Lagoon 39 Catamaran Review – Overview

The Lagoon 39 is a catamaran used specifically for cruising. Unlike the majority of catamaran designs, the Lagoon 39 is easy to control due to its more weighty bulk.

That bulk, however, does not slow down the vessel. In fact, the 39 is quick and agile, with a comfortable below deck and plenty of room for passengers to lounge around and socialize.


The Lagoon 39 is available in five different setups with different combinations of cabins and heads.

The boat can accommodate a reasonable number of guests comfortably. Each 39 has hot and cold running water, a large dining area, and lots of space above deck to get around or just lay out in the sun and get a tan.


Light-colored woodwork and an abundance of natural light streaming in from the windows makes gives the illusion that the interior of the boat is more of a beach house than a catamaran.

The galley is fully equipped for cooking meals quickly and efficiently, and the dining space has room for everyone on board. The cabins provide both cozy sleeping conditions and a bit of privacy if needed.


The cockpit of the Lagoon 39 is a tad unusual but can become accustomed to over time.

There is plenty of seating in the cockpit for passengers to keep the captain company and keep everyone up top to view their surroundings.

The decks are open and easily navigated, but were designed with safety in mind. The hull has an interesting look that stands out among other vessels in the water.

Under Sail

Under sail, the Lagoon 39 exudes power and stability. The boat is precisely balanced and can withstand and navigate tricky weather and water conditions with purposeful and powerful grace.

The quality of the design of the 39 means that your cruise, no matter what speed, will be smooth and enjoyable.

In addition, the 39 is very simple to control and can be done so by even a novice sailor with little skill, but the more you know the more at ease you will be with this catamaran.

Lagoon 39 VS Lagoon 400

The Lagoon 39 design boasts a center mast installation that makes the vessel more stable and well balanced.

On the other hand, the Lagoon 39 is smaller than the Lagoon 400, making it less powerful, and not as impressive visually.

That being said, both vessels are easy to control, but, for sailors wanting a more compact vessel, the Lagoon 39 would probably be more to their liking.

Lagoon 39 VS Lagoon 380

The Lagoon 380 can achieve more speed and power than the Lagoon 39. It is also bigger, has more storage space, and can take on winds at a decent clip.

The Lagoon 39, though smaller, handles well and is nicely balanced. The big difference would come down to the personal size preference of the sailor.

Why Sail the Lagoon 39

  • Center mast provides better balance and control of the vessel
  • Below deck is comfortable and spacious
  • Above deck allows for room to maneuver or to lounge and relax
  • The boat is not difficult to control
  • Handles well in poor weather conditions and choppy water

In Conclusion

The Lagoon 39 is a catamaran designed with the greatest stability and mastery of control in mind to create the best sailing experience possible.

The unique mast placement and appealing appearance of the vessel from the outside makes the vessel something special.

Sailors who have no desire or particular caring for a vessel of a larger size will be more than happy to charter a 39.



  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Fuel capacity: 401 liters
  • Length overall:11.73 meters
  • Beam: 6.78 meters
  • Draft: 1.22 meters
  • Displacement: 7,260 kg
  • Keel: Fin Keel
  • Cabins: 4 to 6
  • Berths: 8 to 10

Have you sailed the Lagoon 39? If so, feel free to share your experience in the comment below

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  1. Hi Daniella,

    I have only been sailing once or twice but the Lagoon 39 looks amazing.

    Where is the best place to go sailing?

    I’ve been looking at Greece a lot recently as it is very cheap!


    • Hi Greg,

      Greece and Turkey are relatively cheap, but I personally would recommend you to sail in Greece in the Ionian as it is the most popular destination in the world. If you sail in Greece, you can visit Turkey as well; they are very close to each other, so you can enjoy both of them!
      Have a great sailing holiday!


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