The Ultimate Cinque Terre Day Trip From Florence- You Shouldn’t Miss!

Do you want to explore one of the unique landscapes of Italy in an exciting, entertaining and fun way? Look no farther than the ultimate Cinque Terre day trip from Florence. It offers a lifetime experience with visits to picturesque fishing villages to explore breathtaking scenic treasures, swim in the turquoise waters, inspiring boat trips and many more.


If you are searching for an enjoyable and rejuvenating day trip while you are on vacation, this one is the best option. It comes with a well-organized tour itinerary. You can enjoy this affordable day tour with a friendly and knowledgeable, multilingual guide. Flexible travel options including boat, coach and train are provided.
This package allows you to experience a UNESCO World Heritage Site in different perspectives. You can bask in the glory of scenic beauty and explore the unique character of different villages.

If you want to take your taste buds into an unforgettable culinary adventure, you can opt for a traditional Italian lunch (Optional). This trip also offers a rejuvenating swimming and boating experience in beautiful, turquoise waters.

Five Terre Day tour from Florence

What to Expect With this Tour?

This Cinque Terre day tour from Florence starts when you meet your tour guide. Board an air conditioned coach from Central Florence. You are taken to Cinque Terre National Park to explore the amazing Italian Riviera. Visits to four beautiful villages are included in this package.
Riomaggiore is a beautiful place where you can find cobbled streets and pastel-colored buildings. Strolling through these charming streets takes you into a new world. Manarola is another lovely fishing village where you can walk around the beautiful harbor. Beautiful images of houses clinging to the cliffs can be captured as well.
Boat transport is arranged to Monterosso, which is known as the ‘Pearl of Cinque Terre’. It is home to some exotic beaches and inspiring vegetation where you can sunbathe and swim to relax and unwind.
If you have decided to opt for a traditional lunch, you can have it at Monterosso. Vernazza is a pretty village with a nice natural harbor. You can find beautifully colored houses and a lovely square at this wonderful fishing village.
Day tour of Five Terres from Florence

What is the Duration of The Tour?

This tour last 13 hours. You’ll have plenty of time to shop, eat and enjoy visiting this beautiful island. Don’t forget to bring your swimwear, you’ll have the chance to swim at Monterosso in the sea.

Where is the Point of Departure?

The point of departure is at Piazzale Montelungo, Firenze, Florence Italy. A comfortable van from Viator tour will pick you up at 7:00 AM from the Piazzale Motelungo. From there you’ll continue your excursion with trains, busses and a boat to travel between the five villages.

When is the Best Time to Visit the Cinque Terre?

The best time to visit the Cinque Terre is between Mid-May and Mid-September. Italy has a Mediterranean climate with dry and warm summer. So it gets really hot in July and August. If you plan on traveling at this period of the year, you better take your precaution such as water, hat, sunscreen, umbrella, and shirts with long sleeves.

What is Included in the Package?

  • Transportation is arranged using a luxury coach
  • An experienced, knowledgeable and friendly tour guide
  • Traditional Italian lunch at a local restaurant which comprises of seafood, pasta and wine
  • Leisure time in all four villages, Vernazza, Manarola, Monterosso and Riomaggiore
  • Train and boat transfer services in 5 Terre.

What is Excluded in this Day Trip?

  • This tour package does not include pick up and drop off from hotel
  • The guide does not accompany you when you visit the villages. Everything is explained in a detailed way during the bus trip. You need to go independently for sightseeing and spending free time.
  • This package does not involve any gratuities
  • Foods and drinks are not offered. (You can have these things upon special request)
  • Train and boat transportation in the five terres are not included unless you decide to choose the A/R escorted transfer option

Who Is the Tour For?

Adults, teenagers and infants can opt for this tour package. You can take your entire family and friends to have some wonderful time together in beautiful fishing villages. It is going to be a lifetime experience for your dear and near ones.
Specially designed infant seats are available. Since wheelchair accessibility is not offered, people with physical disabilities are not allowed. If you are suffering from any back problem or other serious medical conditions, you are not advised to choose this tour package.

Why Should You Do this Cinque Terre Day Trip tour?

If you want to offer a real feast to your senses, you should do this tour. These amazingly beautiful locations offer a mesmerizing and inspiring experience for you. You get a lifetime opportunity to discover one of the most beautiful and enchanting landscapes in the world, Italian Riviera. Four amazing villages, enclosed by sea and vineyards, seemingly hanging from steep cliffs and suspended between land and sea allow you to explore scenic beauty at its best.
Charming towns and ancient fishing villages take you into a different world altogether. You can stay away from the hustle and bustle of city life and experience serenity at its purest form. Luxuriant vegetation and exotic beaches revitalize your body and mind in an unprecedented way.
You can enjoy swimming in the crystal clear sea and offer your taste buds a mesmerizing culinary experience with a traditional Italian lunch. Boat ride from Riomaggiore to Monterosso easily washes away the stress and strain to make you feel rejuvenated.
All these reasons clearly explain why you should opt for this tour package. Several people talk very highly about their experience of exploring the eternally appealing Italian Riviera. It is an opportunity that you should never miss out because Cinque Terre day trip offers an unforgettable experience that lingers in your mind for a very long time. Trusted and renowned tour operators offer affordable packages and luxurious amenities to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.
Five Terres tour From Florence


  • There is a lot of walking, so bring with you comfortable and supportive shoes for light hiking
  • Bring your swimwear as you’ll have the time to swim in the sea.
  • Wear a hat or use an ambrella to protect you from the sun.
  • Alway have a water buttle within reach so you don’t get dehydrated.

