Have you ever cut your foot by stepping on a shell or slip on a wet rock while practicing your outdoor activity?

If not, then you are lucky because it happened to many people including me): So you would agree that a good pair of water shoes is primordial if you want your feet to carry you wherever you want to go without fears of slipping.

And most importantly, to keep them in good shape! But…what to look for in water shoes? It’s simple! Bombproof, comfortable, flexible and breathable, that’s what your feet need the most! Check out the 9 best women water shoes so you can you can enjoy your water activity thoroughly!

1#. Easy USA Women’s Wave Water Shoes

If you are looking for an easy slip on and off water shoes for the beach or water activities, then the Easy USA Wave will be perfect for you! The sole is not very thick, but it grips wet surfaces pretty well. These are so lightweight that you won’t even feel you have them on while walking or swimming.

There is a cord right at the back that enables you to tighten your ankle so debris and sand won’t get inside. These water shoes will do exactly what they are designed to do. They will make your expedition around the water pleasant and comfortable.

Average Rank: 3.9 out of 5 

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  • Grip well
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to slip on and off
  • Comfortable
  • Dry Quickly



  • Run large
  • The inside lining is not stable and may come out easily
  • Not durable shoes


Final Word!

Overall, these are great water shoes for swimming, water aerobics and for walking on pebble beaches. But don’t expect them to last for a long time.

Weight: 1/2 lb
Material: Neoprene
Outsole: Rubber

2#. Aleader Women’s Mesh Slip-On Water Shoes

If water shoes have disappointed you before, then these will without a doubt restore your confidence as soon as you put them on! They have all the qualities required to make your feet happy everywhere. They are not only comfortable, lightweight, easy to slip on and off and flexible but also fashionable.

These cute water shoes are made of durable air mesh fabric keeping your feet cool all day long. It features Solyte Midsole. This material is extremely lightweight and mainly used in racing and marathon shoes since it absorbs shock admirably.

It is easy to understand now why the Aleader shoes are so comfy and lightweight! Additionally, the soles are covered with layers of mesh with holes in the bottom, which drain the water out exceptionally well!

Average Rank: 4.4 out of 5

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  • Super Comfy
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Dry very fast
  • Grip extremely well



  • Sand get inside easily
  • Pebbles can get stuck in the holes.


Final World!

All I can say about these water shoes is that there are fantastic! These are ideal for all sorts of water sports as well as for walking along rocky beaches.

Weight: 0.60 lb
Material: Mesh Fabric
Outsole: Rubber

3#. RYKA Women’s Hydro Sports Water Shoe 

The RYKA Hydro is an all in one shoe. These can be used for any kinds of water sports as well as for walking on the beach and around the pool. The shoes are made of mesh synthetic, which provide excellent breathability and flexibility. The outsoles are made of sticky rubber for better traction on wet surfaces.

Also, it features a removable and perforated footbed for a quick drying as well as holes in the outsoles to drain the water out quickly, providing a better traction on the ground. Not to mention, the material is chlorine resistant, meaning they will stand up more to chlorinated water than any other shoes. These provide quite a good arch support and are incredibly comfortable to wear in and out of the water.

Average Rank: 4.4 out of 5

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  • Great arch support
  • Lightweight
  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Durable
  • Dry Fast



  • Laces closure system is a bit annoying
  • Need to break them in.


Final Word!

The RYKA Hydro are excellent water shoes and whoever try them on will appreciate the comfort they provide. The only downside of these shoes is the lace closure system, but this is a detail that can be easily forgotten because they are just awesome!

Weight: 0.65 lb
Material: Synthetic and Mesh
Outsole: Rubber

4# KEEN Women’s Clearwater CNX Sandal

There are so many good things to say about the KEEN Women’s Clearwater CNX Sandal! First off, you can wear these sandals for any water sports as they are waterproof and lightweight. They are also great for hiking and walking long distances. The outsole is thinner than other traditional Keens, but that’s what makes them lighter on the foot.

