and snorkel around the stunning sea life. Take along Paprenjak cookies and herb-marinated goat cheese to satisfy those afternoon munchies!

In the 16th century, St. Stephen’s Cathedral was built on an existing church from the 9th century. Venetian art speaks to its prominent place in history, while it currently makes for a quiet walk around the beautiful architecture.

Visit Hvar by boat

3. Florida, Key West

This island city on the southernmost point of Florida is the perfect destination for snorkeling, scuba diving, conch fritters, and famous key lime pie. Fun fact, it’s actually closer to Cuba than Miami!

It’s tempting to stay on board, but it’s worth dropping anchor to explore. Rent jet-skis, watch for dolphins, or kayak through mangroves. Explore the Old Town by renting bikes or jumping on the Conch Train. More than what there is to see in a traditional sense, it’s the people here that make this place special. From the street musicians to the food vendors, the eclectic diversity will keep you entertained.

Visit Florida Key West by boat

4. Greece, Dodecanese Islands

Made up of 12 islands, this destination oozes ancient archeology, Byzantine churches, and medieval castles. The easternmost part of Greece has a rich history, beautiful beaches, and considerably less tourist traffic.

“All Rhodes lead to Lindos” is a phrase you’ll hear as you pass through the Old Town’s fort-like walls, around the medieval castle, and over the stone-paved roads. You won’t actually travel back in time; you’ll only think you did. In Lindos, you’ll be enchanted by the atmosphere as you hike to the Acropolis of Lindos. Then, head down to the bottom and experience the white sand, clear water beach nestled in the bay and enjoy some well-deserved delicacies at the seaside café.

Don’t pass by the secluded island of Karpathos. The majority of the island remains authentic with the tourist accommodations in the south. Find the ancient Acropolis of Arkansas, enjoy architecture in the Province House, explore the ruins of Potideon, and pay tribute in the Cave of Poseidon.

Astypalea has escaped the tourist crowds and remains in pristine condition. The old Venetian castle that draws you to this island is majestic. Take a chance in the Drakos Cave, where old pirate treasure might be found, admire the views at the Monastery of Saint John, and explore the ancient and medieval artifacts at the Museum.

Visit Dodecanese Islands by boat

5. France, French Riviera

The French Riviera is known for glamour and luxury, including Saint-Tropez. Its laid-back lifestyle and effortless atmosphere make this a favorite destination for sailboats and yachts.

In Nice, stroll, bike, or rollerblade along the Promenade des Anglais. Home of the Salad Nicoise, there’s no better place to try a fresh one. Tiny but mighty, Monaco is worth cruising over to. The royal palace is open for tours with a view that will leave you feeling truly rich! The Jardin Exotique gives renaissance vibes with its immaculate gardens.

Experience the epitome of medieval living in the old village of Eze while you wander through the narrow streets finding modern galleries and boutiques. Visit the perfume factory, then take the Nietzsche Path for a walk down to the beach, enjoying views along the way.

Boat over to Porquerolles Island, with immaculate beaches to the north and trails and cliffs to the south. With restaurants in the middle, reward yourself with Ratatouille or Bouillabaisse while admiring the beauty.

Visit French Riviera by boat

6. Australia, Whitsunday

Between Australia and the Great Barrier Reef, there’s no shortage of views both on land and sea. This group of 74 islands offers lush rainforest, hiking trails, and the whitest sands you’ll find anywhere.

Airlie Beach is the hub of these islands and is home to Conway National Park’s waterfalls and forest trails. Its famous Rosella wildflower jam is the perfect treat for your boat.

Escape and find the perfect camping spot at Chance Bay or Whitehaven Beach. Look for some Lemon Myrtle along the way to add insane lemon flavor to your culinary conquests. For an authentic cultural experience, attend a “Welcome to Country” ceremony hosted by indigenous Ngaro People, or “Canoe People,” and learn the history of the oldest Aboriginal settlements. Hike the Ngaro Sea Trail, discovering Aboriginal cave paintings along the way.

Freely explore Whitsunday by boat, weaving through the different islands. With only eight of the islands being inhabited, the opportunities for unique adventures are endless!

Visit Whitsunday by boat

7. Italian Riviera, Portofino

This tiny fishing village is nothing less than fascinating and truly unforgettable! The pastel-colored houses and lush hiking trails make the mega-yachts disappear into the background for the perfect combination of luxury and culture.

Shopping here is a unique experience, with luxury designer brands and local artisan boutiques sharing the same strip. Brown’s Castle is a somewhat easy hike to get to, with shade from overhanging foliage and benches to enjoy a break. Originally built to defend against pirates and Venetians, it’s upkeep and used to this day.

The 10th-century San Martino Church is filled with priceless paintings, ornate gold ornamentation, and impressive marble columns. The famous feature in Portofino is the lighthouse. Only 12 feet tall and an easy walk to get to, you’ll regret not taking the opportunity. Portofino also has an 8-foot Christ statue 56 feet underwater in memory of Italy’s first scuba diver for anyone wanting to dive.

Visit Portofino by boat

8. Turkey, Gocek

Gocek is a popular yachting paradise with scenery that will make anybody swoon. There’s no shortage of relaxation and beauty in this Turkish destination. This is the kind of place where you ask a local where they love to eat. You can’t go wrong, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Sailing in Gocek gives you access to hidden coves and bays, providing the ambiance and wave-crashing excitement any ocean-lover enjoys. Before leaving Gocek, treat yourself the way the ancients did with a world-famous Turkish Bath.

If you head inland to the town of Fethiye, you can hike to the Lycian tombs and enjoy a spectacular view of the Turkish countryside. Take a day trip to the riverside town of Dalyan for a Mediterranean mudbath before relaxing on Turtle Beach. You may even see an endangered loggerhead turtle. For adventure, head to Sarigerme to parasail, jet ski, and windsurf.

Visit Gocek by boat

9. Spain, Menorca

Menorca isn’t as touristy or busy as Mallorca or Ibiza, and that in itself is enchanting. This Mediterranean island has sandy beaches, rocky alcoves, pine trees, and centuries-old history.

Explore the old fishing village of Binibeca with its cobblestone alleyways and whitewashed buildings. While you’re there, try the lobster stew! Visit a local vineyard to sample all the local wine and cheese you can handle, then head to the mysterious 3,000-year-old megalithic tombs, Naveta des Tudons.

Grab a kayak and get going in Es Grau, exploring historic sea caves and basking in the sun over crystal clear water. One of the most prominent locations on Menorca is the sanctuary of the Verge del Toro. At the top of Monte Toro, it provides 360-degree views of Menorca and beyond.

Visit Menorca by boat

10. Caribbean, Antigua

Antigua is surrounded by coral reefs and sandy beaches. Making the seafood fresh and the varieties endless. There are some unique places to explore with a surprising history.

There are 365 beaches in this tropical paradise! But take a break from the surf and find the 18th-century military post, now called Shirley Heights, for spectacular Caribbean views. Get there before sunset to witness one of the most beautiful you’ve ever seen.

Nelson’s Dockyard National Park has 18th-century buildings restored to their original beauty, with shops, museums, and galleries to keep you busy all day. Finish off with a hike to Mount Obama, the tallest point on the island.

Visit Antigua by boat

Final Word!

The best places to visit by boat offer diverse cultures, colorful tastes, and historical tales. Having the opportunity to see these destinations from a different perspective takes the experience from special to unforgettable. So what are you waiting for? Your next boating destination adventures await!

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