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Luxury Yacht Charter in Greece-The Finest Destinations!

View on Santorini sea

The month of May arrives, the sun shows up, and the great climate started to awaken our desires to relax on a beautiful sandy beach, enjoy water sports, or sit on the cafe terrace to unwind and to enjoy all the simple little moments that life offers us. This is the reason why many travelers choose to spend their entire...

Where to sail in the Bahamas-How to plan?

Sailing Yacht in the Bahamas

You've already decided to make a nice sailing trip in the Bahamas but you are not sure where to start, or where to sail in the Bahamas? Well, there is nothing to worry about, because no matter where you'll sail, you'll enjoy every single part and each sublime moment that offers this beautiful island. Make some plans! In order to have a successful...

Scuba diving from a boat-Which boat?


Many travelers really enjoy scuba diving during their vacations, with friends, family, or even alone. But usually divers are accompanied with other divers because it is much more agreeable and safety. Everyone can participate in this great experience, beginners, advanced divers, and also teenagers, as long as you are qualified and possess a diver certification. Things you should know before If you want...

Deep sea fishing in San Diego-Great Advices


For many people the deep sea fishing is much more exciting than fishing in the rivers or in the lackes . In fact, it is different ! You can really have fun and it can be a real adventure ! What sorts of fish? If you never have experienced the deep sea fishing, then, you should try it, don't miss this opportunity when...

Lxury yacht charter in the Caribbean-The ocean paradise!


Find peace and tranquility in the world of the Caribbean with the warmth of the sun when you navigate through the clear blue waters filled of marine wildlife and coral reefs. A luxury yacht charter in the Caribbean will take you on the ocean paradise to explore beautiful tropical small islands while you'll relax with a tasty refreshing fruit juice. A wide...

Bareboat yacht charter in Turkey-The black Sea!


What a great feeling of freedom when you independently manage your own yacht and plan with friends or family or even alone your fleet vacation especially in Turkey.   You can stop anywhere in this incredible country, whether it's to rest on a beautiful shoreline, anchor on a desert bay, which you will find often in the southern coast of Turkey.   Visit...