Of course, these provide less support than hiking footwear, but for water shoes, they perform exceptionally well on trails. However, the Keen Clearwater are made of synthetic fabric, which dries pretty fast. It features AEGIS microbe shield hydrophobic mesh lining. This material is meant to protect your feet against bacteria and to prevent unpleasant odors.

The Ghillie lacing system with the quick-adjust bungee cord enables you to secure the sandal easily and quickly. It is a big plus because some lacing closures are quite annoying, but this one is well made! That’s not all. They are designed with signature closed rubber toe with a small black bummer on top to protect your feet from rocks or any other hazards on the trail. Great water shoes!

Average Rank: 4.4 out of 5

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  • Comfortable to wear with and without socks
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Dry Quickly
  • Easy to slip on and off



  • Less arch support than other traditional Keen
  • They run a bit narrow


Final Word!

If you are looking for versatile closed toe sandals for hiking through waterfalls, rivers, and that can withstand any adventurous activity, then look no further than the Keen Clearwater!

Weight: 0.48 lb
Material: Textil / Synthetic
Outsole: Synthetic

5#. ALEADER Women’s Quick Drying Aqua 

These water shoes look very much like the Aleader Women’s Mesh Slip-On. The only differences between them are that the Quick Drying Aqua has a lace closure style while the Mesh Slip-On doesn’t. Also, these are made of Hydrophobic engineered mesh fabric, making them extremely breathable, lightweight, thus agreeable to wear in the water.

The holes in the bottom of the soles allow the water to drain fast, keeping your feet light and stable on the surface. These dry incredibly quickly. The rubber sole provides a perfect grip on the ground! Undoubtedly, these will keep your feet well in place while enjoying your water sports activity!

Average Rank: 4.3 out of 5

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  • Look cute
  • Comfortable
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Grip well
  • Dry Fast


  • Pebbles and sand tend to go into the holes, but luckily, it is easy to take them out.


Final Word!

These are the kind of shoes you can wear for swimming, snorkeling and around the house as they are lightweight and comfortable, but not on rough terrains.

Weight: 0.60 lb
Material: Mesh Fabric
Outsole: Rubber

6#. Columbia Women’s Drainmaker II 

The Columbia Drainmaker ll is a multi-purpose water shoe that can also be used for water sports and for light hiking. These are not only stylish but also comfortable, lightweight, and extremely grippy!

The Colombia Drainmaker is made of mesh synthetic, a breathable and lightweight material that dries very fast. No doubt about it, these shoes will not only keep your feet cool during the whole day but also stable on the ground. They feature rubber soles with holes, which grips wet surfaces incredibly well and drain water out fast.

The original Drainmaker had a Bungee lace style, but this model comes with regular lace, which you’ll have to double knock if you want the shoes to be well secured. Otherwise, these water shoes are fantastic!

 Average Rank: 4.4 out of 5

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  • Comfortable
  • Removable insoles
  • Dry quickly
  • Very supportive
  • Excellent drainage


  • Laces may not stay tied all the time Need to knock them double!
  • Come a bit high on the ankle.

Final Word!

Whether it is for swimming, walking, standing long hours or even hiking, these water sneakers will make your feet happier than ever!

Weight: 0.52 lb
Material: Textil / Synthetic
Outsole: Rubber

7#. KEEN Women’s Whisper Sandal

The Keen Whisper is a great pair of water sandals that suit any outdoor activity such as swimming, boating, rafting, light hiking, walking long distances, you name it! Both the Keen Whisper and the sandals stated above “ Keen Waterclear” look similar, but in reality, they are a bit different if you pay close attention.

For instance, the Whisper feature a bungee lace style while the Waterclear sandals have a Gillie lacing system. Also, the Whisper has soft fabric inside the straps that embraces the ankle nicely, which prevent rubbing problem while the Waterclear doesn’t.

The Whisper sandals provide an excellent traction thanks to its Metatomical footbed design and its compression molded EVA Midsole. Additionally, the front of the sandals has toe guard made of rubber to protect your feet from sharp rocks.

Average Rank: 4.6 out of 5

Top Pick

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  • Super Comfortable
  • Great traction
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Dry Quickly



  • Less arch support than other traditional Keen
  • Narrower than other Keen shoes


Final Word!

