Yeti Hopper 30 Review – Keep Your Ice Frozen!

Yeti Hopper 30

Whether it is to go sailing, camping, spending time outside, traveling, or even working, a cooler will always be of great use to keep drinks and food fresh and cold. The most common problem with many coolers is that they are either not easy to carry, or bulky!

The best coolers are usually very sturdy and cumbersome as they are made of thick and durable material plastic, which is undoubtedly useful if your sojourn lasts more than a week and you can transport it on a truck, a car or on a boat.

Obviously, if you are willing to spend just several days outside you would prefer to bring a cooler that is easy to carry, durable and most importantly that keeps all your stuff cold! In one word, practical like the one described below! Check out the Yeti Hopper 30 review so that you can figure out if this fabulous cooler responds to your expectations!

Yeti Performance!


One of the best qualities of the Yeti Hopper 30 is that it performs extremely well in terms of ice retention, this cooler is capable of keeping 7 pounds of ice frozen for 3 days. But this is just an example for conserving the ice frozen! Adding bottles of beer into the ice will keep your drinks, cold for a couple of days! This is is truly one of the best insulating coolers on the market not surprising as Yeti made it!


The Hopper 30 is a simple cooler with no added external pockets and contain a HydroLok Zipper on the top of the bag, which is 100% leakproof!

The only features that have been added to each side of the cooler are very handy D-rings, giving you, the possibility to attach it to anything and on any side you wish.

It is a great feature to keep all your stuff secure while driving. Also, all the straps are firmly attached to the bag, making it easy to drag it from one place to another without worrying about the straps breaking, which is something important to consider when buying a portable cooler!


The Hopper 30 is made with a HydroLok Zipper to ensure a better insulation and to avoid any leaking problem. It may take a little time to familiarize yourself to the zipper, though, but very quickly, you get used to it! However, as you use it, it will become smoother!

Yeti Hopper Cooler 30

Carrying System

Since the Hopper 30 was built with high-quality material, it is a bit heavier to carry than other coolers in the same kind. Its weight is 5 lbs when empty! For easy carrying, there are two straps placed on the front of each side.

This gives you the option to use it as a handbag. Additionally, there is an adjustable, comfortable strap attached to each extremity of the bag, allowing you to hold it on your shoulder as well.

As mentioned above, because this cooler is built with such fantastic stiff material, it is not a bag you can fold and store easily in a suitcase or a package like you can do with some other soft coolers.

What’s great about the Hopper 30, though, is that you never have to worry about not having enough straps and materials to drag it or attach it to a vehicle or whatever you wish to!


The Hopper features a DryHide Shell, a puncture resistant material that is waterproof. This is the reason why it is quite rigid, thus can be difficult to get your goods in and out of the cooler. No worry, with the time your Hooper will break in, and it will become much more comfortable as you use it. Overall it is an efficient and easy cooler to use, and its durability and insulating capacity will make you forget this small detail.


As for the durability, nothing beats the Hopper 30. It got you covered! This cooler will last for a very long time, thanks to its rugged material. You can use it on rough areas, on the beach, you can even drag it on the floor, it will remain intact!

Yeti Hooper Cooler Bag 30 

Is It Worth The Price?

The Hopper 30 is certainly not the cheaper cooler, but for what you get, it is well worth the investment! Prices always fluctuate on Amazon, it can suddenly rise or go down. So, it is always good to check. Yeti’s company offer three years of warranty and a cooler of exceptional durability. Not to forget that it is a Yeti product, one of the most popular Brands in the world! This is a cooler you can take everywhere, whether on a day out, a stay at the beach, on a road trip or a day on the water!

What Sizes Does it Come?

The Yeti Hopper cooler comes in three different sizes, 20, 30 and 40.
Each of them can hold a certain amount of weight like described below:

The Hopper 20 weight is 4.1 lbs empty and can hold 18 cans of beers along with ice. This cooler is perfect for personal use but won’t be enough storage for several people.

The Hopper 30 weight is 5 lbs empty and can hold 24 cans of beers along with ice. This cooler is big enough to store drinks for about 4 to 10 people. Also, it can suit for few days trip!
The hopper 40 weight is 5.9 lbs empty and can hold 36 cans of beers along with ice. This cooler can definitely store food and beverages for at least 10 people and can suit for more than a week trip!


Who Is The Yeti Hopper 30 For?

The Yeti Hopper 30 is for anyone who wishes to keep goods cold for a couple of days while on the go. This cooler will suit any trip. You can use it for fishing, camping, sailing, traveling or even for a party! It will always come in handy wherever you go!