  • This ultimate Clique Terre day trip from Florence defeats time constraints and includes maximum spectacular places within a span of 13 hours.
  • It is a well-organized tour package with clear focus on safety
  • Guided tour under the supervision of experienced and friendly professionals
  • Affordable pricing
  • Explore some amazing attractions and bask in the glory of inimitable scenic beauty
  • Discover distinct character of fishing villages
  • Luxurious amenities
  • No hotel pickup or drop off
  • Absence of gratuities


If you are on the lookout for a highly enjoyable and entertaining day tour package, you can definitely choose this trip. Your trip to Cinque Terre revitalizes your senses and creates a refreshing effect on your mind and body. It combines stunning attractions, beautiful places and entertaining activities in a harmonious way to deliver the best holiday experience for you.

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Have you done the Five Terres Day Tour? If so, you are welcome to share your experience in the comments below.

20 thoughts on “The Ultimate Cinque Terre Day Trip From Florence- You Shouldn’t Miss!”

  1. Thank you for this article. I think that swimming in the beautiful turquoise Waters sounds great. What types of marine life live in those Waters? Will there be any interesting fish or other marine animals to see? Also you mentioned that gratuities are not included. What types of gratuity would usually be customary in these places you will visit?

    Also what would be the best hotel to stay at? And what would be the best way to get from there to Piazzale Montelungo? Hopefully there is a hotel that would be a close walk.

    • Hi Edward,

      You are welcome!

      In the Cinque Terre sea, you can find pelagic species such as amberjack and snapper. There are also non-native species such as corvine, bream and some grouper. It’s up to you for the gratuities, but in general, 10% of the amount of the tour price will be generous. They are about 50 hotels around Piazzale Montelongo. Some of them are expensive and other affordable. What price are you willing to pay? I would be very happy to help. The hotels I like the most are Veneto, Alinari, Panama, and Appolo Guest House. If you go by bus, these are the line arrivals: From Desing Campus, Calenzano 301A. From Villa Costanza, Scandicci 27 & 371A. From Osmannoro, Sesto Fiorentino 30, 23. From Calenzano 2. From Pratolino, Vaglia. The Light Rail lines that stop near Piazzale Montelongo is T1. The Bus lines that stop near Piazzale Montelongo are 2, 23, 301 A, 302 A, 371 A.

      I hope it helped. Please let me know if you need more info. I’ll be glad to assist.

      Thank you for the comment and wish you all the best!

  2. This is one of those trips that is on the bucket list for so many people. It’s absolutely gorgeous and offers lots to learn and explore. The tour package looks like it would be an easy and stress-free way to enjoy things without having to do too much of your own planning. Great tip to remind people that they are going to want to have comfy shoes to explore this gem!

    • Hi Aly,

      Yes, it is on the bucket list for many travelers. Sometimes, there is no place available. So it is better to book in advance, so you don’t get stuck. A good pair of shoes is primordial if you want to have an enjoyable trip.

      Let me know if you need help. I’ll be more than happy to assist.

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a great day,

  3. Hi 

    I have visited Italy many times but on the opposite coast. It is such a beautiful country and I would like to go to Florence, as you make it sound like a beautiful place to visit, where I would probably enjoy myself too much. The Five lands makes it sounds so exotic. I don’t mind walking because I walk 6 miles everyday and would see it as a challenge. 

    I love Italian food and know how authentic grub tastes so different in the country where they originated from, and eating at the red mountain sounds my kind of place. 13 hours sound such a short time, do you think it is enough?

    Thank you for the interesting article 


    • Hi Antonio

      If you like to walk, then you will love this tour!

      Thirteen hours is more than enough to enjoy this trip. It could become tiring and boring if it’s too long.

      Don’t hesitate to contact me with any question. I’ll be glad to help!

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a nice day!

  4. Wow, this is a charming place to visit on vacation. My family and I often travel far when our kids are on holiday, and we have been on a search for a place to go to this time, and it seems Cinque Terse in Italy is the best for us. I love the description you have given, and most importantly, my wife loves to try new meals. Thanks for sharing this information

    • Hi Dane,

      I am glad you found this article useful!

      Let me know if you need help. I’ll be glad to assist

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a lovely day!