The Whisper water sandals are comfortable and durable. You can count on them to make your feet very happy wherever you go!

Weight:  0.52 lb
Material: Polyester
Outsole: Rubber

8#. Merrell Women’s All Out Blaze Sieve 

The Merrell Women’s All Out Blaze Sieve is an excellent pair of water shoes specially designed for outdoor activity such as sailing, swimming, kayaking, hiking, walking, etc…
The Merrell feature a Vibram® TC5 outsole, made of rubber, which provides excellent traction on surfaces and also have a high degree of abrasion resistance.

Meaning this outsole will enable you to walk comfortably on slippery trails as well as in the water and on rocks while keeping your feet steady on the ground. Vibram is an Italian company that makes the best soles for rescue, military, fashion, and trekking, so you can rely on these shoes to hold your feet well while on the road!

There is a collar at the back of the shoe made of stretchable Lycra™ neoprene fabric, allowing you to slip on and off the sandals with ease and also provide an exceptional level of comfort on the ankle. The Merrel is made of synthetic material with a waxy waterproof leather fabric upper for better water protection. If we were to compare the Keen Clearwater and the Keen Whisper to the Merrel, I would say that the Merrel provide better protection and support on rugged terrain because its sole is much thicker.

Average Rank: 4.6 out of 5

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  • Extremely comfortable
  • Super versatile
  • Dry Quickly
  • Lightweight
  • Very Supportive


  • No ankle support
  • Run small


Final Word!

Even if you buy them for an upcoming trip, you might find yourself wearing them daily as these cute sandals are ultra comfy. With the Merrel All Out Blaze Sieve, you can enjoy your outdoor activity the whole day without tiring your feet!

Weight:  1.31 lb
Material: Synthetic / Textile
Outsole: Synthetic

9#. Dreamcity Women’s Water Shoes

The Dreamcity as it sounds is the kind of water footwears you can wear not only in the water but also around town, in parks or around your house. Like the Aleader Women’s Mesh Slip-On shoes, they feature Solyte midsoles, which are incredibly lightweight and provide excellent bounce-back.

The sole is made of rubber, meaning it offers a super traction on wet and dry surfaces as well as have holes in the outsole to drain the water out. There are perforated mesh layers in the shoes for better drainage and breathability.

The insole is detachable, you can take it off whenever you want, whether to put another insole or to clean it. These come with elastic laces that are easy to tighten, which allow you to slip them on and off quickly.

Average  Rank: 4.5 out of 5

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  • Dry quickly
  • Super lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to clean
  • Grip well



  • Sand and pebble may get stuck in the holes of the soles, but they are easy to clean.


Final Word!

The Dreamcity are great for any water sports activity as well as for strolling on the beach or in the streets. Not just they look cute, but they are also super breathable, flexible and comfortable. Your feet will thank you for wearing such good pair of water shoes!

Weight:  0.60 lb
Material: Mesh Fabric
Outsole: Rubber

What Should You Look For In Water Shoes?

Wearing the right water shoes will save you a lot of hassle and most importantly, it will allow you to enjoy your adventure thoroughly! Choosing the best pair of water shoes for your outdoor activity is simple, you just need to look for the following features.


Materials and Breathability


Mesh Material

As mentioned above, many water shoes are made of mesh fabric. The Mesh material has plenty of closely spaced holes, which is what makes the shoes breathable, thus keeps your feet cool during your excursion. Also, the holes in the mesh fabric allow the water flow out smoothly while swimming or walking in the water. The nice things about Mesh fabric are that it is lightweight, breathable and it dries very quickly!


Neoprene Material

Neoprene is a type of synthetic rubber also frequently used in water shoes. This material is exceptionally flexible and withstands wide temperature range. The neoprene water shoes are super lightweight, breathable, stretchy, comfortable, and dries very quickly. These are mainly used for snorkeling, diving, swimming and other water sports activities as well. However, many water shoes are made from a combination of neoprene, mesh, and rubber material.