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Why Should You Buy The Yeti Hopper 30?

1. Simply because you’ll be able to carry it and attach it anywhere.
2. Also, because you will never have to worry about keeping your goods fresh and cold, even in high temperatures!
3. It is an excellent alternative to a big cooler as it is portable and lighter.
4. This is truly the best soft cooler on the market!

Tips On How To Use The Hopper 30

  1. Don’t ever put dry ice in the Hopper. It doesn’t suit to the material, thus can ruin your cooler

2. To get your things in and out easier, just squeeze the sides like you do for a coin-purse, and it will open wider.


  • Keeps well beverages and food cold for several days
  • High-quality cooler
  • Last long time
  • Strong material
  • Worth the price
  • Great alternative to the hard cooler!
  • Lightweight when empty


  • A bit pricey but worth the price!
  • Since the Hopper 30 is made of stiff fabric, it can be a bit challenging to get things in and out of the cooler at first, but as you use it, it will loosen.

Final Word!

This cooler will exactly do what you need it to do. It will keep all your beverages and food cold for days. The Hopper is very useful for traveling as it is easy to transport. Also, you can be sure to always have within reach hand a refreshing drink if you take your hopper with you everywhere:)


Do you own a Yeti Hopper Cooler 30? What do you think about it? Feel free to share your experience in the comments below.



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Big Eyes Evolution Mask Review – Is This Mask Worth It?

Cressi Big Eyes Evolution MAsk

Cressi is a well-known Italian brand that is particularly appreciated by divers, not surprising as this worldwide leader company owned by Cressi family offers the best water sports gear on the market. After 60 years of experience in developing snorkeling and diving equipment which includes the Pinocchio mask, the first snorkel mask with nose pocket and the famous Rondine freediving fins.

Today Cressi company continue to impress divers from all over the world with the new innovative product called the Cressi Big Eyes Evolution Mask. If you seek a high-quality mask in all category, then take a look at the Cressi Big Eyes Evolution Mask review so that you can determine whether or not this mask meet all your expectations!

Cressi Big Eyes Evolution Mask’s Features


Skirt Material

Cressi Big Eyes is made of liquid Seal, a new exclusive material that makes the mask extremely comfortable to wear. This mask is so lightweight and comfy that you might even forget you are wearing it while diving. One of the best things about the frame is that it doesn’t leave any mark on your face, even after wearing it for hours.

Closure System

It feature an adjustable buckle which is placed on the front of the skirt, this allows to have more freedom of movement as well as helps seal the mask on your face better. Also, the buckles are made of plastic with a flexible pivoting system, making it easier to adjust the straps.

Mask Design

The Cressi is a low volume design, meaning there is less air space inside the mask. There are some benefits of using a low volume mask.

  • It offers you a wider angle of view since it sits closer to the face.
  • Because it seals and sticks fantastically, it prevents the water sipping into the mask.
  • As the low volume mask hold a little air, it requires less effort to clear and equalized it.


Cressi masks come in black and clear silicone. Both colors have pluses and minuses.


The black mask block the glare coming from the sides, making it easier to stay focus on what is ahead of you. Also, the black mask does not tend to change color like the clear does. On the other hand, the black mask can give a feel of claustrophobic when wearing it.


Clear masks, over time, turn yellow if exposed to the sun often. But the nice thing about the clear is that it offers you a wider field of view thanks to its transparent silicone skirt.

So, what to choose? The black or the clear? To answer this question, this will depend on your personal preference. Some people will swear by the black while others by the clear mask.


Lenses are one of the most important parts of the mask. If the lenses are not of good quality, it can ruin your diving excursion. Cressi feature tempered glasses, which is extremely resistant to scratch and also provide fantastic vision in the water. The mask is designed with an angled lens, allowing the mask to sit closer to the eyes, thus offer a wider field of view.


In terms of comfort, this mask is unbeatable. Since it is a low volume mask, it enables you to dive up to several meters without using much effort to equalize the mask. Meaning, as you’ll dive deeper, the mask will adjust itself to your face with the pressure of the water while remaining comfortable. It seals the face incredibly well in the water. With the Big Evolution, you will be able to dive for hours with a maximum of visibility.

Do Cressi Big Eyes Come With Prescription Lenses?

Yes, the lenses can be easily replaced with prescription lenses. Just be aware that the Cressi mask is specially made for nearsightedness lenses. If you need farsightedness prescription, then you’ll either need to customize it according to your specific requirements or wear soft contacts, which is also a great alternative.

