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Learn how to sail a Catamaran-Even on vacation


With the time passing by, the catamaran became one of the most popular sailing boats in the world. A catamaran is a multi hulled vessel which is different from a single sailing boat named monohull. The Catamaran sailing boats are very demanded due to its comfort, stability, and it is much faster than a monohull. Catamaran is an awesome sailing boat for...

What is The Best Vacation for a Single?-The Best Options!


There are many reasons why people are single, and some of them are because of the stress, financial problem. Some are because they don't have enough time, career, and many other reasons. If you are interested in meeting people and making friends, probably meet someone to get involved with, then going on vacation is one of the best ways to...

How to catch a fish from a yacht-Different Techniques

Fishing from a yacht

  Whether if it's for competition or pleasure, fishing is a sport. You can really enjoy fishing when you do it the right way like anything else in life.   The most popular technique There are many different techniques to catch fishes, for example:   Hand gathering: There is no need to have specialized equipment, you just have to pick up the fishes with your hands...

Yachting around the world-Tips!


Yachting around the world is "the dream" for many people and good for those who realize it and takes action because we all know that we have to enjoy and take advantage as much as possible of this beautiful life and live it truly and fully.   Starting point If you decide to have an adventure trip around the world then you could...

Luxury yacht charter in the Mediterranean-The best choice


Luxury Yacht Charter in the Mediterranean-The Best Choice! We all need get-away, and we all need to take some breaks frequently, without any doubt, it happens to us many times in our quotidian life. So a good way to recharge the batteries is with a luxury yacht charter in the Mediterranean. It is the best choice for anyone who want to be cherished and...

Charter a boat in Greece-Sailing tradition


Charter a boat in Greece-Sailing tradition Greece has many to offer and charter a boat in Greece is far the best way to explore those beautiful islands and incredible archipelagoes.Greece has a huge potential for holiday with its rich history and sailing tradition that last for years. Well known for its beautiful archipelagoes which are the Cyclades, the Sporades, and the...