Waterproof Leather Material

There are also water shoes made of waterproof leather. These are a bit heavier than mesh and neoprene fabric, less flexible, but very comfortable and durable.Leather water shoes are ideal for kayaking, sailing, hiking and walking long distances. The only downsides about the waterproof leather material are that it dries slowlier and is less breathable than mesh or neoprene shoes.


As water shoes are mainly designed for watersports and walking on wet surfaces, having an excellent traction on the ground is primordial. That’s why you need to look for water shoes with rubber outsoles, this is the best material you can find for the soles. Why?

  • It is much more comfortable than leather.
  • It offers more traction than any synthetic outsole.
  • It provides shock absorption when walking.
  • Also, it is durable, flexible and anti-slip.
  • With rubber outsole, you can enjoy your water activity without the fear of slipping.


Walking with shoes full of water is not fun, it drags your feet down as they are much heavier and you are more likely to slip. So for any water activity, you need a pair of water shoes that have good drainage and that are made of ventilated fabric. Many water shoes either have holes that are placed on the bottom or the side of the sole. Water sandals are usually open on the sides as well as at the back, which also helps to drain the water out quickly! So for your next water excursion, make sure to check thoroughly if the shoes have several drainage points and perforations!

Protection and Safety

There are many types of water shoes on the market, some of them have thick soles and are durable while others have thinner soles and are less solid. Water shoes like “Keen or Teva” provide more support and they are much more robust. Traditional water shoes almost don’t give any support, and they are mainly used for swimming or walking around a pool, but that’s all! For walking long distances and protecting your feet from sharp rocks, shells and other debris, a sturdy pair of water shoes with thick soles is what you need.

How to Choose the Best Water Shoes?

There are a wide variety of water shoes, so it is essential for you to choose the ones that suit your activity. Let’s see what characteristics you need to look for!



You would agree with me that for whitewater kayak excursion, your feet need stable shoes that provide good traction and protection for walking on rocky rivers. So a thick sole is primordial! But for flat water kayak where the terrain is muddy, shoes that dry fast and drain water well will do the job perfectly!



For boating, you will want a pair of water shoes that provide excellent drainage and excellent traction. And most importantly, the shoes must have “non-marking rubber outsoles” to avoid scuffing the deck! For instance, the Columbia Drainmaker II Water Shoe and the Keen shoes are best for standing on a boat.



If you plan to walk through waterfalls and rocky rivers during your excursion, you will need a pair of water shoes that provide excellent traction with thick soles. Footwears like Keen, Teva, or Merell are fantastic for keeping your feet stable on any surface. These water shoes are specially made for outdoor activities, including hiking, kayaking, boating to name a few. Also, all of them have a toes guard on the front, which protect your feet from hazards on the trail.

Why Wear Water Shoes?

There are several reasons why it is so important to wear water shoes while practicing water sports.

  1. It prevents your feet from cuts and burns caused by the broken shells, hot sands, sharp rocks, or any other debris.

2. It keeps your feet stable on the ground and prevents you from slipping on wet surfaces!

3. It protects your feet from getting infection or germs when showering in public showers.

Who is Water Shoes For?

Water Shoes are for anyone who wants to practice water sports activities such as sailing, kayaking, paddling, rafting, aquatic exercises, swimming, snorkeling, you name it! If you want to walk comfortably and enjoy your activity without worrying about your feet getting hurts, then water shoes are for you!

Where to Buy Water Shoes?

You can find water shoes offline, for instance in sports and footwear stores, but they are usually more expensive than online, and the choice is restricted. You’ll likely find better deals and more options online. The most reliable online stores are Ebay, Amazon, Westmarine, Rei, but the best prices are usually on Amazon.

In Conclusion

With so many water shoes on the market, it’s not always easy to find the one that suits best for your water activity. But with the help of this review, you should find a great pair for your next excursion. So go ahead and pick the one you like and most importantly, enjoy!


Do you use water shoes? If so, you are welcome to share your experience in the comment below. 



