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Charter a yacht in the Bahamas- The Exumas


Charter a yacht in the Bahamas-The Exumas There are so many beautiful countries in the world, but the Bahamas is one of the most popular and spectacular place that attract plenty of travelers from all over the world. Made up of 700 islands and possess more than 2400 cays to explore with stunning shorelines, and clear warm blue waters. Discover the Bahamas   The...

Crewed yacht charter in the BVI- Sixty beautiful islands


Crewed yacht charter in the BVI- Sixty beautiful islands I would agree with you that it is exceptionally hard to resist to a crewed yacht charter in the British Virgin Island. Who wouldn't want discover all these beautiful islands on a crewed yacht with a professional team that pamper you and your guest while relaxing on board, watching the sun...

Charter a Yacht in Miami-The Best Port


Maybe it is already a long time that you dream about having a nice and relaxing holiday in Miami on a floating comfortable house. If you decide to do so, then, the first thing you have to know is what kind of yacht, how many people, friends or family will be part of the fleet, and of course, which activities you will...