  5. Hi there,

    The content of this blog post is as lovely as the Cinque Terra. It is a wonderful read.

    Thank you for bringing up this amazing tourist spot with mind healing landscapes. The hanging colored houses is a must-see. The blue clean water drags your mind to the 

    Is there any preference for boat, coach or train? I am not sure if I have missed it during my read.

     My husband and I are above 60 years. We might end up in Europe next year for vacation. This sounds like a great place to visit while visiting Italy. How many miles (approximately) does one have to walk at the minimum to see all the places? I hope we will be able to make it. It looks affordable. 

    Can I say it is the best and easiest way to experience the Cinque Terra?

    • Hi there,

      There is transportation by air-conditioned coach that brings you to the Cinque Terres. This does not include boat and train unless you choose A/R escorted transfer option. The tour lasts for about 13 hours, but I have no idea how many kilometers there are. You have free time walking and visiting each island. The easiest way to visit the Cinque Terra is by boat of course:)

      Let me know if you need help. I’ll be glad to assist!

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a lovely day!

  6. Hi Daniella! I’m excited about this tour. I have already been to Florence before but I haven’t explored the Cinque Terre National Park. I love the idea of exotic beaches and turquoise waters!

    I’m grateful you commented it’s not allowed taking people with physical disabilities on this tour. If somebody has any back problems, they should also stay. So, I’m a bit concerned about taking my parents, they’re both in their early sixties and are in good health. But, because of the natural limitations of their age, would this tour be to demanding for them? What is your personal advice? Thanks!

    • Hi Henry

      I don’t see any reason why your parents could not participate in this tour. Sixty years old is still young. As long as they are healthy and feel good, they can definitely enjoy this trip. What they should be aware of is that they are a lot of walking, and if they are not used to it, it could be tiring. However, if they participate, they need to take some precautions such as a hat, umbrella, water, and a good pair of hiking shoes. I hope it helped. Please, let me know if you need more info. I’ll be glad to assist.

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a lovely day!

  7. No, I have not visited Italy befire but I have seen very lovely pictures of cinque Terra and I believe the city is really beautiful. Generally, Italy is very beautiful with a rich culture and nice landscape. I think I should tell my family about this tour maybe we could go for our next vacation. It’d be really fin the way you have described it here.

    • Hi Handerson,

      Indeed, Italy is beautiful, and the great thing about this country is that you never get bored! There are plenty of activities to do there and delicious dishes and wine to discover.

      This is undoubtedly the ideal family tour!

      Let me know if you need help. I’ll be more than happy to assist!

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a lovely day!

  8. Wow, the Cinque Terre Day Trip looks amazing and breath taking!

    I also have a love for the Sea and I will check back to your site on a regular basis to find out about trips.

    Do you have any trips that you recommend out of Texas?  That is where I live.  Or, would I need to fly to another destination to catch one of the cruises.  I am not sure how all of that works.

    Also, I currently have an injury so I have to use a wheelchair for a while.  I like that you pointed out that this cruise is not handicapped accessible.  That is so important because there are people out there with physical limitations that deserve to see the beauty of the Sea too.  Thank you for that!  

    Are there any special cruises that are handicapped accessible?

    Thank you!


    • Hi Alisha

      The procedure is straightforward. You take the flight to Italy and from there, you get on board:) As simple as that!

      Yes, it’s a shame that this tour is not accessible to wheelchairs. You are right; everyone should be able to see the beauty of Italy. I hope one day, they will find something that will enable people with physical limitation to get on this tour.

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a fantastic day!

  9. Thanks for this informative post, Italy certainly isn’t a huge country compared to many, but it has so much to offer to its visitors that it can be overwhelming and this has been on my wish list for some time now, I am very excited I came across this it doesn’t just fill me with details about Cinque Terre but also how to get prepared for the trip all the way. I love the work you have done here. Much appreciated. 

    • Hi there,

      Indeed, Italy has so much to offer; it’s a beautiful country with arts, delicious food, and friendly people:)

      I am glad you like this article!

      Let me know if you need help. I am always happy to assist.

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a great day.

  10. Good evening Daniella,

    How I enjoyed tour article as it reminded me of the time when I lived in Italy.

    In 1974 I worked as a tour guide for the German company Neckermann. During the summer season, I did the Italian 7 days tour by bus with German and Dutch tourists. 

    Your description of Cinque Terre is very nice. I have not been there and would like to visit one day. It sounds good to see these lovely villages and experience the local flavor. I lived for 5 years in Italy and do love Italian food.

    The photos are really beautiful and represent the Italian Riviera very well. I think I will put this trip on my bucket list for the next time I will visit Bella Italia.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Hi Taetske,

      It may be an excellent way to visit Italy by bus. You certainly enjoyed it very much!

      If you plan on visiting Italy, then it’s a good idea to put this tour on your bucket list:)

      Although you know Italy well, if you need help, let me know. I’ll be more than happy to assist!

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a lovely day!


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