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Easy USA Women’s Wave Water Shoes
Aleader Women’s Mesh Slip-On Water Shoes
RYKA Women’s Hydro Sports Water Shoe
KEEN Women’s Clearwater CNX Sandal
ALEADER Women’s Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes
Columbia Women’s Drainmaker II Water Shoe
KEEN Women’s Whisper Sandal
Merrell Women’s All Out Blaze Sieve Water Shoe
Dreamcity Women’s Water Shoes
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  1. Hi Daniella,

    I came across your article and great info. I never really think about water shoes that often but I think . my wife would definitely use a pair of these, and be much happier.
    There’s great selection you offer. My wife will love the pros and cons, I think she will want the slip on mesh shoes because she has a similar pair already. Thanks for the read.


    • Hi Jeremy,

      Yes, I am sure your wife will appreciate the water shoes because they look great and they are useful! 

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a wonderful day!

  2. Wow! There are many shoes that have been reviewed. It is wonderful to see all of the options compared in one area. I appreciate the information on the fiat of the show. For example, one you mentioned runs narrow.

    I have the Merrell shoes in my collection, and I have to agree with your review of them. Thank you for your thorough reviews to keep people’s feet happy!

    • Hi Lnovy,

      I a,m glad you’ve found the article useful, it’s always great to help:) 
      Yes, some of the shoes listed in the article a run narrow, so it is important to let the readers know about these details. The Merell is a fantastic water sandal. I also own a pair for years now and I am very happy with them!

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a lovely day!

  3. I really like the fact that there is a variety of different foot ware protection out there for woman which you have brilliantly outlined in this article. Not only do all these shoes seem to protect ones feet, but they make ones feet look good too. Protection with style.

    I know you state that these are womans shoes, but do you know if they make similar protective shoes for younger female children?

    • Hi Jared,

      Thank you for commenting!
      Indeed, these water shoes not only protect the feet but also give a nice look:)
      Yes, there are water shoes for children as well. I will soon review the best pairs. So stay tuned:)

      Thank you again for the comment and wish you a great day!

  4. great post!
    I was about to ask what type of shoe do you recommend for kayaking, but my question was answered before i even asked it!

    Lots of helpful information, right now i have a very uncomfortable shoe, I’ll definitely be looking more at these for the upcoming replacement.


    • Hi Savita,

      I am glad you’ve found the answer to your question:) 
      It’s important to wear comfortable shoes no matter for what the purpose:)

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a great day!

  5. Oh, I wish I read this review couple of months ago when I had to head on a pebble beach and it was painful to go in and out of the sea! It was painful, you feet are not adjusted to the bricks and pebbles, some stones were quite sharp and trying to get out of the sea following by waves is not fun at all! I will have another trip in a cook of months to the same sea shore and I will definitely look into buying water shoes this time! So far Aleader Women’s Mesh Slip are the most appealing to me. I like that they are breathable and light and it does not bother if some stones will sleep through it. Thank you for the post, I found a lot of value in it.

    • Hi Anna,

      Yes, walking on pebbles can be painful. I live near the sea, so I go often and now I always wear either my crocs or the KEEN Women’s Clearwater, which I adore:) These are so comfortable and they protect my feet from sharp rocks and pebbles. I also wear them when I go hiking. The Aleader is a great pair of water shoes, many of my friends wear this brand and they are very happy with it. They even use them when working:) Great shoes! 
      The only downside of these shoes is that the stones can get stuck in the holes and you will need to take them off if this happens. But they are quite easy to clean, so it won’t be a problem:)

      Thank you for the comment and wish you all the best!

  6. You have done a beautiful job compiling this list of water shoes that don’t break the bank as well being a very versatile list of water shoes.
    There is always a shoe that is more durable or that drains better or that floats or handles salt water better but they really break the bank. The list you have here, I do not believe any other enthusiast could do a better all around job for the serious or for the weekend warrior.
    I am curious though as I do want to get my mother a new pair for her birthday. My parents live aboard a Fountaine Pajot 42 and are currently in Belize. Of the 9 you have listed which would hold up best in the salt water as we all know the havoc that salt water releases on almost any product.