Is The Big Eye Mask Fit Any Face?

The Cressi mask suited medium face but based on what many customer’s reviews say. This mask fits many different face types incredibly well. See what users on Amazon say:


Read Reviews On Amazon

Is The Cressi Big Eyes Mask Suitable For All Water Sports?

Since Cressi is a low volume mask, it can be used for free diving, scuba diving, snorkeling, spearfishing as well as for pool recreation.

Who Is The Cressi Big Eyes Evolution Mask For?

Anyone who wishes to practice one of the water sports mentioned above. This mask is suitable for everyone, whether amateur snorkelers, advanced divers, recreational divers, and swimmers.

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How To Pre-Treated The Cressi Big Eyes?

Like all new masks, the Cressi Big Eyes comes with a protective film on the lenses, which you will have to remove to prevent your mask from fogging.

There are three solutions to this.

1#Spread some defogger gel onto the lenses of the mask, Rub them until it becomes smoother to the touch and rinses.

2#One of the best techniques to get off the film is to use toothpaste that doesn’t contain “whitening agents” as this may deteriorate the quality of the mask. Like the first option, spread the toothpaste, rub it on both sides with your finger and rinse.

3#Another way to remove the film is simply by spitting in the mask, then rub it and rinse before entering the water.

Note: If the mask is still fogging, just repeat a few times one of the options stated above. Also, be aware that you can apply these options only with glass lenses and not with plastic lenses. If you do so, you may run the risk to damage the plastic lenses.


  • Excellent Visibility
  • Soft and Lightweight
  • Seal Extremely Well
  • High-Quality Mask
  • Low Volume
  • Easy to Clear and Equalized
  • Comes With a Nice Protective Case



  • Lenses prescription are made for sightedness and not for farsightedness
  • It may be hard to find the optical lenses online.

In Conclusion

Many divers find themselves struggling with leaky or foggy masks when trying to enjoy their diving excursion, which is really annoying and can even sometimes ruin the whole underwater trip. Therefore it is crucial to choose a good mask that fits well the face to prevent leakage problems so that you can explore the underwater world comfortably. The Cressi Big Eyes Evolution is a fantastic mask that has exceeded many people expectations on all aspects so far and will continue to do so as it is without a doubt one of the best snorkel masks on the market!


Do you already own a Cressi Big Eyes Evolution mask? If so, what do you think about it? Feel free to share your experience in the comment below. 



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Friendly Swede Compact and Lightweight Dry Bag – Worry Free Bags!

Friendly waterproof dry bags

As you’ll read the article, you will notice that I am a dry bag lover, and I am surely not the only one…no wonder as they are practical, easy to use and they keep all the belongings completely dry!
Not long ago, I wrote a review about the Earth Pak Waterproof Dry Bag. Today I will talk about another fantastic bag called, The Friendly Swede Compact and Lightweight Dry Bag. By the way, the two are very similar, but not quite the same. Oh, no doubt, there are many good quality dry bags on the market, but the Friendly Swede stand out from the crowd! Let see why!

About the Friendly Swede  

The Friendly Swede Compact and Lightweight Dry Bag play the same role as the Earth Pak Waterproof, it keeps your belongings completely dry and protects valuable electronic items such as camera, tablet, phone, Kindle, to name a few. Whether you plan to go sailing, camping, kayaking, canoeing or snorkeling, you can count on this bag to keep all your belonging safe and dry.



First of all, these bags come in a set of two, which is a plus! You can easily organize and separate your equipment. For example, one for clothes and the second for electronic items or whatever you want.



This fantastic dry bag is made with 500D PVC Tarp, a very strong material, ensuring a high-level of protection against water and tear resistant. What is great about the Friendly Swede bags is that they have a thick flat bottom made of scrim vinyl, allowing to hold its shape well. It really comes in handy when filling up the bags. You’ll find it much easier to pack when it stands!



There is a single shoulder strap that comes with each bag making these comfortable to carry across the chest during the outdoor adventure. The strap is not padded, which can cause some discomfort on the shoulder if the bag is heavily loaded. Be aware that the 10L comes with a detachable strap whereas the 5L doesn’t. You can carry the bag by holding the closure with your hand. Or if you wish, you can throw it over your shoulder using the strap.


Closure system

These bags feature a roll-top plastic closure tab system providing a super watertight seal. If you leave a bit of air in the bag after packing, it will float, and in some cases can be used as a flotation device but not instead. The plastic closure is extremely easy to use. The only thing you have to do is to roll the top three times and close the two buckles to seal it properly.



