What to Wear On A Boat Party – Look Great For Any Occasion!

There is no doubt that when it comes to glamor, there’s no party like a yacht party. If you are one of the lucky few to have scored an invite to a yacht party, you can be sure that you will have a memorable time among beautiful people and in an unforgettable setting.

However, for those who have never attended a yacht party, it can be really confusing to figure out what to wear. After all, nobody wants to commit a fashion blunder aboard the intimate setting of a yacht party.

To further complicate the matter, the appropriate wear for a yacht party can differ based on the occasion.

For example, the appropriate attire for a dance party or a cocktail party aboard a yacht would not be the same as a business or a dinner party. In this instructive article, you will learn all about what to wear at a boat party, no matter what the occasion.

Dance party

As mentioned above, yacht parties have a touch of glamor and class about them on account of their unique setting. Nevertheless, when it comes to parties, things are a lot more casual in terms of dress. This is not to suggest that anything goes when it comes to choosing your attire. As a general rule of thumb, parties at night are high on the glam quotient. However, since we aren’t ashore, you would add a touch of looseness and comfort to your dresses.

Dance party on a boat



For women, flowing gowns, and frilly skirts are preferred owing to their classy appeal and comfort. These can be paired with a coordinated wrap or a sequinned jacket. Avoid heels at all costs, and choose classy flat-boating shoes instead.


Unless the party invite specifies that it would be a formal event, men should stick to a pair of comfortable slacks and a dress shirt. This can be paired with a classy jacket that would also take care of the chill at night. A casual leather shoe with a firm grip would complete the party attire.



Day parties with a dance theme are both rare and not as glamorous as night events. Day dance parties also give you the option to be a little more casual in your dress. For such parties, you should avoid glitter and opt for something more comfortable and natural. White or other light-colored loose dresses work best.


Women can opt for flowing skirts, both long and short, paired with a comfortable wrap or tops. Summer dresses are also acceptable.


For men, it’s the same as night parties except for the fact that they should lean towards something more casual and relaxed instead of sharp clothing.

 Cocktail party

Whether on land or aboard a yacht, an invite for a cocktail party typically mentions cocktail attire. But very few seem to know exactly what it means.

It’s basically a smart blend of casual and business wear, with some basic ground rules for parties organized aboard a yacht.

For example, cocktail parties aboard a yacht would tend to be a little more casual, unlike the slightly formal nature of such parties that are held ashore.

Also, remember that if the cocktail party invites mention a dress code, then do not stray far from it.


Night parties are a little more formal compared to daytime cocktail parties. Women cannot go wrong with a mini dress that is paired with appropriate footwear for yachts, such as flats. A chic blazer and a clutch would complete your attire. Women can also experiment with suits paired with a blouse.


Men can choose their smartest suit for a nighttime cocktail party as they tend to be on the formal side. If the invite specifies a dress code, then stick to it, but as a rule of thumb, such parties are black-tie events.



Daytime cocktail parties are more casual. Here, women can experiment with knee-length dresses. Remember not to accessorize too much and keep the heels away. Midi dresses are also a very good option.

Men can combine a smart coat or a jacket with slacks. Printed shirts or solid shirts with a tie would not be out of place either. A combination of Khakis and a blazer works very well aboard a yacht cocktail party.

Business party

Dinner party on a yacht

Business parties can be extra formal affairs, and yet, aboard a yacht, they are held in a relaxed and casual setting.

This allows you the opportunity to do away with the stuffy formal wear you keep for normal business parties.

As a matter of fact, when it comes to business parties, there is not much of a difference between the attire you would wear at events during the night or daytime.

For women, you can jazz or glam up your office wear. For example, you can pair a nice blouse with trousers and a blazer. A tailored-up dress, pencil skirt, or pantsuits is also acceptable.

For men, business casuals are acceptable. Of course, you cannot go wrong with a formal suit and tie.

Dinner party

Dinner parties, of course, are strictly night-time events, so you do not have to worry about the timing of the party. Dinner parties can be either formal, semi-formal, or strictly casual affairs. Your attire would depend on the kind of event it is going to be. If it’s a festive dinner party, then you should note the following.