    • Hi Jair,

      Thank you for the kind comment!
      As you say it, there will always be shoes of higher quality, and with better features. And of course, you will always pay a higher price for the best quality, as a proverb says, you get what you pay for!  I live near the sea, and I can tell you that salt water can destroy a lot of things. Any shoes that have been worn in the salt water needs to be rinsed with fresh water after each uses, otherwise they will deteriorate very quickly. Some materials withstand salt water more than other. Crocs shoe is the best example I can give you. I use them a lot when I am out at sea, and they resist anything! The only downside with Crocks is their soles, after a few uses they become slippery. However, when boating, you need shoes that do not mark the deck, and that grips well so that you don’t slip, and that hold your feet so you can stand long hours without feeling any pain. The Keen Whisper check all the boxes!

      I hope it helped and if you need to know more info, please, don’t hesitate to contact me. I am always happy to help!

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a wonderful day!

  7. Great article. Thanks. Christmas has just passed but I think I’ll still get the Hydro Sports or All Out Blaze shoes for my wife and save them for her birthday, Which pair do you recommend? Do you have a pair of water shoes that you wear? if so what do you have?? Thanks.

    • Hi Rob,

      Both the OutBlaze and the Hydro Sports shoes are fantastic. Your wife will surely love them! 
      To answer your question, it all depends on what your spouse plan to do with the water shoes. If she likes hiking, then I would highly recommend the Keen Whisper. But if it’s only for water activity, then the Aleader Mesh Slip would be perfect! The RYKA Hydro Sport is a fantastic shoe too, but it’s a bit bulkier than the Aleader. As I spend most of my time doing water sports and hiking, I wear only shoes that allow me to do so – meaning that have good arch support and that provide good traction. I own three pairs that are listed in this article. The Merrel Outblaze, The Keen Whisper, and the Clear Water. All of them are amazing, but the winner is the Keen Whisper!

      I hope it helped! Please, don’t hesitate to contact me with any question. I’ll be more than happy to assist!

      Thank you for the comment and wish a lovely day!

  8. This was an interesting read. I hadn’t realised how versatile water shoes were! I liked how you reviewed this product. Here in Zimbabwe Victoria Falls, there are a number of water activities. Whitewater rafting, a swim in the Devils Pool just to mention a few. Anyone, planning on doing these activities should definitely pick up some of these shoes! It looks like they are quite versatile too – so one pair should cover everything. With the fabric they are made of – would they be quick drying? This would be a huge plus for any traveller.

    • Hi there,

      Zimbabwe Victoria Falls is a beautiful place. One of my friends went to the Zambezi National park, and she was amazed by the beauty of nature as well as of the impressive elephants and white Rhinos. 
      Yes, water shoes are a must for practicing water sports. Some water shoes are versatile, but not all of them.The most versatile ones are the Merrell, Keen as they can also be used for hiking whereas the others don’t allow you to walk on uneven terrains. As for drying, some of them will dry quicker than other shoes. The ones that are made of mesh and synthetic will dry fast while those made of leather fabric will dry much slower. They are all great for traveling!

      I hope it helped! Please, let me know if you need to know more info. I’ll be more than happy to assist:)

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a wonderful day!

  9. Right in your introduction, I realized there’s really a need for these shoes. Several times it happened to my girlfriend while we were having a sea-side jogging. So, this article of yours made sense to me, and actually got me interested in buying her a pair of one of the shoes in review.

    I’d like to ask, if I buy a pair of shoes from your recommended link, how much will it take for us to receive our order? By the way, we’re in Southeast Asia. Philippines in particular.

    • Hi Gomer,

      That’s very nice of you, a good pair of water shoes will really help your girlfriend to walk comfortably! 
      To answer your question, this will depend on the seller on Amazon. It usually doesn’t take much time for the product to arrive. Also, when you buy the product, the date of the delivery is written on the dashboard.

      I hope it helped and, please, don’t hesitate to contact me with any question! 

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a lovely day!

  10. Hi, I grew up wearing water shoes, and find them extremely useful. when I was younger the soles were not as good as they are today. just a plastic sole with neoprene uppers that were just slip on… but they did save my feet on the river banks.

    I currently have a pair of skele toes, I have been told that they are bad for your feet but I enjoy them. Were I live it rains a lot during the spring through the fall. So my skele toes are used when ever I go out in my yard.