These bags are absolutely fantastic, but some Amazon reviewers stated that there is a lack of color choices. These come in white, black, blue and yellow, but the Friendly Swede bags are of so good quality that it makes this detail less important than it is.



These are available in two different sizes and a set of two same sizes. The 5L (170 oz) is quite small, and these are big enough to fit a few items such as sunglasses, wallet, iPhone, tablet, and camera. The 10 L (340 oz) will fit for a change of clothes, and two towels, which is perfect for a day trip!

Who Are These Bags For?

These bags are designed for any water sports or outdoor activity, travelers, adventurers, and for anyone who wants to keep their belongings dry while enjoying their journey.
As mentioned above, these bags can be used for any purpose, whether for kayaking, boating, snorkeling, camping, and even at home!

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  • High-quality material, durable and lightweight
  • Has an Adjustable closure system
  • Keep all the belonging safe and dry
  • The 10L comes with a detachable strap
  • Excellent price
  • The company offer a lifetime warranty



  • The Friendly Swede bag has a single strap. It Can only be carried over the shoulder or across the chest and not on the back
  • Lack of color choices

Final Word!

The Friendly Swede Compact and Lightweight Dry Bags are a must-have simply because they are made of a stiff material providing a high level of waterproofness. They keep everything dry, and the price is excellent! What more could you ask for!

Have you tried these fantastic Friendly Swede dry bags? If so, feel free to share your experience in the comments below.



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Youphoria Sport Towel Review – Lightweight, Absorbent & Dries Quickly!

Youphoria towel

I don’t know about you, but when I go on vacation, I often need several towels especially when I go sailing as most of the time I swim, or I lay on the beach. However, you may find this funny, but I have encountered some issues with towels, though.

The first problem was when I chartered a yacht for the very first time. I didn’t know there weren’t any bath towels on board. Yes, not all boat charter possess towels, and this can be a problem if you suddenly get stuck during the trip. This is exactly what happened to me:)

The second problem was a lack of space in my suitcase. I have tried to roll them and fold them, but no matter what I did, I’ve always ended up struggling with the storage space in my bags!

Until that day when my friend showed me a very useful towel called The Youphoria. At the moment I’ve tried it, I’ve totally fallen in love with this towel!

Why? You’ll find out all the answers in the Youphoria sport towel review! Read on!

What Is The Youphoria Towel? 

The Youphoria is a super soft towel made of microfiber that comes with mesh carry bag and Hanging Loop, making it easier to hang it up, pack and to carry everywhere. Not just this towel dry faster than any other standard towels, but it stays soft to the touch even after being in the sun!

The border of the towel is trimmed with colored stitching, a very well finished edge! You’ll love using the Youphoria no matter the purpose. Whether to go to the pool, lay on the beach or even to go to the gym class, this towel ticks all the box!

The Youphoria is comfortable to carry due to its lightweight, very easy to wash and as I ‘ve mentioned above, dries extremely fast! Be aware that this towel is so absorbent that when it is soaked in the water, it weighs a bit more than its standard weight. Besides, this magical towel is so easy to fold back and store into its efficient nylon carry bag that you won’t need to make any effort to store it!

How To Care About It?

Just open the bag, unroll, and put it in the machine.
This towel can be washed only with cold water on easy in the washing machine. Also, be careful not to use fabric softener or any other heavy detergent, it could destroy your Youphoria towel. That’s it! You are good to go!

Why Should You Use The Youphoria?

Simply because this towel is extremely useful. It is very easy to carry and to handle. Think about it. You can go anywhere you want with it as it is rolled up into small cylindrical-shaped, thus, goes unnoticed no matter the place! Also, Not just this towel is extremely useful, but it is also inexpensive, and it comes in a variety of beautiful colors!


Who is This Towel For?

The Youphoria towel is for everyone and can be used for any purpose such as water sports, travel, sailing, kayaking, rafting and many other activities. It also comes in handy when suddenly getting wet somewhere as it is easy to carry and store in the bag.

Also, people, who have excessive sweating, with the Youphoria towel they will never have to worry about having something to wipe themselves wherever they are, as long as it is within their reach! Of course, there are always pluses and minuses to all products. Nothing is perfect:) So, let’s see below what are the good and downsides of this towel.

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  • Dry extremely fast
  • High-quality textile
  • Washable
  • Durable
  • Very soft to the touch
  • Easy to store and carry
  • Very absorbent
  • Easy care
  • Easy to roll up
  • Lightweight



  • It weighs much heavier after coming out of the water like any other towel
  • The material is quite thin but excellent quality
  • Some people may find an odd feeling to the skin when using microfiber materials.