Women cannot go wrong with a loose sequined dress. Other options include evening wear such as gowns or even a summer dress. Mixing and matching a flowing skirt with a wrap-around is also a sound idea. Just remember to ensure that your dresses are not form-fitting.


Men can opt for slacks paired with printed shirts and a blazer. Khakis are also a very good idea.



  • Avoid heels at all costs.
  • Avoid nautical themes dresses as they scream novice and appear tacky.
  • No form-fitting dresses.
  • Vibrant and primary colors are best for evening events.



The dressing tutorial provided above is perfect for all seasons and destinations. No matter what the event, you cannot go wrong with the ideas and tips provided above when it comes to looking the part at a party aboard a yacht.

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  1. Hi!
    It’s Alexey, and I want to tell right off the bat that reading your article was a great experience (as I was reading and looking at the pictures I was imagining myself on a yacht).

    Secondly, this is truly helpful because as basic as it seems – People don’t really know how to get dressed for different occasions. I didn’t had a clue about what to wear to wear either.

    I thought that day-parties, Yachts and cocktail parties are all the same, and the dressing should be the same too.

    Thanks, it was really helpful to me, and a great read as well.

    • Hi Alex,

      I am very happy that you found the article helpful and that the pictures make you want to be on a yacht:)

      Knowing how to dress for parties can be overwhelming sometimes because there are so many choices and many kinds of occasions. So I hope this article will help people who plan to participate in a yacht party.

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a wonderful day!

  2. I live right across from a lake and I’m always tempted to rent a party boat for a special occasion. This list really gives me some great ideas on how I might make the most of it. I particularly like the tips at the end. Good to keep in mind when sending out the evite!

    • Hi James,

      Renting a boat for an occasion create a fabulous ambiance for a special day! If you do rent a yacht for a party and you feel like sharing your experiences, please feel free to do it in the comment section. I’ll be glad to hear your feedbacks!

      I am glad you found the tips and the list helpful:)

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  3. Very interesting! Although I have not had the luxury to be invited to a yacht let alone a yacht party, because of your informative post, I now know how to dress and prepare for such an awesome event!! Great post.

  4. Very interesting! Great color scheme and organization. While reading your post it did feel very relaxing and inviting due to your pictures. Great job! Although I have not had the luxury to be invited to a yacht let alone a yacht party, because of your informative post, I now know how to dress and prepare for such an awesome event!! Great post.

    • Hi Chantel,

      I am glad you like the pictures, thank you for compliment:)

      You never know , everything can happen in this beautiful life. Now you’ll be ready in case you’ll suddenly need to go to a yacht party:)

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  5. You’ve given some great advice in terms of what to wear for different boat parties. Looking good can help people make new friends as well as new opportunities. Reading about what to wear reminds me of my former boss who just past away. He would wear a shirt and blazer, but would wear shorts. I’m sure he didn’t wear shorts to a yacht party.

    • Hi Kevin

      Yes, I totally agree with you, the appearance often influences people to become friends without even knowing the personality of the person.

      Sorry for your boss, if he felt good wearing those clothes, then it was awesome for him!

      It is very important to wear clothes you are comfortable with no matter the occasion you attend.

      Thank you very much for the comment and wish you a fantastic day!

  6. Hi James,

    I agree with you for the business casual and I am glad you found the tips helpful!
    Thank you for your comment:)
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  7. Gosh I would love to go on a yacht party. Like you said, the company and the scenery would be unforgettable. These are good tips on what to wear and as I read through and I never realised how many themes or parties you could be a part of. But I think the night parties would suit me..lol. Yes I do think leaving your high heels at the dock would be a good choice!

    • Hi Sharon,

      I am glad you found this article useful and I hope for you to participate in a yacht party very soon because it is really fun!

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a wonderful day!

  8. I like your tip to avoid heels when going to a boat party. I’d imagine that the waves make movement a bit tricky on a boat, so adding heels to that would make it even tougher! My aunt has been thinking about having her birthday party on a boat so I’ll be sure she tells her guests to wear flat footwear!

    • Hi Laurel,

      Yes, heels are not welcome on board. It’s not good for the deck and it could be dangerous too.
      Thank you for the comment and wish you a lovely day!


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