    • Hi there,

      Indeed, water shoes are more durable than ever. I personally don’t think that skele toes are bad for the feet. They just don’t have any arch support, which can have a bad impact on the feet if you walk for long hours. But if you wear them only for watersport, then it’s fine. I would never wear these types of shoes to go hiking or to walk around town as they don’t provide any protection. 

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a lovely day!

  11. The only time I’ve worn water shoes is when we lived in Hawaii and they were definitely a necessity. Every member of our house owned a pair to protect our feet on the ocean floor. Even now, my husband will wear his water shoes while kayaking and even to the water park. If you’ve got a rocky or unstable water area you’re dealing with, water shoes are the best. I love any water shoes that can slip on easily, dry fast, and are small enough to carry easily in a beach bag!

    • Hi Jen,

      Yes, you surely need water shoes in Hawaii:) Water shoes are specially designed for water sports, so yes wearing them for kayaking is definitely the way to go! 
      Just be aware that not all water shoes provide excellent traction in rocky areas! For this, you need rugged water shoes for hiking. These are the best for protecting your feet on uneven terrains and rocky areas. 

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a fantastic day!

  12. Realy nice articles i am a boating nut if it has anything to do with boats,water ,the ocean,accessories i will stay and read for hours.The womens shoes on this page i have been wondering about but have not really researched anything about them. I have been wanting to buy a pair for my wife she always talks about having a pair of shoes to wear to the beach.I was wondering if these shoes will fade after washing them

    • Hi John,

      I am glad you found the article useful!
      To answer your question about washing the shoes.All the water shoes that are listed in the article are washable. You can wash them in the washing machine on gentle with cold water. Just don’t spin or dry them because this will definitely destroy them. Let them dry outside or in your house. 

      I hope it helped! Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any question. I’ll be more than happy to help!

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a lovely day!

  13. Hi, Daniella. I never knew there were so many types of water shoes. I used to go to beaches and through streams with rocks barefoot. The experience would have been better if I had gotten these water shoes. You have a wide variety of options and reviews. The KEEN’s sandals looks nice for outdoor wear and easy to slip in. Thank you for sharing such thorough reviews.

    • Hi Rmjia,

      You would be surprised to know how many water shoes there are on the market:).
      They are plenty of them! 
      Indeed, the Keen’s sandals are fantastic for outdoor activities as well as for water sports. It is, in fact, the top rated on the list. Great choice!

      Thank you for the comment and wish you an excellent day!

  14. Hi Daniella and awesome “Best Of” article! I’ll be going to ARUBA in a few weeks with my sister and am in the market for water shoes for snorkeling and just going in the ocean. Your site caught my eye with 9 choices! I’m really loving the Easy USA Women’s Aqua Wave Water Shoes. They even look comfortable! I wish I had a pair in Mexico last year when I broke my Humerus bone in two by slipping by the hot tub! I was walking to the table to put on my shoes when my feet went right out from under me! I will be more careful from now on–and will be investing in a pair of durable water shoes!

    • Hi Erin,

      Thank you! I am glad you found the article awesome:)
      WOW, Aruba is just beautiful! I went there with my family and friends. We went on a sailing trip to the Caribbean and we stopped there. It was like real paradise, you’ll love it! Indeed, most accidents happen to people who do not wear shoes. It could be avoided by simply wear water shoes:) It’s a good decision!

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a wonderful trip to Aruba!

  15. Oh yes, I have stepped on lots of shells and cut my feet. It hurts! I keep thinking I need a good pair of water shoes. Even with the con’s of sand or pebbles getting inside the shoe, I like the Aleader’s slip on shoes the best. They also look very lightweight and of course, I love the color. I was hoping for more of a sandal, but my foot runs on the wide side, so a narrower shoe is not going to be comfortable for me.

    • Hi Matt,

      Yes, we all did, I guess:) And it really hurts! No matter what shoes you’ll wear on a beach, sand or pebble will always get inside. The question is, how easily you’ll get them out? The ALeader water shoes are extremely easy to take on and off and breathable. Also, they are true sizes and flexible too. I am sure you will enjoy them a lot!

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a fantastic day!


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