Whether it is to go on a sailing trip, a family holiday, practice a sport, or simply having a day at the beach. It’s always handy to have a towel easy to use and to carry, no matter where you go! If you want a towel that absorbs extremely well, lightweight, easy to bring and that dries quickly, then I would recommend you to get the Youphoria now!



Have you used the Youphoria towel? If so, feel free to share your experience in the comments below.



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Earth Pak Waterproof Dry Bag Review – Keep Your Stuff Completely Dry!

Waterproof Dry bagpack

Are you going to spend time enjoying outdoor activities such as fishing, camping, hiking, kayaking or sailing? If so, a good bag is required to protect and keep all your belonging safe from water. But not just any! What you really need is a bag that is waterproof, strong, and that is easy to carry on your back wherever you go!

In the Earth Pak Waterproof Dry Bag Review, you’ll find everything you need to know about its fantastic features and most importantly what you can do with it!

What is The Earth Pak Roll bag?

The Earth Pak Roll Top Waterproof Dry Bag is a bag made of stiff material “Thick 500D PVC” providing excellent protection against the water. With this bag, you will be able to enjoy all kind of water sport without worrying about your belongings getting wet. Whether it is for boating, kayaking, fishing, paddling or any other outdoor activity, this bag will exceed all your expectations! It is unusual to find an item with such high score 4.9/5 in terms of quality, durability, and reputation, but the Earth Pak did an excellent job! Additionally, it comes in several beautiful bright colors making it easy to find in the dark, which is a big plus!

How to Use It?

It’s easy! Fill up the bag with your items. Press the top, and roll it down about three or four times, then close the bag with the help of the clips. Et Voila, You are done! The closing system of this bag is so smartly designed that even a drop of water won’t be able to penetrate into the bag. Also, there is a detachable shoulder strap that you can easily adjust to your size. You can lengthen or shorten it as you wish. Play around with the strap until you are comfortable wearing it. Oh.. one more thing! You can even use this bag as a pillow, Yes, place some towels in the bag and lay your head on it, you’ll feel like at home!

What Else Can I Do With The Earth Pak?

There are so many ways to use this fabulous bag!
Another great advantage of this bag is that it floats on top of the water, so if by accident your bag falls overbroad, you won’t have to worry at all about your stuff, they will all remain dry. In addition, this bag comes with an IPX8 Waterproof phone case that is suitable for any phone even the largest ones. What a great gift! This phone case features a smart lock access with dual-sided transparent windows, allowing you to take pictures in the water without a risk your phone will get wet! By the way, this phone case is also suitable for phones with over than 6.5 Inches.

What Size Do You Need?

These bags come in four different sizes – 10L, 20L, 30L and 40L and each of them can be used according to your requirements. For example,

  • The 10L is for packing very light such as small items and few clothes.
  • The 20L is convenient for a day trip
  • The 30L is perfect for few days excursion
  • The 40L is suitable for a journey that can last more than a week.

Just be aware that the 10L and the 20L have a single removable shoulder strap while the 30L and the 40L are equipped with backpack straps for better comfort.

Why Should You Use a Dry Bag?

Imagine that all your belongings get wet in the middle of your excursion. What a mess! No one wouldn’t want this to happen! It may not spoil the whole vacation but surely a part of it just because you weren’t well equipped enough. So to avoid this kind of annoying incident, you would agree with me that it is important to choose the right gear. As mentioned in several paragraphs, this bag will keep all your stuff dry and safe!

Buy On Amazon   

Who is the Earth Pak Roll Bag For?

The Earth Pak is mainly made for travelers, watersport lovers and for any individual who wants to carry stuff easily without worrying about the water destroying valuable belongings. Its thick material and its roll-top closure provide a high degree of protection against water, making this bag fantastic for any water excursion or outdoor activity.


  • Lightweight
  • Comes with phone case
  • Extremely durable
  • Great price
  • Smartly and solidly constructed
  • The 10L and 20L do not feature backpack straps


In Conclusion

The Earth Pak Waterproof Dry Bag is durable and made of excellent quality. There is no doubt that it will keep your belongings dry during your adventure. What is nice about this bag is even if you don’t have much stuff in it, you can roll it down and compress it to the size you want it to be. However, I would suggest this bag to anyone who wants to enjoy water activities without worrying about the stuff getting wet!


Do you use the Earth Pak Roll Bag? If so, what do you think about it? Feel free to share your experience in the comments below.


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